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Curriculum vitae BenjaminTexier
Universit´eParis-Diderot(Paris7) InstitutdeMath´ematiquesdeJussieu,UMRCNRS7586
Education Undergraduate institution :pue´laSeoNmrocelLyonrederieuE(1996-1999). Graduate instituation :1xUenrivt´sioreBaude(1999-2003). Postgraduate institution :Indiana University(2003-2005).
Degrees seituqigaMredest`e´emaMath196-.98onLy99,1ueirederSelae´puE,oNmrocel uesh´ematiqoidnMetagA´rgeta.9919n,yoeLedureire´puSelamroNe,Ecol uestaqi´hmeMetaEDdAta´uexB1eorrsdie0U.niv,200, Ph.D. thesisBo´eitrs1.uxeardvda.D.hPihT:rosierryColin.2003.inevU,
2003-2005 :Zorn postdoctoral fellow, Indiana University. 2005-present :cnere´fnocedertıMaˆesofPrnttaisss(Ainevsrtiseos)rU,Diderot´eParis-(Paris 7).
Grants and Awards NSF Individual research grantnumber 0505780, ”Laser-plasma interactions and highly nonlinear geometric optics; Dynamics of reacting flows”, June 2005-May 2008. PEDR, Campagne 2007.
Miscellanea SuCNRoiangetae´´lD, January to July 2008. sietspSe´iclasiisdeonheftmmComeMoreb´ietPtaerei)s,-Urniinvgecrsoimtm(ih Diderot (Paris 7), 2006-2008. Member of the ANR projectlariinguENSSCASetempmroteoC´tsep-ymAsnt totique des Solutions d’Euler et Navier-Stokes” , 2005-2008. Member of the ANR projectMathOcean, 2008-2010.
1. B. Texier,The short-wave limit for nonlinear, symmetric, hyperbolic systems.Adv. Diff. Eq. 9 (2004), no. 1, 1-52. 2.A.Bourgeade,T.Boucher`es,T.Colin,B.NkongaandB.Texier,Study of a mathematical model for Raman scatterring.Math. Models Methods Appl. Sci. 14 (2004), no. 2, 217–252. 3. T. Colin, G. Ebrard, G. Gallice and B. Texier,Justification of the Zakharov equations from Klein-Gordon-Wave systems.Comm. Part. Diff. Eq. 29 (2004), no. 9-10, 1365–1401. 4. B. Texier,WKB asymptotics for the Euler-Maxwell equations.Asymptotic Analysis 42 (2005), no. 3-4, 211–250. 5. B. Texier, K. Zumbrun,Relative Poincare-Hopf bifurcation and galloping instabili-ties for traveling waves.Methods and Applications of Analysis 12 (2005), no. 4, 348-380. 6. B. Texier,Derivation of the Zakharov equations.Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 184 (2007), no.1, 121-183. 7. G. Lyng, M. Raoofi, B. Texier and K. Zumbrun,Pointwise Green function bounds and stability of detonation waves.Journal of Differential Equations 233 (2007), no. 2, 654-698. 8. B. Texier, K. Zumbrun,Galloping instability of viscous shock waves.Physica D 237 (2008), no. 10-12, 1553–1601. 9. B. Texier, K. Zumbrun,Hopf bifurcation of viscous shock waves in compressible gas dynamics and MHD. Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis 190 (2008), no. 1, 107–140. 10. B. Texier, K. Zumbrun,Transition to longitudinal instability of detonation waves is generically associated with Hopf bifurcation to time-periodic galloping solutions.Sub-mitted to Communications in Mathematical Physics.
Teaching at Indiana University : 2003-2005 : M118 Finite Maths, M211 Calculus. at Paris 7 : :7oCru/si0a2e6r0.2s-00egl`´eebmreenettTaDn,aLly1s,eA´l00-2nd6a0520 00-702802.noieirotatnL1D,´e,Rou:C/Trs e´erdsiitnoqEau,L3,ours09:C8-20ire´dxuasnoitauq,EM1D,;Tesllient´vees002 partielles.
Selected talks October,2008:s´eminairecommunInstitutCamilleJordan/ENSLyon. – July,2008 : SIAM Nonlinear Waves 08, Rome. – May,2008 : HYP2008, College Park – March,2008 : IHP, Paris. – December,2007 : SIAM PDE Conference, Mesa, Arizona. – November,2007 : Penn State University, Pennsylvania. – October,2007 : MacMaster University, Ontario. – October,2007 : The University of British Columbia, Vancouver. May,2007:Universit´eJosephFourier,Grenoble. – December,2006 : Ecole Polytechnique. – December2006 : IRMAR, Rennes. – November,2006 : The University of British Columbia, Vancouver. – May,2006 : Colloque en l’honneur de Jeffrey Rauch, Bordeaux. – April,2006 : ENS, Paris. – April,2006 : Leipzig University. – March,2006 : ENS, Lyon. – August,2005 : Aoki-ken, Kyoto University. – July,2005 : Shibata-ken, Waseda University. June,2005:ColloqueEquationsauxDe´rive´espartiellesetapplications,Forges-les-eaux. – May,2005 : ENS, Ker Lann. – March,2005 : International Conference on Mathematical Physics and Differential Equa-tions, Birmingham, Alabama. – December,2004 : MIP, Toulouse. – October,2004 : SIAM Midwestern regional conference, Evanston, Illinois. – September,2004 : Seventh International conference on Mathematical Aspects of Plasma and Fluid Dynamics, Kyoto University. – September,2004 : HYP2004 Tenth International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems, Osaka. – March2004 : University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. – October2003 : Ohio State University, Columbus. – September,2003 : Indiana University. – Mai2002 : CANUM, Anglet. – Mars2002 : Colloque du GDR EAPQ, Luminy.