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What are the new paradigms?Do you think Zizek eg
BADIOU or take over from SARTRE?
Judith Butler seems ralier the fairer sex, the name of what?
To whom to turn?
Everywhere there is a malaise, West cherchedes masters, once those have sunk so qu'ilne door seems nothing left to them following, and then the Internet will
change that we bring oxygen to our renewal ...
Or Zizek or Badiou are big enough to take over and Sartre
of all those who preceded him. It is not the quality of their
reflection is involved. Is that they do not offer system
thought suitable for deaf and expectations, however, a strong
Western world breathless. It goes Zizek, Badiou, and
even Derrida, Baudrillard as deconstruct the critical
thing is saving. But the critical deconstruction does not lead to
nothing if it does not stones needed for reconstruction.
This reconstruction is that everyone needs now. A
Personally, I like the stuffed goose no longer hear
as tolerance, respect for differences, respect
environment, reinterpretations of reinterpreting the Lacanism
Freudianism, recent politico-financial scandals to date, the
kindness of celebrities pledging to defend causes
humanitarian any kind of denunciation of profits
astronomical made by the big banks, etc., etc..
I'm probably done poorly understand wanting to silence by
modesty, humility, doubt, my own ideas. But I think the
It is time to expose them. The alternative to democracy has
the name "épistémocratie" - I wrote a book with this title,
book that offers a completely new political system. To
alleged respect for differences, I oppose the notion of distances,
"networks of distances", "networks of bundles of distances."
I wrote a book developing these ideas book whose title is: "
Jazz, the imaginary and the political. "This is a book that follows
to "épistémocratie." I have also written a book which is a
critical consequences philosophical, cultural, social,
human existential seizure of power by the bourgeoisie, the
merchants, financiers. Again, the concepts are arranged in
proposals are made, bridges are built so that we
can pass a dying world to a new world. List
testing my political philosophy is not closed. At the risk of
a little too presumptuous, I do not see how thinking
current can offer many new concepts that I am
carrier. N.B. I say "carrier." I do not actually
responsible for everything. An unconscious, which does not depend on me,
push to run, get in shape, its preparatory work. To
back to concepts, they are fundamental. If Marx had such an echo,
if he could change the face of the world, the change probably
Again, this is because it has wrought (this is just example)
notion of "class struggle." Similarly for the critical
democracy. It is based, at home, on concepts very precisely
defined. It does not, I repeat, to oppose injustice,
to go against the current, it is open waterways
everyone can, upon reflection, borrow without fear
shipwreck. This is why Zizek, Badiou light of likely
some ways, but are not shepherds. This is also why
it is important to first publish in one way or another. My
various books are a backbone to any future
movement, whether political, economic, artistic, social and
psychoanalytic why not ....
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