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A Guide To Becoming A Physician Assistant

8 pages

How To Become A Physician Assistant References:  • Physician Assistant  • How To Become a  Physician Assistant Gui de • http ://www.ama­assn.

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How To Become A Physician Assistant
References: Physician Assistant How To Become a Physician Assistant Gui de http :// ources/doc/med-ed-produ cts/physician-assistant .pdf
Find out How to become a physician assistant By an Expert …?
Physician Assistant is regarded as one of the top, fast-growing and lucrative occupation in America. The profession of physician assistant has already been ranked at the second position in CNN’s Best 100 jobs of 2010 in America.
Physician Assistant’s Requirements
Educational Background Health related work exper
Prerequisite Courses
Anatoym Biology Cimehryst English Organic Chemistry loporhtnAygo yologicoS Pslogyycho
Additional Exams
Graduate Record Exam(GRE)
 stepOne of the important in becoming a physician assistant is to graduate from an accredited physician assistant program. The average duration for this course is about 2 years. The program are accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission.
Every 2 years, the Pa’s are required to complete 100 hours of continuing medical education. must also pass a certification examination orThey complete an alternative learning experience every 6 years. You also need to pass the physician assistant National Recertifying Examination(PANCE) in order to receive your national certification.
Special Requirements Being self-motivated and possessing a strong desire to serve patient and help the community. Good beside manner and emotional stability. Good leadership skills with the ability to make good decisions during emergencies. Strong desire to study and work hard. A passion for lifelong learning to keep up with medical advancements.
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