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IEPP anglais lv2 2005 bac+1 admission en deuxieme annee du premier cycle

6 pages
I.E.P. DE PARISMAI 2005Examen d'entrée en 2èmeannée du premier cycleANGLAIS2èmelangueThe age of anxietyRecently, 1got a call from a friend who'd been talking to a friend who had told her that therewas going to be a bomb attack in central London on a particular day and had urged her to warnfriends and family to stay well c1ear.There were similar rumours from other friends. How manypeople altered their plans for that day accordingly? How many others felt a sharp stab of anxietyas they stepped on to the underground escalator on their way to work? How many more have justgot so used now to living with fear that it is a low-level constant in their anxious, stressed lives?Fear has become the dominant currency of public life -our politics and our streets -and itreaches deep into our most private emotions. The biggest fears are, of course, those generated bythe war on terror -with its motley cast of (mostly fictional) demons from ricin manufacturers tomad mullahs. But there are legions of other fearlul phenomena crowding the airwaves andnewspaper columns, from obesity to dodgy chicken legs. Some may have a basis in fact, but it istheir inflation and our inability to grasp the nature of their risk that is the issue. Despite theunprecedented security of life in the west -we live for longer and are less vulnerable to absolutepoverty than any previous generation of human beings -we seem more anxious, and fearlul thanever. Why?This is the big question to which Adam ...
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