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DNSetLESdeturbulencedeparoisoumis`aun gradient de pression
J -P Laval(1), M. Marquillie(1) . .
(1)SC,RNLab´Mednacetaroerioe(llL)LMueiqLide Blv Paul Langevin 59655 Vileneuve d’Ascq, FRANCE
Experiments on flat wall (Poland) and curved wall (Surrey & LML) DNS of APG boundary layer on flat wall (Madrid) DNS of APG channel flow: both flat & curved wallDEISA (Performed by LML in collaboration with TU Munich (Germany), University of Rome (Italy), Chalmers University (Sueden), University of Surrey (UK))
Objectives Generating and analysing new data on near wall turbulence, Extracting physical understanding from these data, Putting more physics in the near wall RANS models, Developing better LES models near the wall, Investigating models based on Low Order Dynamical Systems. WALLTURB Databases on Adverse Pressure Gradient Flows
WALLTURB: A European Synergy for Assesment of Wall Turbulence (STREP FP6 2005-2009,e1.frl)illniv-rb.ullut//awtt:ph
Spatial discretisation : 4thorder finite differences for Laplacian (streamwise). Collocation-Chebyshev (normal). Fourier (spanwise) Temporal discretisation : 2nd order backward Euler. 2nd order Adams-Bashforth Projection method for incompressibility.
∂~u¯ ~ ~¯1¯Δ~ ¯ u, ¯t+ (~u¯.r¯)~¯u=−rp¯ +Re ~ ¯~ r.u¯ = 0.
Incompressible Navier-Stokes equations :