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Speech Day 2006

11 pages
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Speech Day Prize List B at hu rs t a nd L ith go w T he S co ts S ch oo l 2011
  • a.c.p.
  • aiden telfser
  • prefect prefect
  • deputy chair
  • house championship shield
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Model question Paper III Semester BA/B.Sc Degree Examination, Nov.2010 Common course Arabic- AR3A09 (1) Literature in Arabic Time: 3 Hrs Total Weightage: 30
) - :نيسوقلانيبمحيصلااوجلارتخإI. . i (Weightage: 12x1/4=3 )ةمكح،رعش،لث(ةقباسةبرجتوصيوهمرصقوق.1 )فخ،وس،أ(دجنوصلرىيا.2 )ااس،نص،ده(يدسد.3 )اص،،ده(دعةك.4 :ندومعلانيبف ii. اهجلضيإفسوي.5 روك ءاقوب.6 دءا اطبنبى.7 رظةكئمزا.8 ؟اذهنiii. ةجوبناباهج.9 اصقتاذءشلك.10 وملعا ّوعشرصاي.11 اعملبومص.12 (Weightage: 9x1=9) :ةسرربغارلامك. II.i واعيفورعيديا....ه.ئ....رثد....اقسا.13 ء.... ( 17ـ 14طقفةعبأ)تمىفةيايكارتلاظلامعتسا ii. ركش-ةاب -ت -رص-وح.14 ؟ىما iii. جلاضملاملا.18 ءملارتةقيمر.19
وىرا.20 ءامرشىةااح.21 ) :ةيبرعلاةلافنيتمأةمىفةيانةمخنأ.III (Weightage: 5x2=10 ؟اكلررف.22 .؟"رةطدلى":وقبعذا.23 "دءا"دصةددمءامسنةعبرذ.24 ؟وممتادن.25 ؟لبامابرما .26 ؟دمدمنبدمحان.27 ؟ميدابرما.28 ) :ةزيجاأةيبرعلبةياننيثانةلقتكاIV . (Weightage:2X4=8 وعنرخونز..29 لات.30 رظ.31
III rd semester BA Degree )Arabic( Examination Nov. 2010 AR3B03-HISTORY OF LITERATURE )PAPER 1(  TIME: 3 hrs Weightage: 30 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I.Answer the following questions and fill in the blanks (Weightage: 12x1/4=3) 1 Who is famous in name ‘wandering prince’? 2 Mention the most famous literary fare of Jahiliya period? 3 Theاقعis collected by ………………  4ةرطtribe of belongs to the …………. 5 Who is known asراش? 6 what is the real name ofءاخ?  7 In which tribeلخbelongs to?  8اغنبامحfamous in the name ………..? is  9 Who is the famous orator of jahiliyya period?  10 How many verses are there in the first chapter of holy Quran ?  11اضcollected by………………? is  12 Who wroteاعساب? II.Answer the following questions in one or two sentences.(Weightage: 9x1=9)) 13 What is Ode? 14 What isاك? 15 What is meant by? 16 Name the two famous orators of Umayyad period ? 17 Name two among the four jurisprudists ofق? 18 Who are Shi`ites )ةعش( ? 19 What isوي? 20 What is the significance ofاغا? 21 What isئاق? III.Write short notes on any five of the following. (Weightage: 5x2=10)  22اقعم 23ةاص  24اغا 25بانباحّ  26فسوينباجح 27ووب 28لخIV. Write essays on any two of the following. (Weightage:2X4=8)  29 Revelation, collection and compilation of holy Quran.  30 Characteristics of the Muallaqa ofقر .  31 Poetry of Umayyad period.
Model question Paper III Semester BA Degree Examination, Nov 2010 Core course Arabic-AR3BO4-Classical Poetry Time :3Hrs Total weightage: 30 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
ةيهجلاءارعشن ةفخففوةع ذةين رءثف
:ةتةسن-I (12x1/4=3 ةت ا رصلا هأ ن ىمس بأ نب ريه ُاووبأوه رشع)وسرلا) بثنبدرلابفميتئهنبن  يز لاص
 7 -؟قرةحايارتني  8 -؟نعداهءاهشذامب  9 -؟نبنيدباعنيزدون  10 ؟وووبرعيف  11-؟دبدقبقرا  12-؟ىانرزاذا :ةيبرعلاةلافنيتمأةمفةياةسانأ-II (Weightage: 9x1=9)  13 ؟قرإةايسفعي  14 ؟ءالصراف  15 ؟نيدباعنيزدزررعشةساا  16 ؟رمونووباذا  17 ؟قرةحرغذامب  18 ؟قهبزرقذام
 19؟رءاتذامب  20؟مرظاجىون  21؟رمووبيب فك)ةزيجاأةيبرعلافةيانةمخنأ- III (Weightage: 5x2=10) (ارقف  22قرإادةميدقايدان.  23ااخىرتادءاةاحف.  24نيدباعنيزركنمزرون 25؟رعشاساباطابانباحاذا  26ءرحربىمسبنبرزةرذ  27؟رمنووباذا  28؟اعىاانعيف ةلاف)نيتأةفةياننيثارشإ-IV  (Weightage: 2X4=8) (ةزيجاأةيبرعلا 29ايابوحنامعينافاكتمسدغانكوا يةادعبمإدعباسي 30تايرمخوباح.  31قعىمسبنبرزة.
Model Question Paper Third semester BA Degree Examination AR3C05 Thaqafathul Islam Wa Halarathuhu ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I Fill in the blanks with suitable words: (Weightage: 12x1/4=3) 1. The fourth pillar of Islam is called -------
2. Name of the Angel who stands for divine revelation ( حو) to Prophets is ----------
3. The day of destruction is called ---------
4. Hajj comes in ----------- month of Hijra calendar
Answer in one word 5. How do salute one Muslim another?
6. What is the total number Rak’a ( ةع) in one day compulsory prayers?
7. Who are the Hypocrites?
8. What is the name of book revealed to Davood, the Prophet?
Fill with suitable words from brackets 9. The compulsory Zakat Muslims distributes at the ends of the Ramsan?
( اماز،اجاز،راز)
10.How many names of Prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran?
(25, 313, 114)
11.The greatest miracle of the Prophet is ( Badar, Quran, Hijrah)
12.A secret worship ( لم) between Allah and man ( ،وص،اص)
II Answer (13- 21) in one or two sentences: (Weightage: 9x1=9) 13.What are the necessary characteristics of Prophets?
14.How can a Muslim establish brother hood with others?
15.What are the benefits of honesty in life?
16.How can a Muslim keep good connections with his relatives?
17.What are the steps of ركمنهرعمابر?
18.What are the rights of parents?
19.Name some moral values must keep a Muslim in his life?
20.How angels differ from us?
21.Who are the deserving group (وقم) of Zakat?
III Write a short note any five from 22 – 28
(Weightage: 5x2=10)
22.Honesty in Islam
23.Brotherhood in Islam
27.Belief in Allah
28.Toleration in Islam
IV Write an essay on any two of the following
(Weightage: 2X4=8)
29.Importance of brotherhood.
30.Women in Islam
31.Human rights in Islam
III.Semester B A Degree Examination .November. 2010 Complimentary course Arabic AR3C06-LINGUISTICS  TIME:3 Hours Total 30 weightage Weightage:(ةتةسن I  )12x1/4=3 صوجابرلم --------ةاواعةق-١--------ةقيراقةبرة-۲ --------ةم:داق-۳ -----------ادحإةبرعة-۴ ---------و-ئاص-۵ةساةم--- -٦
؟نيرةامبقتني-۷ ؟فوةيرظنرموا-۸ )ح(ةتوعمةمكا-۹ ؟ةا-۱۰؟دمحىعذا-۱۱ةبرعرغةااعبرذ -۱۲ Weightage:( :نمةمةتةسن II  )9x1=9 ؟اقشوا-۱۳؟ةقفيرعتذا-۱۴؟اضةبةبرعةمس-۱۵ّ ؟يرعفيرعتااذا-۱٦؟ةاقوا-۱۷؟عنرما-۱۸؟رصاقشوا-۱۹؟ةعوااةيرظا-۲۰؟ىصبرعةا -۲۱)Weightage: 5x2=10 )ةتنةمخنرق III ؟ةبرعةايرذ-۲۲؟اماقيرعوا-۲۳؟ةاعةبرعةرذ-۲۴؟ةبرعوتسرأترذ -۲۵؟آرقةمجامكرذ-۲٦
؟ساعرصعةمراف-۲۷؟ةااةم -۲۸)Weightage: 2X4=8( :ةتنننةاق IV ماسلئاسوةبرعوت-۲۹اهايرظةأ-۳۰اايةبرعاجه -۳۱
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