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This course is customized to suit operational staff and support ...

24 pages
  • cours - matière potentielle : evaluation boilers
  • singapore for singapore
  • heater performance
  • excess air
  • performance calculations
  • thermal power plant
  • introduction condenser
  • heat rate
  • boiler
  • efficiency
  • steam
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Clinical Laboratory Solutions
2009 - 2010
L a b o r a t o r y S u p p l i e s & E q u i p m e n t
L a b o r a t o r y S u p p l i e s & E q u i p m e n t
Considering an in-offce laboratory?
Evaluating equipment or testing?
Trying to increase proftability?
“This has been very rewarding Modern Laboratory Services has been assisting laboratories
for my practice and gives for 25 years with these and many other challenges facing
us a chance to give a very
the physician offce laboratory. Our trained consultants can thorough workup to our
help you in a variety of areas: patients without sending
blood out”
• Evaluation of test menu and volume to maximize revenue
Fred Fauvre, M.D.
• Analysis of laboratory overhead to increase proftability
• Examine ways to improve productivity in the laboratory
• Analyze billing receipts versus tests performed “With the help of MLS we were
• Help improve accurate and timely results for patients able to absorb increased
testing volume with no staffng
increase. I am also a lab Whether you are a small group practice or a large multi-
consultant and I see the same specialty group, MLS can assist in making your laboratory
quality service time after time
more effcient, and more proftable! with MLS...”
Call (800)944-4062 today and ask for Stan Sherrill or Bob Frankie Seelenbinder, MT, CLS
Ward. We will arrange for a no cost evaluation at your
“We consolidated from three
Modern Laboratory Services carries a wide range of instruments to one which
solutions, equipment, and supplies giving our customers the improved our productivity,
turnaround time and advantage of “one-stop service”. This eliminates the need to
effciency”contact multiple consultants or vendors and saves you time.
Rita Ridoni, Lab Manager
2 800.944.4062
About MLSTable of Contents
Chemistry Coagulation
® ® ®Siemens - Dimension Xpand Plus System 4 Sysmex - CA-530 16
® ® - Siemens - RxL MAX System 4 CA-560 16
® Alfa-Wassermann- ACE Alera 5 Siemens - PFA-100 16
Abaxis - Piccolo Xpress 5 ITC - Protime Pro 17
® 500 5Vital Diagnostics - Envoy ITC - Hemochron Jr. Signature + 17
Horiba - ABX Pentra 400 6 ITC - HEMOCHRON® Signature Elite 17
Roche - Cobas c111 6
Urine Strip Readers
HbA1c Siemens - CLINITEK Status(TM) 18
Tosoh - G7 HPLC Analyzer 7 Siemens - CLINITEK Advantus(TM) Analyzer 18
Tosoh - G8 HPLC Analyzer 7
Siemens - DCA Vantage 7
Leasing and Financing
Baytree Leasing Company LLC 19Trying to increase proftability?
ImmunoAssay Great America Leasing 19
® Tosoh - AIA 360 8
® 600 II 8 LIS
® Tosoh - AIA 1800 8 Antek HealthWare - LabDAQ + LIS 20
®Siemens - IMMULITE 1000 9 Orchard Harvest LIS 20
® 2000 9 Fletcher Flora - FFlex eSuite™ LIS 21
Beckman Coulter - Access II 9 Schuyler House - SchuyLab LIS 21
Siemens - Stratus 10
Siemens - Centaur CP 10
Siemens - Centaur Classic 10
Horiba - Micros 60 IM 11
Horiba - Pentra 80XL 11
Horiba - Pentra 120 11
Sysmex - pocH-100i™ 12
Sysmex - KX-21N™ 12
Sysmex - XS-1000i™ 12
Sysmex - XT-1800i™ 13
Sysmex - XT-2000i™ 13
Sysmex - XE-2100i™ 13
CDS “M” Series - OV, CP, 2 and AL 14
cBeckman Coulter - A •T diff2™ 14
c •T diff™ 14
c •T 5diff CP 15
c •T 5diff AL 15
Beckman Coulter - LH500 15
3800.944.4062® ®Siemens - Dimension Xpand Plus System
® ® The Dimension Xpand Plus Integrated Chemistry System
combines comprehensive STAT and routine chemistry testing on
a single, compact, easy-to-use system. A highly versatile platform
with the smallest footprint for an instrument of its capabilities,
® ® Xpand Plus System is a great ft for a variety of the Dimension
laboratory settings.
Full-Range Capability, Compact Space
• Highly responsive
• Run any test, at any time on any sample type
• Built-in automation
• Over 80 methods and growing
®• Consistency among all Dimension platforms providing synergy
across testing sites
® integrated technology reduces the total number of • Dimension
analyzers to operate and maintain increasing effciency in your
®Siemens - RxL MAX System
The Dimension(r) RxL Max(r) Integrated Chemistry System is
engineered to meet the evolving needs of the laboratory.
• Routine chemistries, immunochemistries and HbA1c all on one
system without any sample splitting
• Unprecedented 91 methods on-board concurrently
• Higher throughput with expanded reagent capacity for larger
• More results from one tube on one platform
• Highly responsive - Run any test, at any time on any sample type
• Reagent Management System (RMS) module enables
- Double reagent capacity
® - Ability to load up to 18 Flex Reagent Cartridges at one time
- Separate reagent preparation probe improves instrument
A Word from Our Customers
“With changes in our practice and increased patient volume the RXL was a
Deanna (Elaine)Whitley, Lab Manager
“The real advantage of Dimension analyzers is they incorporate 3 or 4 systems
into one platform... we were able to replace not only our chemistry and
immunoassay instruments, but our A1C reader and microalbumin dip sticks
as well.”
4 800.944.4062
®Alfa-Wassermann- ACE Alera
The ACE Alera clinical chemistry system serves a wide variety of
chemistry diagnostic needs with the power of a large foor model
analyzer in an easily integrated and economizing compact
footprint of a bench-top model.
• Closed Tube Sampling
• On-Board Sample & Reagent Refrigeration
• Positive Sample & Reagent ID
• Auto Repeat & Dilution
Abaxis - Piccolo Xpress
The Piccolo Xpress delivers routine multi-chemistry and electrolyte test
results quickly and easily in virtually any treatment setting.
• A fully automated system with walk away operation
• Uses a small sample size of whole blood, serum or plasma - No sample
pre-treatment is needed
• Results are available in approximately 12 minutes
• 24 individual tests including CLIA-waived lipids, liver enzymes and
glucose monitoring
• Stores up to 5000 patient and control results on-board
• No special operating skills are needed to run the Piccolo Xpress
® Vital Diagnostics - Envoy 500
Vital Diagnostics is pleased to introduce their newest chemistry
analyzer, the Envoy 500, which performs up to 570 tests per hour,
allowing it to handle the workload of the busiest labs.
• Built-in LCD touch screen
• 40 reagent positions
• Onboard refrigeration and storage
• Primary tubes or sample cups can be used
• 34 reusable glass cuvettes which are automatically washed
• Utilizes a proven, dry, solid-state ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) for Na,
K, Cl, and CO2
5800.944.4062 www.modernlab.comHoriba - ABX Pentra 400
The ABX Pentra 400 is an extremely compact Clinical
Chemistry bench top analyzer. Its automation and
continuous loading provides enhanced productivity in
a user-friendly environment.
• 55 on-board assays
• Innovative cassette format
• Integrated work station and validation station
• Touch screen
• Real-time viewing of your workfow
• Up to 420 tests per hour with ISE module
Roche - Cobas c111
The cobas c 111 analyzer performs photometric and optional
electrolyte testing with up to 180 results/hour. Its innovative menu
includes whole blood HbA1c, high sensitivity CRP and also in
development D-Dimer. It has the ability to perform up to 17 tests
simultaneously, enabling testing for full indication panels.
• Comprehensive testing capabilities
• Confdence in the results
• Convenience in operation
• Compact yet powerful
• Essential elements for high performance
A Word from Our Customers
“In this tough economy we were hesitant to make major equipment decisions.
MLS offered us several options, including their Equipment Incentive Program
which covered a portion of our lease payments and a Buy-Back Option. MLS has
been a true partner in supporting our lab’s success.”
6 800.944.4062
Horiba - ABX Pentra 400 Tosoh - G7 HPLC Analyzer
Tosoh’s G7 builds off the success of the industry leading A1c
2.2 Plus with the addition of a ß-thalassemia Mode.
• Stable HbA1c results in 2.2 minutes
• ß-thalassemia results in less than 8 minutes
• Quantifcation of HbF and HbA2
• Presumptive ID of D, S and C
• Compact Size
• NGSP Certifed
Tosoh - G8 HPLC Analyzer
The new G8 HPLC Analyzer is the next generation of Tosoh’s industry
leading analyzers for fast and accurate HbA1c results.
• Stable A1c results in 1.6 minutes
• 90 or 290 Sample Loader Availability
• Flexibility of Multiple Sample Types and Volumes
• NGSP Certifed
Siemens - DCA Vantage
Drive diabetes patient compliance with clinically proven and clinically
relevant HbA1c, Albumin, Creatinine, and Albumin-to-Creatinine (A:C)
Ratio tests on the DCA Vantage™ Analyzer.
• Point-of-care immunoassay analyzer for diabetes management
• Used by three out of four physicians who perform HbA1c testing in their
• Provides precise and accurate quantitative test results for HbA1c in
whole blood
• With a single urine sample, the analyzer also provides quantitative test
results for low levels of Albumin, Creatinine and A:C Ratio
• Provides test results during patient visit in 6 to 7 minutes
• On-board memory of 4000 results with powerful sorting capabilities
7800.944.4062 www.modernlab.comT E S T M E N U
® Tosoh - AIA 360
Tosoh’s Most Compact Analyzer
• Automated random access enzyme immunoassay system — once
S Y S T E M S F O R E V E R Y L A B O R A T O R Ysamples and test cups are loaded, the operator presses START and
10-MINUTE (ST) andwalks away
40 minute AIA-PACKS
• Tosoh’s Universal Reagent the AIA® — Pack Reagent System — a
dry stable test pack containing everything necessary for testing ST TT3 & TT3
ST T4 & T4
Big System Features in a Benchtop Analyzer ST FT3 & FT3including magnetic microbeads, rate fuorescence and monoclonal
ST FT4 & FT4
ST T-Uptake & T-Uptake
Throughput of 60 Results per Hourantibody technology TSH 3rd Gen
First Result in 18 Minutes (ST Assays)• Compact and lightweight design is ideal for small hospitals, POL Tg Ab
Third Generation Sensitivity Cardiac Markersand specialty testing.
ST Troponin IPrimary Tube Sampling• 36-tests per hour throughput, frst result in approximately 19 minutes ST Myoglobin
Automated Sample Dilution & Pretreatment Reproductive
Dual Clot Detection ST Estradiol & Estradiol
Compact Benchtop Size - Footprint < 3’ ST LH II & LH II
ST Prolactin & Prolactin
Utilizes TOSOH’s patented Unit Dose ST Progesterone & Progesterone
Test Cup Technology - the same for ST Testosterone
all TOSOH AIA Systems
Tumor Markers® Tosoh - AIA 600 II ST AFP & AFP
ST CA 125 &
ST 27.29 & 27.29 • Fully automated random access enzyme immunoassay system ST CA 19-9 & CA 19-9
Anemia• Tosoh’s Universal Reagent the AIA® — Pack Reagent System
ST Ferritin & Ferritin
Vitamin B12• STAT Assay results in 18 minutes and additional STAT results are Folate
Metabolicreported every 60 seconds
ST Cortisol & Cortisol
ST C-Peptide & C-Peptide• 60-tests per hour throughput run up to 5 assays per sample ST HGH & HGH
ST Insulin & Insulin
• Compact benchtop design Other
ST β-2 Microglobulin &
• Comprehensive assay menu β-2 Microglobulin
® Tosoh - AIA 1800
The newest fully-automated random-access enzyme immunoassay
system provides continuous random access, full automation and STAT
capability, high throughput, operational simplicity, and fexibility as a
complete full featured platform.
• Realizes 180 tests per hour running any combination of AIA® ST assays.
• Customize the automatic reschedule, automatic rerun, and
automatic refex testing by specimen and analyte for true result
review by exception.
• True random access
• One-step and two-step sandwich and competitive EIA
8 800.944.4062
® ®Tosoh - AIA 360 Siemens - IMMULITE 1000
The IMMULITE 1000 immunoassay system features an extensive
menu, ease of use, reliability, robust hardware and excellent assay
performance. The IMMULITE 1000 monitors onboard reagents and
accommodates onboard dilutions, positive sample identifcation,
and remote diagnostics.
• Comprehensive Menu - provides an opportunity for true
consolidation of all tests for a given patient on one analyzer
• Results for STAT assays such as Troponin I, CK-MB, Myoglobin, Intact
PTH, and HCG reported in as little as 15 minutes
• Consolidated Footprint - Computer, keyboard, monitor, and built-in
probe wash and water containers integrated into the system, for
reduced system footprint
• Onboard Dilutions - Ability to perform onboard dilutions for
infectious disease and other selected prediluted assays, as well as
®Siemens - IMMULITE 2000
Automated Allergy and Specialty testing becomes routine - The
extensive menu of routine, allergy and specialty assays available on
the IMMULITE 2000 will enable the laboratory to maximize their testing
while reducing the number of platforms in the laboratory.
• Throughput of up to 200 tests/hour and 24 resident assays
• Automatic reassay of out-of-range samples
• Refex testing for additional clinical information
• Onboard refrigeration
• 5 hours of usable walkaway time
• Easily connect to Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics’ automation
solutions via the VersaCell(TM) system
® Tosoh - AIA 1800 Beckman Coulter - Access II
• 24 resident assays with continuous random access and
STAT capability
• Magnetic particle separation and chemiluminescent
detection provides wide analytical range and rapid
• Cardiac panel includes AccuTnI™ Troponin I and BNP
• Intuitive operator interface, touch-panel display
and Windows NT software simplify data and sample
9800.944.4062 www.modernlab.comSiemens - Stratus
Meeting the Demand for Valuable Information
The Stratus® CS Acute Care™ Diagnostic System is a model of cost
effectiveness and effciency for both your laboratory and the near-
patient setting.
• Features a broad menu of tests that allow better chest pain
differentiation from one sample, on one run, on one instrument
• Robust diagnostic and risk stratifcation menu
• Offers the frst FDA-cleared high sensitivity Troponin I assay with the low
end precision to meet the 2005 ACC/AHA practice guidelines
• No sample preparation — simple operation, one sample, one run, one
• Offers cost effectiveness and effciency for your laboratory
Siemens - Centaur CP
Introducing the ADVIA Centaur® CP System – the performance
of the Siemens’ Immunoassay Systems in a compact but powerful
• Bench top model with a footprint of only 43” x 29”
• Optimal productivity, speed and effciency
• Process up to 180 tests per hour
• 400-test walk-away capability
• Direct chemiluminescence.
Siemens - Centaur Classic
The Advia Centaur Classic is a high-performance system with more
onboard reagents and dedicated STAT capabilities, so you can
maximize productivity no matter what the volume or types of tests.
• Random Access
• Process up to 240 tests per hour
• 30 onboard assays
• Direct chemiluminescence
• Dedicated STAT port
10 800.944.4062