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F Wagner Lyon

33 pages
Die bose Farbe F. Wagner Lyon 1 Introduction The CIT The class C Codes Counting The class Cµ Thrifty amalgamation Axiomatization Die bose Farbe Frank O Wagner Institut Camille Jordan Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1 France 10 November 2006

  • characteristic zero

  • thrifty amalgamation

  • positive characteristic

  • wagner lyon

  • poizat's red

  • any finite

  • trivial subgroup

  • feit-thompson theorem

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Die bo¨ se Farbe
Frank O Wagner Institut Camille Jordan Universite´ Claude Bernard Lyon 1 France
10 November 2006
Frank O Wagner Institut Camille Jordan Universite´ Claude Bernard Lyon 1 France
Die b ¨ se Farbe o
10 November 2006
Abad fieldis a field of finite Morley rank with a predicate for a proper divisible non-trivial subgroup. The question of the existence of such fields arose naturally in the study of groups of finite Morley rank, where a Borel subgroup might have the form
for someTK×; if one could show thatT=K×, this would imply the existence of involutions (i.e. a finite Morley rank version of the Feit-Thompson Theorem), and more generally the existence of elements of any finite order.
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