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Phase leg MOSFET Power Module
VDSS= 100V RDSon= 2.25mΩmax @ Tj = 25C ID= 495A @ Tc = 25C
Application Welding converters Switched Mode Power Supplies Uninterruptible Power Supplies Motor control Features FREDFETsPower MOS V -Low RDSon-Low input and Miller capacitance -Low gate charge -Avalanche energy rated  -Very rugged Kelvin source for easy drive Very low stray inductance -Symmetrical design -M5 power connectors G1 VBUS 0/VBUSOUTE1 Benefits E2Outstanding performance at high frequency operation G2Direct mounting to heatsink (isolated package) Low junction to case thermal resistance Absolute maximum ratingsSymbol ParameterMax ratingsUnit VDSS Drain- Source Breakdown Voltage100 V Tc= 25C495 IDDrain Current Continuous Tc= 80C370 A IDM PulsedDrain current1900 VGS±30 V- Source Voltage Gate RDSon2.25 m Drain- Source ON ResistanceΩPDTPower Dissipation Maximumc1250 W= 25C IAR100 A Avalanchecurrent (repetitive and non repetitive) EARAvalanche Energy50 Repetitive mJ EAS3000Pulse Avalanche Energy Single  TheseDevices are sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge. Proper Handing Procedures Should Be Followed. APT website – http://www.advancedpower.com1 - 3