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Everything You Need To Know About Coffee Machines

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Find out everything you wanted to know about coffee machines here in this handy guide. Visit:

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Ajouté le : 30 avril 2016
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Everything You Need To Know About Coffee Machines
It should come as no surprise to discover that even picking a humble coffee machine for your home is no longer simple. The reason for this is simple: choice. There are so many different types available now from basic filter machines to impressive all-in-one devices which can prepare luxurious coffees with nothing more than the press of a button.
In this guide we will outline the basic types of coffee machine which are available to you so you can choose the perfect one for your home.
Bean To Cup Machines
We thought we’d start out with the most impressive type of coffee maker you can buy- bean to cup machines. As the name suggests these devices literally take freshly roasted coffee beans and magically transform them into your favourite cup of coffee. For the most part these machines are completely automated and store the water, milk and beans directly in the machine. This makes them the simplest to use and they can prepare a very good cup of coffee, but this automation is not cheap and they are the most expensive kind of machine you can buy.
Nespresso Machines
These kind of machines are, without a doubt, the most popular available. They are inexpensive and incredibly easy to use. Everything you need to make a huge number of coffees and hot chocolates can be bought as small capsules. These capsules are then placed into the machine and you press a button to prepare your drink. Once complete the capsule is discarded and the machine requires very little maintenance. The only downsides to these machines are that they often require 2 capsules to make a single drink and the capsules aren’t particularly cheap. However, people love these and there are a huge number available to buy such as the ever popular oblo
Espresso Machines
As the name suggest these devices have a single purpose: to make espresso. Typically these devices produce pressurised steam which is passed through coffee grounds at between 9 and 15 bar pressure to produce a strong espresso and rich crema. Some come with milk steamers attached which means you can produce drinks like cappuccinos. However, it does take a little practice to use these machines and make a good coffee. You should also be aware that the pressurised steam they produce will burn you if you’re not careful using it. Overall these produce the most authentic coffees but take a little finesse to get just right.
Basic Coffee Filters
Final we reach the bargain machines of the bunch. These are the mainstay of offices across the world and consist of a coffee jar and heating plate. Coffee grounds are placed into a filter in the top of the machine and hot water is passed through the coffee grounds to make coffee which is collected in the jar below. The heating plate then servers to keep the coffee warm. You often need to use the coffee immediately after it is created to prevent it tasting like old tyres. But these machines do provide a nice, quick way to get real coffee quickly allowing you to get rid of jars of instant!