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288. Select Fables of with an Trans-"TABLES. JEsop, English -T more Literal than extant. H. Clarke.lation any Byyet First Boston Edition. muslin. Bost.i2mo, 1787 /6 // o H oo D* rt O C H- O co s ft) COOu H. pg rt 3 H CD H' e P- o O (D p t- oo * o n- O O R, Seleft FABLES of^SOP 5 WITH An TRANSLATION,Englijh More LITERAL than extant,any yet for the Readier INSTRUCTION Defigned of BEGINNERS in the Latin 'Tongue. H. CLARKE,By TEACHER of the LATIN LANGUAGE. The FIRST BOSTON from a of the lateltEDITION," Copy inEdition LONDON.printed BOSTON: Printed SAMUEL in HALL, 1787, t PREFACE. hath confidered theduly great there is in our firflWHOEVERDifficulty encountering with the Idioms of the Latin the ofTongue, Variety which will fometimes anfwer to oneEnglijh Words, Latin whichwith the Miftakes rnuftone, many Boys cannotbe liable who formto,naturally immediately of the whichtolerableany Judgment Thing They are in muft in fome bej Meafure,engaged furely, to that the ex-brought acknowledge, having Things and cleared to thejr asplained up Underftandings, is the bed and Means ofmak-They go along, only Them and defirous to learn. Anding eager here, It be fomewhat ofa toreal throwperhaps, may Help the into a more and to de-yet eafyLanguage Light, fcend a little than Others have hitherto fub-lower, mitted Themfelves I will not refufe totqj^For that I am the Fear of too aown, apprehenfive, great Baldnefs in the Tranflation hath deterred even Thofe, who have carried this Affair farther than was at firft it could have from iceverimagined gone, rendering fo that ftill the moreChildrenplain, might readily come 2 PREFACE. come into the andof the Conftruftion,Knowledge aform better and Idea of the different Partsquicker of Speech. to cannot well be madeInftrucYionThings relating too but to a orwrite in the Terms ofeafy j Pedant, in fuch a of asorLownefs, Poverty ExprefTion^ dwindleth almoft is a toointo Nonfenfe, Hardfhip to be fubmitted to Man of Butgreat by any Spirit. alas ! Freedom ofStile is one Tranf-and literalThing, lation another and the bed to commence an; Way with firft to areadAcquaintance anyLanguage,is great deal of a verbal Tranflation. When Wordsfingle have been a Number of themapprehended rightly, be the thatmay readily put together, remembering Latin--for afuch a Word is fuch Thing affording Learners the Pleafure and Incitement to-greateft wards the a more confiderable jmaking Progrefs the Conftrufbion of Phrafeswhereas, by attempting too become and bewildered in,foon, they to theIt hath been therefore makethought proper Words here to anfwer to the asLatin,Englijh gram- -as where more3 and,matically pofiible expreffive Ones often have been made Ufe Thofe,might of, which are moft met have beenufually with, judged Phrafe toothe moft convenient the thej varying much PREFACE. 3 rather to thanat firftmuch confound, grafttending in the Memory.any Thing * andnew Edition with the LatinA ofJSfop, Eng- in their diftinft had beeneach Columns, longUJh as Mr. Locke had before fuf-wifhed for ; but,ago Verfion of it to be withfered an printedInterlineary ishis Name in the Title itPage, highly probable, fuch awould venture to undertake ;Nobody Thing thealtho' You are told in the thatPreface, Defign was to who had not the orThofe,help Opportunity to learn the Latin GrammarLeifure ;Language by leaddid not Him to have thewhich, confequently, made with the StriflnefsEngHJh greateft grammatical and left Room for to beto the at-Latin, fomething which at an eafier Rate,tempted, might bejafforded and what better anfwer the ofaCom-might Purpofes mon School-Book. the You have here a Collection ofwhole,Upon the Part of the Fables done in an eafierMan-greateft than extant and the farther Youner, -, enterany yet the You will find fuchinto Book, little tak-Liberties* en in the as fuit with tenderExfrcffton, may naturally whilfl the Capacities, Judgment ripens by Degrees. the of the Roman andBefides, ItalickAdvantage Characters * Vide PREFACE to CLARKE'S CORDERY. ** PREFACE.4 Characters ufed for the better In-being alternately ftruflion of this is "Con-Young TranjlationBeginners, trived to anfwer Line for Line and Care ;throughout hath been taken to the Breaks ofgenerally avoi^i Words fo in ofthis that it isfeature,frequent Things next to an now to miftake.Impoflibility SELECTS
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