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Gautama Buddha

296 pages
THE BOOKWASDRENCHED166170ujgOU~ JS> Qlm^GAUTAMA BUDDHA25th VolumeCentenary1956OSMANIA LIBRARYUNIVERSITYi2jj^u.Xc SNo.Call Accession qoNo. ta^^\l^(INJL-OUUO y N ;Author.This date lastmarked should be returnedon or before theCONTENTSPage' 'l...ForewordEditorBy-StoneThe Master's Life in ... 7A.R. C. M.Kar,By16Buddha's LifeDates of Events in the ...PrincipalP. C. M. A.Sengupta,By... 21and ...The Buddha ...LanguageProf. FranklinBy Edgerton... ... 28Phonetic in Pali ...ConvergenceM.A.Madhusudan Mallik,By>Pali : Sanskrit: it' ......'smaraj*maraji 31Prof. Sukumar M.Sen, A., Ph.D.ByThe Buddhist Social Ideals ... ... ... 33B.Dr. G. M.A., Ph.D.Gokhale,ByBuddhist over the Five ...Controversy Propositions 40Prof. Et. LamotteBySome Buddhist Thinkers of Andhra cc... _Dr. P. S. M. Ph. D.Sastri, A.,By: AHarsa Buddhist ... ... ... 60^.Prot. Dasharatha D.Sharma, M.A., Litt.BySome Buddhist and Monuments ofAntiquities ... 62RajasthanR. C. M. A.By Agrawala,Buddhism in the Classical ... ... ...Age l^Miss Sudha M.A.By Sengupta,Buddhism in the Period ... ...Suhga ^ mGovindaKunja M.A.By Goswami,Place of Buddhism in Indian... ...ThoughtProf. Nalmaksha DuctBy... ... _Duhkha-Satya _Dr. W. RahulaByfi( )Page''... ... ......Nirodha-Satya 146Pandit Ananta KumarBy Nyaya-Tarkatirtha''...... ... ...Pratltyasamutpada 153Dr. Anukul Chandra Ph. D..Bancrjee, M.A.,ByBuddhist ... X... ...Psychology 57Bratindra Kumar M. A.By Sengupta ...
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THE BOOKWAS DRENCHED 166170ujgOU~ JS > Ql m^ GAUTAMA BUDDHA 25th VolumeCentenary 1956 OSMANIA LIBRARYUNIVERSITY i2jj^u.X c S No.Call Accession qoNo. ta^^\l^( INJL-OUUO y N ;Author. This date lastmarked should be returnedon or before the CONTENTS Page ' ' l ...Foreword EditorBy -StoneThe Master's Life in ... 7 A.R. C. M.Kar,By 16Buddha's LifeDates of Events in the ... Principal P. C. M. A.Sengupta,By ... 21and ...The Buddha ...Language Prof. FranklinBy Edgerton ... ... 28Phonetic in Pali ...Convergence M.A.Madhusudan Mallik,By > Pali : Sanskrit: it' ......'smaraj*maraji 31 Prof. Sukumar M.Sen, A., Ph.D.By The Buddhist Social Ideals ... ... ... 33 B.Dr. G. M.A., Ph.D.Gokhale,By Buddhist over the Five ...Controversy Propositions 40 Prof. Et. LamotteBy Some Buddhist Thinkers of Andhra cc... _ Dr. P. S. M. Ph. D.Sastri, A.,By : AHarsa Buddhist ... ... ... 60^. Prot. Dasharatha D.Sharma, M.A., Litt.By Some Buddhist and Monuments ofAntiquities ... 62Rajasthan R. C. M. A.By Agrawala, Buddhism in the Classical ... ... ...Age l^ Miss Sudha M.A.By Sengupta, Buddhism in the Period ... ...Suhga ^ m GovindaKunja M.A.By Goswami, Place of Buddhism in Indian ... ...Thought Prof. Nalmaksha DuctBy ... ... _Duhkha-Satya _ Dr. W. RahulaBy fi ( ) Page '' ... ... ......Nirodha-Satya 146 Pandit Ananta KumarBy Nyaya-Tarkatirtha '' ...... ... ...Pratltyasamutpada 153 Dr. Anukul Chandra Ph. D..Bancrjee, M.A.,By Buddhist ... X... ...Psychology 57 Bratindra Kumar M. A.By Sengupta, Brahman of Sankara ofand ... 162Sunyata Madhyamikas Dr. M. D. Phil.A.,Ajit RanjanBy Bhattacharya, A ofrare from Sanchi ... ...type Bodhisattva-Images 178 Mrs. Debala M.A.Mitra,By Scientific of the Buddhist 182Tantras ... ...Background Dr. B. M. Ph. D.A.,By Bhattacharyya, in South-East AsiaBuddhism ... ... ... 189 Prof. R. C. M. Ph.A., D.Majumdar,By of the ... ...Principle King's Righteousness 196 ADr. U. N. M. D.Ghoshai, , Ph.By Buddhism in Ancient ... ...Kambujadesa 205 Dr. B. N. Ph. D.Puri, M.A.,By ofHarivarman's ... ...211Theory Cognition Prof. N. SastriBy Aiyaswami 216of ... ... ...Narayanpur Image Vinayaka Nath M. A.Chakravarti,By Tapo Zen Buddhism and Bodhidharma ... ... ... 221 Dr. W. Pachow By Buddhist View re. of the Vedas ... Eternity 230 Heramba M. A. Chatterjee,By : Its in the of Buddhism ... Pataliputra Importance History 233 M. A.Chaudhuri,By Binaycndranath from Yunnan ... ...An Buddha Statue early 244 LiebenthalDr. WalterBy A Note of the ... ...Aryadharmadhatugarbhnvivarana 246 Sunitikumar M. A.Pathak,By BUDDHAGAUTAMA 25th VolumeCentenary 1956 FOEEWOBD The All-India Celebrations of the twenty-fifth centenary of the Great to ourSaint Gautama Buddha have served rouse consciousness as to the and excellence of our cultural grandeur as also of our ancient easterncultural link with theheritage countries of Asia. The of to Indiancontributions Buddhism culture are varied in the domains of and literature,language art and and moral andarchitecture, social ideals. Gautama Buddha lived in an of iron-cased beliefs and age and he had to overcome an almost insurmountabletraditions, offered athe ofopposition by orthodoxy largedeep-rooted section of the with their established rituals and people long ceremonies. His both to thehowever,teachings, appealed intellectuals and to the masses for the first time that realizing the of salvation could not be the of the few. path monopoly His on and his of the law ofself-reliance,emphasis exposition andwere a notable contribution to Indian causality thought religion. PHILOSOPHY: Gautama Buddha was in the brought up traditional faith and doctrines but he had the toIndian courage their and usefulness in and ultimatelychallenge efficacy reducing the human In eliminating sufferings. pre-Buddha days, many thinkers their minds to the of the butTruth,applied quest totheir and beliefs have not come down us exceptthoughts in the and the literature. In thethose found JainaUpanisads the and its nature werethe about Truthformer, findings 2 Foreword and it is the monistic that foundvaried, conception The to this view,Truth,prominence. highest according is and so it can be referred totranscendental, by negations of known Gautama Buddha subscribedonly concepts. to this view but he adhered to terms and strictly negative criticised all at about attempts any positiveforming concept the Itultimate Truth. has been in these words expressed by 1 .:.Nagarjuna H , connotes neither one nor it is neither annihila- [It many; tion nor this is the immortal of Buddhas,eternality teaching the leaders of the world.] His firmview in this is due to histhorough-going respect . conviction that the is noAbsolute absolute and has perfectly relation whatsoever with the universe- It is the composite Asankhata or the un-and hence uncaused andunconstituted, and oneconditioned, attributeless,unoriginated undecaying, and the theand it has to do with thesame, Samkhata,nothing constituted. He that 'it or 'it iswould not admit, even, is', or it is both 'is and is or it is not both 'is and isnot', not', 1 not . In the first Sutta of the acknowledgedvery "Dtghanikaya as histhe Btiddhavacana all sects of he warnedBuddhism,by to about the Ultimates,disciples against any attempt speculate he becould realised the Perfect withinwhich, said, byonly one's own self veditabbo He instructed (paccattam vinnuht). them to their minds to the and of the apply origin decay constituted world which lacks and is tosubjectsubstantiality and It is for this reason that hisimpermanence painfulness, went to the utmost to the disciples length analyse physical a in theand mental constituents of Abhidhamma texts. being i u,Madhyamakakarik2,XVlll.
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