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Get Digital Asset Management Software to Improve Business Processes

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We are passionate about helping marketers do their work smarter and faster in every part of the world. Thousands of marketers in businesses of all sizes, use our Orbis MRM marketing software applications in over 50 countries.
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Get Digital Asset Management Software to Improve Business Processes
Where is that photo? Do you have the document? Who saved the
latest version of the marketing video? Keeping track of all the different
kinds of digital media and document in your company has probably
become a nightmare. You cannot find them when you need them the
most and many times they end up disappearing when someone cleans
up space. If you use photographs, video, documents, and other digital
media in your business it is time to
get digital asset management
to protect your assets.
Effective Marketing Requires Digital Resources
Imagine having
the best marketing software
on the planet, but when you need to send a drawing to a
client you cannot find it. Your great marketing software which keeps you on track on your promotions
has a hole. You need to have quick access to all types of digital media your clients request in an instant.
When you get digital asset management software implement in your office you will discover how easy
life can be. When you need to find a photograph of the company president for your brochure you just
do a quick search and are presented with all of the options. When you need to locate a CAD drawing
which your client needs to review it is available in an instant, not in hours.
There is one way to improve the process of using digital asset for customer service and marketing even
Integrating Digital Assets and Your Marketing Campaigns
What if when you set out to
find marketing campaign software
selected a vendor who also has top quality digital asset management
software? You can then integrate the systems together to make
producing campaigns and tracking the use of digital media.
There is a secondary reason this is a good idea. Where do you generate
the most digital media in your company? This is almost always in one of three departments.
These three departments are constantly taking pictures, creating videos, recording sounds, and working
with drawings from clients and created internally. When you take all of these records and get them
sorted, indexed, and easy to use it simplifies the life of everyone.
The sales team will no longer need to run to the engineering department to pull a drawing. The
marketing team will not need to run out onto the factory floor to get a picture of a prototype, because
engineering probably already photographed it from all angles and has stored in the management
This sharing of digital media leads to higher efficiency in working with clients and reduce the cost of
producing literature and manufacturing documents. It is often very easy to overlook the importance of
keeping all of our digital assets properly stored and labeled, until you experience the difference.
Using a digital asset management system will simplify your search for important documents and data. If
you do not already have software in place it is time to do the research and get digital asset management
software implemented fast.
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