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Greatest Fishing Locations in Costa Rica

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Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica offers one of the best sport fishing in Costa Rica. Marlin are taken throughout the year, especially during the months from January to September. Sailfish run between 80 and 200 pounds, you can expect to see many free jumpers and excessive amounts of sailfish during the months from December to May Other fish caught in the area include dorado, wahoo, snapper and cock.
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Greatest Fishing Locations in Costa Rica
Costa Rica has long already been known for that's amazing fishing, but the concern is, when someone 's all the way in the US and it has never been to this country before, how can they know who to go with? The problem is there are tons ofFishing, Los Suenos Fishing Chartersdown the following, with Costa Rican Fishing Captains and owners, but very couple of Costa Ricans that know how carry out build websites and how to make themselves visible. Then come in the freelance website people, who know nothing about the fishing, very little about that country, but everything concerning the internet. The come down, meet the people here and chances are they tack on the 20 percent to whatever fishing prices the additional boats had, and then they build the website. Wouldn't it be good if the travelers didn't have to pay the additional 20 percent??? Here are a few tips to find boat owners directly.
1. If a company offers more than 5 boats, it is probably reselling other people's boats. 2. Ask the person that you are fishing with if they own the boats. Some of the agents will rest anyway, but most tell you the truth. 3. Don't believe much that you see on Trip Advisor. Right now the best way to start a new business in Costa Rica, will be to start a trip advisor account and then start giving yourself great reviews. Trip Advisor has nobody checking what is put up on there, and 75 percent of the evaluations written in Costa Rica tend to be fake. 4. Do look with Facebook. Facebook requires people to use their real names and most companies here don't want to go through the difficulty of setting upwards fake Facebook accounts as which is much more difficult. Also a good fishing company here will possess at least 2000 likes (some have above 6000) which would become very difficult to do setting up 2000+ fake accounts and then liking a page. (With a excellent 50 reviews you can be the particular top company on Trip Advisor, not so along with Facebook). To find a boat in the area you are going, sign into Facebook and if you are fishing in Jaco, search for "Jaco Fishing" or "Los Suenos Sportfishing Boats" and the most favored company will be the initial displayed 5. Check with people who fish in your area, maybe fishing clubs, or nearby fishing groups. Odds could they be know somebody that has been down right here, and they understand which captains work best!
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