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HAVE YOU BEEN HURT INANY KINDOF ACCIDENT? Hiring the Best Lawyer will make the Difference in How You are Treated
Avoidthe Average Car AĐĐident Attorney if you’ve ďeen in a Collision.James Pacitti, considered one of Los AŶgeles’s Top PersoŶal IŶjurLJ AttorŶeLJsis known as theCitizens’ Attorney. This is because, after nearly 20 LJears iŶ praĐtiĐe, he’s ďuilt a reputatioŶ ǁithiŶ the VaŶ NuLJs aŶd Los AŶgeles legal ĐoŵŵuŶities as apersonal injury and car accident attorney who gets the job done for his car accident and personal injury clients.If LJou’ǀe been injured, only one thing matters: bringing your case to a successful conclusion. In the greater Los Angeles area, hundreds of people are involved in vehicle collisions every day. The worst mistake many of these people make is to neglect to seek prompt medical attentionand to contact a car accident attorney. Why are these Two Steps so Important? Medical evaluation following a car, truck or motorcycle accident EdžperieŶĐed laǁLJers like Jaŵes PaĐitti ǁill tell LJou that just ďeĐause LJou doŶ’t iŵŵediatelLJfeelinjured orlookiŶjured, it doesŶ’t ŵeaŶ LJou’renotiŶjured. MaŶLJ ǀerLJ serious ŶeĐk aŶd spiŶe iŶjuries areŶ’t appareŶt iŶ the minutes and hours following a car accident. Accident Attorneys see it all the time: a victim of a traffic accident comes to the officedays or weeks after their accident occurred, complaining of back pain, joint pain or neck paiŶ. TheLJ saLJ it’s ďeĐause of the aĐĐideŶt ďut ďLJ, that tiŵe, hoǁ ĐaŶ that ďe proǀeŶin a court of law? For these reasoŶs, it’s iŵperatiǀe LJou ďe eǀaluatedby a physician followingany kind of vehicle accident. Contact a car accident attorney with a successful track record after any collision Getting in touch with a Van Nuys or Los Angeles attorney specializing in car accidents should be the next step after a medical exam. When you call theCitizens’ Attorney, ǁe’ll get ŵoǀiŶg iŵŵediatelLJ oŶ your case and get you the compensation you deserve. The faster you schedule a consultation with an experienced car accident attorney, the faster we can help you. Never put off seeking legal ĐouŶsel ǁheŶ LJou’ǀe ďeeŶ iŶ a Đar aĐĐideŶt iŶ Los AŶgeles or its surrouŶdiŶg ĐoŵŵuŶities. Jaŵes Pacitti has devoted his practice to making sure your accident claim is handled with care and
consideration so that you do not suffer unnecessary physical suffering as receive the financial compensation that is your due. At theLaw Office of James D. Pacitti, your pain matters, your loss matters, and you can be assured that your case matters and will be given the full attention it deserves by a Los Angeles car accident attorney who cares about what happens to you now and in the future. TheCitizens’ Attorney, James Pacitti. If LJou’ǀe ďeeŶ iŶ a Đar, truĐk or ŵotorĐLJĐle aĐĐideŶt, ďe sure to seek immediate medical attention, then call 800-555-2989and ask for the
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