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How To Start On The Anti Candida Diet Plan
Candida is a type of yeast that can infect the digestive system and continue to manifest painful symptoms as it builds colonies within the colon and intestines. It is important to slowly get rid of the yeast from within your body so you can reduce the symptoms of the infection and start leading a normal life. An Anti Candida Dietis your best bet to start in the right direction with this situation. For More Information about anti candida diet, please check
Reduce sugar intake –You have to Lush out the sugar residue from your body before you can start on a new food group. The
sugar is the primary diet for the yeast and they will continue to grow with the added presence of sugar in your system. Try colon cleanses and detoxifying diet to reduce the sugar percentage in the body and starve the Candida colonies.
Introduce antifungal food –food directly kills the Antifungal colonies of Candida in your system. Ideally, you should start a detoxifying plan and the îrst food groups your reintroduce in your Anti Candida Diet should be the antifungal food group. This will help destroy the remaining Candida cultures in your gut. You can then introduce low sugar and high starch containing food groups in to your diet to slowly accustom your body to the Candida free environment.
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