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How To Tweak Your Diet To Lose Weight

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Some diets recommend cutting out bread altogether to avoid this problem,  but if you like sandwiches
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How To Tweak Your Diet To Lose Weight There's nothing more frustrating than stepping on the scale after being on a diet for several days or weeks and finding you have not lost any weight. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can tweak your diet so that you begin to lose weight. The more weight you lose, the more motivated you will be to stay on your diet; make some of these changes and watch the pounds peel off. Bread is often the culprit if you don't seem to be losing weight on a healthy diet. Bread contains a high number of carbohydrates, which gives your body energy quickly, but the energy is just as quickly depleted. Thus, you get hungry again quickly and end up eating more. Some diets recommend cutting out bread altogether to avoid this problem,but if you like sandwiches or just can't live without bread, there's another solution. Switch to whole grain breads. Whole grain breads contain more fiber, vitamins and nutrients than breads that are not made out of whole grains. These types of breads satisfy you better and for longer than breads that are not made out of whole grains, so you won't have to eat as much of them or eat as often to curb hunger. In addition to switching to whole grain breads, watch what you're drinking. Alcohol and soda contain empty calories that can keep the pounds from falling off you, but even healthysounding drinks can cause you problems. Many people drink a lot of juice because they think the fruit content is healthy for them. It's true that orange and apple juice contain vitamins and minerals, but most juices also contain a lot of sugar. Sugar will keep you hungry for the same reason that bread does: the carbohydrate content. In addition, sugary drinks like juice are bad for your teeth and will leave you feeling tired all the time. For best results, make water your beverage of choice with most of your meals. If you don't like the taste of water, try flavored waters that don't contain extra sugar. Finally, be careful when you eat salad. Many people switch to salads when they begin dieting because they know that vegetables are healthy for them. However, if you use a lot of dressing, you can counteract the health benefits of eating lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms and other vegetables. Many salad dressings contain a lot of fat and sugar, which will interfere with your weight loss and can even make you gain weight. Instead of dousing your salad in dressing, put the dressing into a cup and put your fork into the cup
before taking a bite of salad. This will decrease your dressing use by about 80 percent and you will still get the taste you crave with your salad. You should always order dressing on the side if you eat a salad in restaurants, and pay attention to what the salad is topped with. If your salad comes with cheese, bacon or chicken, there may be far more calories in it than you expect. Losing weight isn't easy, but a few simple changes to your diet can help you get back to the size you want to be. Make changes one at a time so that you don't get overwhelmed. Soon you'll be eating foods you enjoy while still losing weight. Click Here To Find Out More