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Iphone Repair - Can You Do It Without Knowing Electronics_

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We recently ran ads on the Sunday and by Tuesday we added up over $2,000 in repair request calls!
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Iphone Repair  Can You Do It Without Knowing Electronics? (You Don't Need Any Electronic Knowledge) Sick of STARVING? Ready for a biz that works? Ready to get started for peanuts or nothing? Ready to be rewarded by generous, and grateful customers? Take a few minutes, and change your life. What kind of money? The average iPhone or iPod repair nets you about $40. The average time to do the repair? 10 minutes. Are you saddled with a debt you can never repay? Losing your house? Had a great career and great hopes, but it's all gone now? Here's the deal: No one cares about you, like you. That's why home based businesses work! Exactly because you care more about you than anyone else, you care about YOUR business more than anyone else, so you do what you must to make it work, right? How do you get a business that actually works? Your CARE builds it, but it would not exist without a strong demand. Next: Is there a lot of competition? If there is, you'll know it. For example, if you want to open a hamburger stand like Burger King, do you think you have a chance? There is a huge demand, but you are not going to be filling it, are you? Apple gets $200 to $250 to replace the iPhone glass. The 3G and 3GS parts cost you $11. You can attract all the business you can do charging $45 to $99. Why the difference? If you're a high end jewelry store, or a liquor store offering the repair you can get $99! If you're working out of your car, going to the customer, you'll get an average of about $50 because you'll most likely use Craigs List to get the biz. Is that bad? No, free advertising, no location or overhead is not bad! We recently ran ads on the Sunday and by Tuesday we added up over $2,000 in repair request calls! This was in Los Angeles, California, USA  probably the most competitive market for anything in the world! Geez guys, does it take a Rocket Scientist? NO! YOU can do this Los Angeles iPhone repair
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