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e Student’s Voice In
The Student’s Voice In
r Country
Cougar Country
Volume 11 Number 3
Downingtown High School East Campus
November, 2008
The News: Read or Watch?
Chocolate Scare
Cell Phones Thwart Terrorism
Switch to Tap Water
AIDS in Africa
The Palin Phenomenon
PSSA Testing
Hats On Day
Fall Sports Recap
Girl’s Cross Country
NHL Preview
Another Y?
me to Vote!
It’s time to Vote!
On Friday October 24
Downingtown East High School
welcomed its very first set of
French exchange students in a
program originated by nearby
Westtown School. Twelve students
from Institut Montalembert, will
participate in the program, which
will continue through November
. The DEHS advisors for the
program, Madame McFadden
and Madame Gayl, have planned
several exciting excursions
including ones to Washington
D.C., Philadelphia, and the Amish
Country for the hosts and their
partners. In addition, the pairs can
travel independently to cities as
close as West Chester, or for those
for a little
more hustle
and bustle,
New York
City. Also
scheduled are
field trips to the Bates Motel, the
likes of which the French students,
who celebrate this holiday in a
very different way, have never
seen. This exciting academic and
social opportunity has required
extensive planning, much of which
our school’s French students
have been involved in first hand.
After applying and receiving
acceptance into the program, host
students were given the chance to
match themselves with a French
counterpart based on compatibility
in interests and personalities.
Senior participant Ilona Miller
says of choosing her partner
Claire, “I wanted an exchange
student who was really outgoing
so that we could spend tons of
time discussing our contrasting
cultures.” Ilona was also excited
about introducing Claire to
American politics. “This is such
an important election, I’m glad
that Claire will be able to see our
democratic practices first-hand.
We definitely plan on following
the election on television.” In
addition to nail-biting television
and spooky hayrides, American
life offers tons of new challenges
for the French students. Luckily,
come April, they will be given
the chance to turn the table on the
making the
from guests
to hosts.
From April
to the
, over
our school’s
spring break,
cougars will be temporary
residents of Nogent-Sur-Marne,
twenty minutes outside of
Paris, France. “I can’t wait to
go to Paris! I mean you see it
on television and in the movies
and it’s just so beautiful and
glamorous. Plus I’m excided
to meet Miley’s family,” raves
participant Sarah Wronski. It’s
obvious after talking to them,
that the other students share her
excitement. Danielle Reach sums
up the group’s attitude with a giant
smile on her face. “This is a once
in a lifetime opportunity.”
By Lauren Silverman
Coming to America
You know elections are
nearby when every time you
turn on a TV, another political
campaign ad blasts through the
room. As Election Day comes
closer and closer, the number
of ads will only increase. The
number of negative ads also
grows as candidates try to throw
in last minute information
about their opponent to change
voters’ minds. Does aggressively
attacking the opponent’s
character really affect voters?
Negative campaigning
has been around since the
very first election in 1792.
John Kerry was not the first
candidate labeled as a flip-
flopper; Abe Lincoln also
earned that title by saying he
did and did not support slavery
in the election of 1860. And of
course, negative campaigning
has been an important strategy
for the 2008 election. McCain
has run ads comparing Obama
with celebrities Paris Hilton
and Britney Spears. Obama
constantly mentions McCain’s
connections with the current
Bush regime. Sarah Palin just
recently accused Obama of
“palling around with terrorists.”
Negative ads are all part of the
campaign in order to convince
voters to stay away from
one’s opponent, but how do
people feel about these harsh
“Personally, I just
zone them all out,” says an
anonymous junior. “I figure
whatever the ad says is such
an exaggeration of the truth
that there’s really no substance
in what it’s saying. This is
where the mute button comes
in handy.”
However, research
by shows
that many voters actually
use negative campaigning as
another source of information.
Despite complaining about how
annoying they find negative
ads, people believe negative
campaigning is an excellent
way to expose one’s opponent.
“They have a way of getting
your attention,” says Senior Sam
Srolis “It’s like a juicy piece of
gossip you can’t ignore.”
Generally, when a
candidate starts losing voters,
he or she increases the amount
of negative ads for his or her
opponent. Since McCain has
been behind in recent polls, the
Wisconsin Advertising Project
reported that almost 100 percent
of his campaign’s ads were
negative during the week of
September 28 through October
4. The Obama campaign
only had 34 percent negative
campaign ads during that time.
The bottom line is voters
should not depend solely on
what they hear from campaign
ads to make their decision.
Candidates are throwing every
little condescending piece of
information they find out to the
public, whether it be a major
exaggeration or truth. Before
you drop your ballot, or push
your beliefs on someone who
will, makesure you have your
facts striaght.
Smack Talk
By Parisa Salavitabar
hether it be a majo
“It’s like a juicy
piece of gossip you
can’t ignore”
e student
spaper of Downingtown
h School East Campus.
e information and views
ressed are those of the
ors and editors and
y not reflect that of the
re student body, teach-
rs, administration, or school
rict. We welcome your
ents and suggestions.
t us at:
The Record
material courtesy of American
of Newspaper Editors/KRT
us High School News Service
Photo of the Month
By Julianne Lorbecki
We live in a world today
where the news is something that
everyone must know. In recent
months, Americans have been
turning to their papers, tuning in to
their televisions and logging on to
their internet for one simple reason:
the news. With the election fast
approaching and
the economy
Americans are
reading and
watching the news
more often than a
year ago. I know I
have been, every
day I simply must
get the latest on the
stories that interest
me, sports and politics. I know that
I can watch an Eagles night game to
half time, go to bed, and wake up the
next morning and see the outcome.
That is what is so great about modern
technology; any story of interest can
be updated overnight. This technology
has allowed journalists to go from
printing a newspaper, to broadcasting
it over the radio and television, to
publishing it online. Yet what is it that
makes some people watch and listen
to the news rather than read it?
For many students and
teachers, they simply do not have time
to sit down and read the paper. By the
time we deal with morning hygiene,
get dressed, and eat breakfast, we
are already rushed to get out the
door. While some teachers do have
the option of picking up the paper
and reading it throughout the day,
it just is not that appealing. Ms.
Slattery, an English teacher here at
Downingtown East, watches ABC
news in the morning, saying that she
finds it more “convenient and quick.”
Some students would probably agree
that watching the news is the way to
go. Junior Siân Gledhill had this to
say: “I watch Fox “Good Day” every
morning and at ten because it is up to
date and it is something that is going
on while I am getting ready for school
or dance.”
Watching the news has been
appealing for a while now, as it is a
source that many of us can simply
listen to and watch as we get ready to
go to school or go
ut. Unlike reading
ewspaper or
sing the internet,
e are free to do
ther things as we
atch the news.
et, reading the
ews has also taken
n interesting turn
the ability to go
nline to read up
on the world. Junior Hilary Hanford
told me she “usually used the internet
because it is always up-to-date and is
constantly being updated.” In another
response by junior Casey O’Donnell,
she wrote “I usually use the internet
because it is always available with
all the news stories so I can check
it when I feel like it”. It seems that
to some students, the internet is the
best source to get the news from.
The easy access of news sites and
the availability of the story you want
continues to make using the internet
to get the news such a simple process.
Not only is this source simple to use,
it is also always being updated.
While watching the news is
convenient and reading articles off
the internet is simple, think about
what these options have replaced: the
traditional newspaper. It seems that as
time goes on, the younger generation
shows more ignorance towards
reading the newspaper. Some might
see it as retro while others might see it
as how our parents and grandparents
get the news, thus making it not cool.
“More and more, students are only
turning to the newspaper for one
thing,” states junior Kristine Muller, “
I have to do my current event for Ms.
Ellis’ class, so I read the newspaper
once a week.” Muller goes on to say,
“The internet is really taking over
though and I think more people would
get their news online; that is why a
lot of newspapers have gone out of
business.” This is an interesting point
of view which, sadly, is becoming
a predicament for the newspaper
While the newspaper industry
is declining, there is still a special
something about the newspaper.
During the prime political season,
broadcasters and journalists go crazy
with opinionated stories. There are
however some very key differences
between the newspaper and news
broadcast when it comes to politics.
News stations tend to lean more to
one side. Stations like MSNBC have
become increasingly liberal while
stations like Fox lean more toward
the conservative side. While this does
not mean that these stations bash the
opposite party, it does mean that they
will not cover the opposite party in-
depth. Newspapers, however, tend
to be less biased and more equal
overall. If one writer publishes a
very liberal story in The Daily Local,
then assuredly there would be a very
conservative article in the paper as
well. That way, the reader is always
getting different opinions on the
matter, and not just being fed liberal
ideas or conservative ideas from a
news station. Also, journalists tend
to get more information and correct
information where broadcasters may
only have some of the information.
In the end, all it comes down
to is preference. The newspaper
faithful will stick to their papers
while those who obtain news from the
television will stay tuned in. It does
not matter how you get the news. As
long as you can trust the source you
use, nothing else matters.
The News: Read It Or Watch It?
For all of you chocolate
cravers out there, maybe you
should think before picking up
your next chocolate bar. Cadbury
has recalled all of its Chinese-
made candy products because
they may be contaminated with
the chemical melamine. Cadbury
chocolate products and Choclairs
are what are being affected.
Melamine was first found
in powdered formula for infants
but has been traced to many
other products since then. Nearly
in China
have been
by the
or other
and four
have died.
was put in the milk products by
Chinese dairy plants to make
it seem like they have more
protein. Many countries have
banned or recalled Chinese
milk products. Forty people
have been arrested by Chinese
police for being involved in
the milk scandal. Many of the
people involved were managers
of pastures or breeding farms
and milk-purchasing stations.
Health experts say that ingesting
melamine leads to kidney stones,
urinary tract ulcers, and eye and
skin irritation. Even through the
chocolate may have melamine
in it, you do not have to worry
because it is not being sold in any
C h o c o l a t e
By Chris Theriault
“In recent months,
Americans have been
turning to their papers,
tuning in to their
televisions and logging
on to their internet for
one simple reason: the
By Jessica Mease
No School
November 4,
National security has been on
the forefront of people’s minds
since Sept. 11, 2001. The attack
on the World Trade Centers came
as a surprise and an even greater
shock. Since then the government
has tried to come up with ways to
detect when a terrorist will attack.
One idea that is in the works is
having cell phones sensors detect
radiation to prevent nuclear
Researchers at Purdue
University are working to develop
a system that would use a network
of cell phones to detect and track
radiation to help prevent terrorist
attacks. Cell phones already have
global positioning locators, so
the network of phones will serve
as a tracking system. And since
targets of a potential terrorist attack
would occur in big cities with
big populations, the cell phone
system would make it difficult
for someone to go undetected
with a nuclear weapon. Even
though the detection system would
require additional circuitry, the
cell phones are not going to be
bulkier. Researchers tested the cell
phone system last November. On
the campus of Purdue University
they gave people detectors, and
they walked around the campus
randomly. “The test was extremely
safe because we used a very
weak, sealed radiation source,
and we went through all before
the necessary approval processes
required for radiological safety,”
said Jere Jenkins a director of
Purdue’s radiation laboratories
within the school of nuclear
Researchers realize that it’s
impossible to completely shield
a weapon’s radioactive material
without making the device too
heavy to carry around. The system
could be trained to ignore known
radiation sources, such as hospitals,
and radiation from certain common
items like bananas. (Yes bananas
contain a radioactive isotope of
potassium.) The cell phone is not
yet commercialized, but it may be
coming to a store near you.
C e ll
P h o n e
S e n s o r s
T h w a r t
Nuclear Terrorism
A new report just came
out that took two years research
by the Washington-based
Environmental Working Group.
They found bottled water in nine
states and Washington D.C to
contain contaminants. During this
study they discovered 38 different
chemicals in 10 brands of common
bottled water.
The chemicals
that were
detected include
bacteria, caffeine,
the pain reliever
plastic-making chemicals and the
radioactive element strontium.
These contaminant can come
from the water they were using
but researchers said that these
chemicals could have been from
the plastic used to make the
bottle. These bottles are made
out of plastics that are causing
them to produce unsafe water,
therefore making tap water less
contaminated. The very bottles
that were created to help us protect
Switch To Tap Water
our water may now be the source
of our contaminated water supply.
In California researchers found
the highest levels of chlorine
byproducts as being over 35 parts
per billion and the limit is only
10 parts per billion or less. This
situation is getting out of hand and
the companies need to test their
bottled water
etter. Wal-
art is one of
he suppliers of
ottled water
ound to be
nd their
Shannon Frederick, was reported
as saying the company was
“puzzled.” She went on to say that
the suppliers had done their own
tests and found nothing that was
to be reported as dangerous. There
is further research being done to
work out these kinds of problems.
As of right now the researcher
of this study are saying the best
thing to do if you are worried
about bottled water containing
contaminants to start drinking tap
water with a carbon filter.
“The very bottled that
were created to help
us protect our water
may now be problem
for contaminating our
water supply.”
Love her or hate her, Sarah Palin has made her mark on
American political history.
She wasn’t the first woman to run for vice president, but with
all the controversy surrounding her gender, she might as well have
been. She wasn’t the first candidate to use the word “maverick” in
a debate, but to American ears across the country, it definitely felt
like it. She wasn’t the first politician to be mocked by a celebrity on
Saturday Night Live, but the viral videos spread everywhere, and
suddenly it was hard to tell Tina Fey and the actual candidate apart.
She may have been the first candidate to give a shout-out to a
class of third graders on national television.
When she was first chosen as John McCain’s vice presidential
candidate, no one knew exactly what to think about Sarah Palin,
unknown governor of Alaska. As the days wore on, scandals erupted
and spread like wildfire
through cable news
stations: Bristol Palin
is pregnant! What’s up
with Troopergate? Did
she really call the Iraq
War a “task from God?”
It was all, frankly, very
The novelty of the
situation began to wear
off, and the American
people got to know Sarah
Palin through interviews with Charlie Gibson on ABC. She gave
quotes destined to be repeated throughout America the next day,
such as one regarding US-Russian relations: “They’re our next door
neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska,
from an island in Alaska.” Then came the famous Katie Couric
interviews, in which Palin responded, “All of ‘em, any of ‘em that
have been in front of me over all these years,” when asked to give
the name of a specific news publication she reads regularly.
In one of the most dramatic and talked-about presidential
elections in modern times, the choice of Palin as John McCain’s
running mate added even more intrigue. Her supporters adored her,
and her opponents fought fiercely against her campaign. One thing is
sure: Sarah Palin will not soon be forgotten.
The Palin Phenomenon
By Emilia Plater-Zyberk
Battleground Zone
Did you know that over 22 million
people living in Africa are infected with AIDS?
AIDS claims the lives of about 1.5 million
people per year. If people do not help Africa
with this crisis the numbers will continue
to rise. AIDS, short for Acquired Immune
Deficiency Syndrome, is caused by a virus
called HIV, the Human Immunodeficiency
Virus. HIV becomes AIDS when one’s immune
system is seriously damaged. People get HIV
by having sex with an infected person, sharing
needles with someone who is infected or being
born when your mother is infected. AIDS and
HIV are affecting Africa in many ways. They
have drastically decreased the life expectancy.
The average life expectancy is now 47 years,
when it could have been around 60 years if
it was not for AIDS. Also, many parents are
dying from AIDS, which causes their children
to become orphans with no place to go. More
than 11 million children have been orphaned
due to this AIDS epidemic. Africa is still
developing. All these people sick with AIDS
just hinder Africa’s growth. Because it kills so
many adults in the prime of their working and
parenting lives, it decimates the workforce,
fractures and impoverishes families, orphans
millions, and shreds the fabric of communities.
Poverty leads to the spread of AIDS in Africa
because the infected people do not have the
money to get help. There are many different
programs and groups which have created
organizations to help with the problem of
AIDS in Africa. PRODUCT RED is one of the
major organizations which has raised money
by selling clothes at Gap and by joining with
other businesses to raise money. People need
to realize that Africa really needs help and
donations. You can go on the websites like,, and www. to learn how you can help with this
awful struggle. Many Africans do not even
know they are infected, so there are some
programs helping people to get tested for
HIV. This can help decrease the rapid spread
of AIDS. This is a serious issue that we can
help with just by getting a group together to
raise money or donating to one of the AIDS
foundations. Please help stop the spread of
AIDS today.
AIDS In Africa
By Christine Stevenson
By Sammy Schlitz
By Benee Williams
By Ashley Fornshell
It’s early. We’ve been
taking the PSSA’s for weeks. We
think that the results have no effect
on us. So why should we make
an effort? Students should always
try their best because they have a
much bigger effect on themselves
than they think. Last year,
Downingtown East did not pass the
Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
report after taking the PSSA’s. So,
does this spell trouble for us down
the road?
AYP was created in 2001 as
part of the No Child Left Behind
Act (NCLB). The purpose of
AYP is to ensure that all students
have reading and math skills that
prepare them for the future. The
law states that all students must
reach the Proficient level or higher
by 2014. In order for a school
to “meet AYP”, students must
meet goals in three areas: (1)
Attendance or Graduation Rate, (2)
Academic Performance, and (3)
Test Participation. Each area has a
certain number of targets that must
be met in order to pass for that
section of the report. Our school
was unable to do this.
Downingtown East met the
one target for Graduation and all
six targets in Test Participation.
However, we only achieved 11 of
the 13 targets for Academics in
one of the tested subgroups. The
targets in this subgroup for reading
are 63% and 56% for math. We
scored 40.3% in reading and 34.3%
in math. This is considerably
lower than what we needed. Still,
there were other ways we could
have met the targets.
Safe Harbor is achieved
by greatly improving from the
previous year. In order to receive
Safe Harbor and meet the targets,
a 10% reduction is needed in the
number of students who score
below the Proficient level. We
are also unable to meet the targets
this way, but still had one more
way to pass. The Pennsylvania
Performance Index (PPI) measures
the growth across all levels of
the PSSA’s, not just Proficient
and Non-Proficient. This allows
schools and districts to meet the
targets by demonstrating significant
growth. However, none of our test
performance targets were met by
PPI and therefore we failed to pass
the Academic section of the report.
This does not mean that we are
chronically failing school, but we
do need to improve this year.
The 2007-2008 school
year was not the first time that
we have not met all AYP targets.
Therefore, we were only placed
in “Warning” status. This means
that the school must fall short of
meeting the targets again in the
coming years before consequences
are imposed. If we pass this
year, we will be considered on
track to meet the goal of attaining
proficiency by 2014. If we do not
meet the AYP standard again, we
will be designated as needing help
and will be placed into the “School
Improvement I” category.
Now that we all know what
the PSSA’s really means to our
school, everyone should make their
best effort when they are testing.
The juniors have a chance this year
to turn it all around and show what
an intelligent school this really
this. So, when the PSSA’s begin
in February, forget what time it
is or how many days you have
been testing for, and prove that
Downingtown East should not be
on the “Warning” list.
On Friday, October 3rd
2008, a fundraiser at Downingtown
East was started for the fire victims
in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.
The idea of “Hats on Day” was
borrowed from students in my
shop class at CAT Pickering. I was
so impressed with the idea that I
presented a proposal to my head
principal, Mr. Hurley. He thought
that it was a great idea and said
that I should take my idea to the
DEHS Student Council to receive
help with further information and
instruction. The very next day, I
presented my ideas to the DEHS
Student Council and they were
more than willing to help.
So, throughout the week
of Monday, September 29 up
until Friday, October 3, I hung
up flyers, spread the word, and
made announcements regarding
Friday’s event. I was ready yet
nervous for Friday to come, for
I had experienced some negative
feedback from students when
promoting the event, but at the
same time had also received a lot
of support. When Friday morning
arrived, I was both excited and
happy to have everyone on campus
participate. Surprisingly, I had
raised $65 dollars before the first
period bell ended! That good start
helped boost my energy and our
table outside of the lunchroom
was constantly surrounded
with contributors, participants,
supporters, and sellers. The Student
Council also helped make this
fundraiser happen, even though
a lot of other students decided to
help partake. I sincerely appreciate
everyone’s generosity and
By the end of the day, the
school had raised $273.00! The
outcome blew me away as I was
not expecting to raise such an
amount for the family affected by
the fire.
While the objective of this
fundraiser was to raise awareness
and support a good cause, the
participants and I decided to
have a fun time while making
the experience happen. We took
pictures and sold all two hundred
of our pre-home-made ribbons
that each person would receive
in exchange for their donation.
After school, my friend Amber
Brown and I took the money to the
family that was affected and they
were overwhelmed and thankful
that I was also pleased that this
fundraiser had gone so well.
PSSA Testing: Are We In
By Allison Cross
“Hats on Day”
By Tyleeka Jones
The point of the fundraiser
was to show that we are all a
community, and during rough
times like these, everyone should
come together and show love. I
think this fundraiser proved just
By Rob Goepfert
Any Downingtown East
junior or senior who drives to
school knows about the insanity
that arises in the afternoon lower
lot. As soon as the bell rings at
2:25 P.M., dismissing school, most
students run to their locker for any
last minute items before hurrying
to their automobiles. As the first
lucky students pull out of the lot,
those few do not have to wait in
the long lines to exit the lot. Once
lines begin to form for the exits
right and left out of the lot, it is all
over. Lines become ten and fifteen
minutes long as one car leaves the
lot at a time turning left, or a car
merges slowly right onto Devon
Most students who drive
would say that they do not like
the wait, and wish that there was
some other way to alleviate the
congestion. One creative idea
would be to create a merge out of
the student parking lot heading
north on to Route 113. This
would allow students heading
north of the school an easier time
to exit the lot. Also this way, it
would allow more room for cars
heading west and south of the
school. Buses could also exit
school grounds quicker, giving
more time to students to exit
onto Devon Drive. This would
eliminate much of the congestion
that plagues the Downingtown
East student lot. Another option to
help eliminate congestion would
be to dismiss student drivers
from school ten minutes earlier
than students walking or riding
buses. This would give time for
drivers to safely exit the student
lot without having to drive worry
about distractions from other non
student drivers or school buses.
By doing this, once the buses are
loaded with students riding the
bus, the buses would be able to
dismiss more quickly, as fewer
drivers would be at the intersection
of Downingtown East and Devon
Drive. Junior John Clegg offers his
input when saying, “An alternative
plan should be formed to redirect
student driver traffic because the
current setup forces many students
to arrive late to school.” Junior
Zil Avellino also offers his feeling
on the situation, “I think that it
[the student lot] gets too crazy, too
crowded, and that the spots are
too tight. However, I do like that
the school actually provides an
area for student drivers to park.”
While it is a good thing that the
school provides a parking lot, we
must cope with its flaws until an
alternative plan is developed.
Students showed their support to the fam-
ily in need by wearing either a blue or red
ribbon that the creator of this fundraiser,
Tyleeka Jones, made herself. Billy Duque
is proud to support this cause, and enjoys
the fact he can wear a hat during school
“The 2007-2008 school
year was not the first
time that we have
not met all Adequate
Yearly Progress (AYP)
targets. Therefore, we
were only placed in
“warning status.”
Most Admires and why:
My brother because
he is hardworking and constantly pushes me
to be better.
Most Memorable School Sport Mo-
Winning Ches-Monts freshman and
sophomore year.
Out of all the Sports, why soccer?
Cause I
like to kick things/ run people over.
People Would be Suprised to Know that...
I’ve broken 8 bones and had 2 surgeries.
Favorite Quote:
“Fitter, faster, fresher”- DEHS
Girls Soccer
Favorite Professional Sports Team:
Philadelphia Eagles
Best Advice you Ever Received:
To work as
hard as I can to my full potential.
Possible College and College Major:
University of Delaware- Physical Therapy
Future Ambitions:
To live happily ever after.
Most Admires and why:
My Dad because he
understands people and always knows how
to make someone laugh.
Most Memorable School Sport Moment:
Beating Souderton in the playoffs last year.
Out of all the Sports, why football?
can’t throw, kick, or catch, football gives
uncoordinated kids a prayer.
People Would be Suprised to Know that...
have an incomparable singing voice.
Favorite Quote:
“Hate is baggage. Life’s too
short to be ticked off all the time.”
Favorite Professional Sports Team:
phia Eagles/ whoever’s playing the Cowboys
Best Advice you Ever Received:
Milk +
Squats= Size
Possible College and College Major:
egie Mellon University, Business
Future Ambitions:
Raise a family and open
a mini golf course.
Taylor Thompson
Phil Nicolaides
OTR Athletes of the Month
Champions come in all
shapes, sizes and types, but the
seemingly constant factor is that no
matter how dominant a champion
is, there will always be doubters.
This year’s edition of the Lady
Cougar Cross Country Team ap-
pears to be no different. Going into
the season, the girls were ranked
3rd in the state of Pennsylvania.
But after a strand of illnesses and
he team
ell down
he rank-
ngs board,
nd com-
letely off
f the list.
t appeared
hat 4 1⁄2
orth of
raining and
ork would
o for noth-
ing. There was just one problem-
no one told them that they weren’t
still an elite team.
As the leaves turned and
the temperature grew cold-...or...
warmer...thanks to an Indian
Summer of epic proportions, the
regular season came to a close. The
Girls Cross Country team finished
their regular season with a perfect
record of 6-0 for the second year in
a row. (Meaning: They haven’t lost
a dual/tri meet since September of
2006) The girls went into Ches-
Mont Championships confident,
but wary of the looming Henderson
and Unionville.
Finally the day came for
what had been built up to be an
epic showdown. On Thursday
October 16, 13 teams went to The
Westtown School, each with it’s
Girl’s Cross Country:
own hopes (some vastly more
realistic than others) of winning the
prestigious Ches-Mont title. How-
ever, within the first 800m of the
race it was clear that the Cougars
were out to prove to the league and
the state that they belonged with
the best teams around.
The team turned in a total
score of 47 points, 26 points better
than the next team. Erin Casey
led the Cougars, turning in a 5th
place, 20:04 performance. Taylor
Carcella produced a shocker of
a run, placing 7th with a time of
20:17. The true killer, aside from
Casey and Carcella, came with the
pack of Allison Zeeger, Biz Wei-
ler, Ali Burkholder, and Ashley
Fornshell. Corinne Lillis capped
off the Cougars’ victory, placing
22nd which put all of 7 Cougar
runners in before any other team
had 4 runners in. “ As if the score
wasn’t enough, the girls turned in
a 48-second spread, meaning that
there was only a 48-second differ-
ence from Casey to Lillis. This is
an absolutely insane statistic- many
teams struggle to be within 2-3
minutes of each other.
So, giant-ridiculous-bowl/
trophy in hand, the team returned
to Exton as bona fide champions,
ready to show the rest of the state
exactly how powerful this little-en-
gine-that-could team can be. When
asked about the upcoming meets,
Lillis said, “We’re all pumped for
districts, cause we have a good
chance of making it to states, just
like last year. But, we all need to
step up our game because there
are 40 contenders for 5 spots.”
The Cougars look poised to domi-
nate the district meet in the same
fashion as they did the Ches-Mont
Fall Sports Recap
After facing some of the top teams
in the state right off the bat, the
boys were ready when it came time
to their Ches Mont games. They
immediately upset Coatesville and
Glen Mills as well as captured a
win for our Homecoming game
against Shanahan. Big things have
come from the sophomore quarter-
back, Trey Lauletta, since Junior
Casey Roche has been out recover-
ing from a broken collar bone. The
boys are working hard for a playoff
Girls’ Tennis
The girls finished their season as
the top girl’s tennis team that has
gone through East thus far. After
much determination and hundreds
of cross-court rallies, the girls
were able to fulfill their goals and
qualified for team districts, a first
since the schools split. “No matter
what the outcome (district match),”
exclaimed Waychunas. “These
girls will always be the best team
that I have coached with the most
heart and determination”. Another
first the girls pulled off was two
upsets over their rival, Shanahan.
Alex Simmons and Tracey Weaver
dominated at doubles Ches-Monts
and went to districts.
Boys’ Soccer
After a well fought season against
many hard opponents, the boys
were able to hold their own.
They began with a rough start
with losses against Council Rock
North, W.C. East, and Henderson.
But they bounced right back with
a blow-out to Avon Grove, 5-0.
Their record, 7-10-1, does not
reflect the endless amount of effort
given by the guys and how they al-
ways ended up receiving the short
end of the stick.
Girls’ Soccer
Just as they had anticipated, the
girls’ soccer team is once again
dominating the Ches Mont league.
With a record of 12-3-1 (10-2
Ches Mont) the girls just missed
the league title after dropping both
games to West. “We actually didn’t
peak in the beginning of the season
like we usually do,” said Senior
Grace Best. “We’re peaking now
which is good because districts are
starting now.” With a big shot at
the district title as well as states,
the team needs depth and strength.
Grace continued, “this is the clos-
est we’ve ever been.”
The girls on the cross country team
“ran their competition into the
ground” as some would say. After
recovering from several injuries
and sicknesses, the girls were
proven unstoppable. “We’ve all
worked really hard for Ches Monts
and districts coming up,” stated
Senior Ali Burkholder. They placed
top 3 in every invitational and went
on to win Ches Monts as well.
The boys, on the other hand, had
a tough season. They fought hard
and finished with a 3-3 record.
Field Hockey
The girls of the field hockey team
are having a great year. They start-
ed off shaky, dropping their first
three games to their opponents,
but then came back with a drive to
win. For the girls, their countless
hours of practices and games could
lead them to a spot in districts, a
first since the schools have split.
With a record of 7-7 in Ches Mont
and 15-10 overall the girls stand
with fourth place in the league.
Back in September they won their
first tournament at Twin Valley.
The team had one of its best sea-
sons yet. They ended up being 2nd
in Ches Mont with a record of 11-
4. They finished off their season
by sending three of their top play-
ers, Dan Porter, Sean Campbell,
and Nick Silvano, to districts.
There was just one pr
“Within the
first 800m of
the race it was
clear that the
Cougars were
out to prove
to the league
and the state
that they be-
longed with
the best teams
By Steph Reilly
By Natalie Tully
Celebrity Labels
By Laura Rhoads
Does a celebrity’s name
on a boring pair of shoes trick
you into buying it or is it really
the height of fashion? From
shoes to perfume and party
dresses, celebrity fashion lines
are everywhere. Many fashion
lines have true fashion experience
behind them. For
example, Lauren
Conrad had
background in
design before
she starred on
the show,
. Celebrities
who are in tune
with the fashion
industry have the
talent to develop
real style in their
clothing. This
is the clothing
that is actually
wearable because
it is different and
trendy. There are
also celebrities
like Rachel Bilson from the show
The O.C.
who is creating her
own line but, before she does,
she is learning how to sew so
she can express her own ideas
in a fashionable way. In her own
words, “I think it is more important
to know more about the whole
process of making clothes. I want
the line to be taken seriously.”
Many designer clothing
lines like Gwen Stefani’s are
created by professional designers,
not the celebrities
themselves. This
is a shameless
ploy because
the credit is not
going to the real
designer. Some
people might
buy her products
because they love
Gwen Stefani,
but the reality
of the matter is
that she did not
even create the
line. The only
point of making
the product is to
make money for
the star.
So the next time you look at
a party dress or a bottle of perfume
think to yourself, “Do I really love
it? Or am I buying it because it has
a celebrity’s name on it?”
Get your popcorn ready
hockey fans, for this is the time
of year that we all love. The
2008-2009 NHL hockey season
is underway, and is sure to be
full of excitement. Every team is
after the coveted Lord Stanley’s
cup, but only one will raise it over
their shoulders in June. Early
season favorites from the Western
Conference are the Detroit Red
Wings and the Dallas Stars. From
the Eastern Conference
the favorites are the
Montreal Canadians and
the New York Rangers.
The Red Wings have to
be the overall favorite
though having won the
cup last year. Detroit
lost very few players
and improved with their pickup
of Marian Hossa from Pittsburgh.
The Atlantic Division in the
Eastern looks to be the toughest in
the league. With tough teams like
the New York Rangers, Pittsburgh
Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, and
the New Jersey Devils, any team
could shake up the playoff race
from that division.
Aside from winning the
cup, a few players are already
being talked about in the MVP
race. Pittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby,
Washington’s Alexander Ovechkin,
Philadelphia’s Mike Richards, and
Detroit’s Henrik Zetterberg are all
Upcoming NHL Season
By Dave Auciello
front runners from the Hart Trophy.
After winning the Hart trophy
two seasons ago, Sidney Crosby
stumbled a bit last season after a
high ankle sprain injury. Look for
Crosby to come back strong this
year and lead the Penguins back to
the playoffs. Also, look forward
to another exciting year from
Alexander Ovechkin. Leading
the Capitals to the playoffs and
winning the MVP trophy last year
were only the beginning
rom Ovechkin. The
apitals star should put
ut another great year.
fter going farther than
any expected last year,
he Flyers are back in
he 2008-2009 season
with a new captain, Mike
Richards. Richards is the leader of
our hometown team and expects
to have a great year. Finally,
Detroit’s Henrik Zetterberg never
disappoints. Last year’s Stanley
Cup MVP winner is set to have
close to another 100 point season.
Zetterberg is always a force to be
reckoned with in the Red Wings
With baseball season
coming to an end, there is nothing
better in the fall and winter than
a good hockey game. This NHL
season is poised to be one of the
best ever.
Twilight Comes to Life
By Brittanie Covatta
The breathlessly
anticipated film adaptation of
Stephenie Meyer’s beloved novel
will hit the big screen on
November 21
. The #1 New York
Times Best-Seller has entranced
millions with a spellbinding story
of star-crossed lovers unlike any
The story focuses on
Bella Swan, a seventeen year old
girl who has never cared to fit in
with other girls her age. When
her mother remarries she moves
to the rainy little town of Forks,
Washington to live with her father.
She can hardly anticipate much
in the dreary
town until
she meets
Cullen, an
witty and
boy who
hasn’t aged
since 1918.
Mysterious and brooding, he sees
straight into her soul. Like all
vampires, Edward is immortal and
possesses a superhuman strength
and speed, not to mention a deadly
craving for Bella’s blood that
places her in a constant state of
danger. Bella and Edward soon find
themselves swept up in a forbidden
romance filled with complications
and secrets, a romance that grows
dangerous and unpredictable as
their very different worlds collide.
Critically acclaimed
director Catherine Hardwicke of
Lords of Dogtown
will bring to life this modern and
compelling Romeo and Juliet story.
Like so many readers, Hardwicke
was captivated by Meyer’s
unconventional love story. “I ju
got swept away into the feeling of
this whole, almost obsessive love,”
she states in an MTV interview.
“Stephenie really caught the
spirit of being a teenager and of
your first
movie will
star actors
Stewart as
Bella Swan
and Robert
as Edward
Cullen. Will
the film
do Meyer’s captivating novel
justice? Hardwicke certainly hopes
so. “We tried to spend as much
time with get her
over to the set.” Meyer’s dedicated
fan base has high expectations, and
it will prove challenging to recreate
the beloved characters millions
have envisioned.
“This NHL
season is
poised to
be the best
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