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presentee to ZTbe mniversits of Toronto Xtbrarp fbume from tbe books ot TTbe late Ibonourable Bbwarfc Cbanccllor of tbe mnipers (1876=1900) General Hiftory O F A L L VOYAGES and TRAVELS Throughout The OL2> WO An and R Illuftrating From the firft Ages to this prefent Both the Ancient and Modern Accurate Defcription of NEW L D, Time. GEOG&A&HY. Country, j5U its CONTAINING each Natural Hiftory and ProJutt ; the Religion, Cuftoms, Man Trade, Sec. of the Inhabitants, and whaifoever is ners, Curious and Remarkable in any Kind. An Account of all Difcoveries hitherto made in the moft Remote Pans, and the Great Ufefulneis of fuch Attempts, for Improving both Natural and Experimental Philofophy j with a Catalogue of all Authors thac have ever defcrib d any Part of the World, an Impartial Judgment and Criticifm on their Works for and difcerning between the ftywdle and Fabulous Relaters an Extradt of the Lives of the moft confiderablc Travellers. -, By Monfr. DU PERIER of the Englifi Rojal Academy from the Paris Edition. S. A DO R N P WITH CUT O N, L O Printed for ND the Peacock without Temple- Bar , and Egbert Sanger at the Poft-Houfe in the Middle Temyle-Gate, Fleet-ftreet. 1708. Edmund Curll at - . 1
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