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)C)m-:|s •jeuF'-- Robe^^W ip^rvf •;*?4^'v*1«*:>->f?«5 Library of the University of Toronto 4^ Songs of a Sourdough BY Robert W. Service AUTHOR'S EDITION WILLIAM BRIGGS TORONTO 1907 tBntered accordinz to Act of the Parliament of Canada, in tlie year one thousand nine hundred and seven. by ROBERT W. SERVICE, •at the Department of Jlgriculture. CONTENTS The Law of the Yukon The Parson's Son ....... ....... Slave Paqe 5 11 15 The The Spell of the Call of the Yukon Wild 19 The Lone Trail of the 22 The Song Grin Wage 25 28 of The Shooting Dan McGrew 30 . . . . The Cremation of Sam McGee .35 41 42 43 My Madonna Un forgotten The Reckoning Quatrains The Men Music that Dont in the Bush ......... ........ ......... ........ Fit In ill 45 47 49 la iv CONTENTS. of the The Rhyme Remittance . Man . . .... . Page 52 . The Low-Down White . . 65 57 The Little Old Log Cabin The Younger Son The March of the ........ Ones . . 59 62 66 Dead "Fighting Mac." The Woman Year's The Rhyme New Comfort Premonition ...... ........ .......... ........ and the Angel of the Restless . . 70 .73 75 79 Eve 80 81 The Tramps Songs of a Sourdough THE LAW OF THE YUKON. This is the law of the Yukon, and ever she makes send it plain: " Send not your foolish and feeble strong and your sane. ; me your Strong for the red rage of battle ; sane, for I harry them sore; girt for the combat, Send me men men who are grit to the core; Swift as the panther in triumph, fierce as the bear in defeat. Sired of a bulldog parent, steeled in the furnace heat. Send me the ones; best of your breeding, lend me your chosen Them will I take to my bosom, them will I call my sons; 5 : ! 6 TIJE LAW OF THE my YIKOX. them will I glut Them will I gild with treasure, with my meat; But the others under Dissolute, —the feet. misfits, the failures — I trample my damned and despairful, crippled and palsied and slain, Ye would send me the spawn of your gutters Go — is take back your spawn again. " Wild and wide are my borders, stern as death my sway; From my ruthless throne I have ruled alone for a million years and a day; Hugging my mighty treasure, waiting for man to come Till he swept like a turbid torrent, and after him swept —the scum. The pallid pimp I of the dead-line, the enervate of the pen. One by one was weeded them out, for all that I sought —Men. I One by one dismayed them, frighting them sore with my glooms; One by one I betrayed them unto my manifold dooms. Drowned them like rats in my rivers, starved them like curs on my plains. left Rotted the flesh that was in their veins; them, poisoned the blood
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