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Selecting Home Indoor Lighting For A New Home

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Ajouté le : 26 juin 2013
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Discount Lighting Sale
Selecting Home Indoor Lighting For A New Home
Selecting lighting for the inside of your new home may seem like a simple task, but when you go through
each bedroom, bathroom, closet, pantry, and washroom, the number of fixtures needed to light an entire
home can quickly add up to a lot of lights. When purchasing a new home, you want every detail to be perfect
and match your personal preferences and style. Many builders will give you the option to pick a standard set
of lights to put into a home, but this is not always the best choice. If you want your new home to be
comfortable and perfect for your taste for the rest of the time you live in it, making your own home indoor
lighting choices is probably your best option.
Many people may wonder, ?Where do I start?? To be sure that you don?t miss any of the fixtures you are
going to need in your new house, looking at a blueprint of the home is a great place to begin. Look for the
blueprint that shows electrical wires and light outlets so that you will know exactly what lighting needs you
have for each room. Make a list of each light you need, and on bigger fixtures, like entry halls or large dining
lights, jot down the dimensions of the room. Knowing the ceiling height and the area of the room will help
you to make correct lighting choices?not too big, and not too small.
When beginning to select , small fixtures are often overlooked. Always go back to your blueprint to figure out
exactly how many lights you will need. Small lights like pantry lights, closet lights, and laundry room lights
are easy to forget because they are usually very simple, plain fixtures. Lighting needs in rooms like these are
usually sufficiently met using flush mountable lights with anywhere from one to three bulbs depending on the
dimensions of the room.
One problem many people run into when selecting lights for their home is deciding which rooms are going to
have ceiling fans and if those fans are going to come with or without a light kit. Before purchasing ceiling
fans, there are a several things to consider. First, is the room you want the fan in wired for a fan? Going back
to the blueprints, there are often notes for an electrician showing which rooms need to be wired to be fan
capable. If you notice a room you want a fan light in is not wired, try talking to your builder about making it
fan capable. A fan light cannot be wired in to just any electrical outlet.
Second, once you know where you are able to put fans, think about the dimensions of the room. Depending
on the height of the ceilings and the size of the room overall, the size of fan you select will vary. Some fans
have larger blades and require a down-rod in order to get maximum airflow and lighting to the room.
Finally, many fans have the option of adding or removing the light kit. The light kit is the middle part of the
fan in which the light bulbs are placed. Once again consider the size of the room to determine the amount of
wattage you need in the light kit you select for your ceiling fan.
Knowing the dimensions of a room and how many fixtures you need, will help you in your search for indoor
lighting. Selecting your own will make your home feel more personal and will reflect your unique style.
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