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HeatersHeatersHeaters by UMCI
4 Reasons To Choose Convect Air Heaters
The two most common types of space heaters you can purchase are either radiant heat or convection (also
known as convect). When you?re trying to decide between the two, it can be difficult to know which one is
right for your situation, or whether there is really a big difference between these separate models. The truth
is that there is a big difference, and it?s important to know when to choose convect air heaters over other
types for the best results.
The first reason you should consider convection heaters is the speed with which they can warm up the area.
Chances are if you are considering a space heater, it?s because you have at least one area of your home,
business, or other building that is disproportionately cold compared to the rest. No matter how high you
crank the heat, it?s just not working. Instead of wasting energy heating the entire area, a convect heater
can help you target just the rooms you want to heat. It gets warm quickly, and maintains its warmth by
pushing cold air past coils to warm it, then out into the room. In addition, the warmth circulates, so you
don?t have to sit in front of it to enjoy its warmth.
Another advantage of is their safety features. Convection heat is one of the safest forms of electric heat
because of the way the element is designed. The heating coils are inside, which keeps the outside cool to the
touch, and helps avoid nasty, painful burns associated with some other heater types. Many models also now
include an auto shut-off feature, which will discontinue the heat when the room reaches a certain
temperature that you choose.
In addition to taking advantage of the speed and safety you get from convection heaters, they are also
beneficial because of the reach. With some types of heaters, you can only feel the warmth if you are literally
sitting right next to them. With convection heaters you get all the benefit of a full-room personalized
temperature setting, but without the hassle, time, and cost of installing a separate furnace for each room in
your house.
One of the most important reasons that many people choose is their relatively low cost. When it comes to
choosing radiant or convection, the latter can produce a significant volume at a low cost. Of course, the
actual price difference will vary depending on what kind of heater you actually buy, but there are many
affordable options available. In addition to the low up-front costs, convection heating can save you a bundle
of money on your monthly utility bills. In fact, with all the safety features that ensure you will not
inadvertently burn the house down, you may even save money by getting lower insurance premiums than if
you had a radiant heater. With its ability to heat up a larger size room, a small space heater can take the
place of a whole-house furnace that requires you to pay to heat areas that you don?t even use.
No matter what model you ultimately decide on purchasing, it?s important that you take time to explore all
the options available and decide whether the advantages in cost, heating area, safety, and more, make you
decide you want a convect heater.
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