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Ed Alfaro Photography
Qualities To Look For In An Editorial Photographer In Los Angeles
Whether you are creating a magazine, brochure, or newsletter, chances are you are looking for a qualified
editorial photographer in Los Angeles. Photography is a crucial part of creating an effective spread that will
successfully portray the message you have written. Finding a photographer isn?t as difficult when you
understand what qualities to look for. Below are some of the critical elements you may wish to look for in a
photographer before choosing to use them as your image producer.
A must be dedicated. Perhaps the project you are giving him to work on is something he isn?t
very familiar with. If this is the case, he should take adequate time to become informed about the project so
he can produce effective images. After he has taken initiative to understand what you are requesting, he
must remain dedicated and work with you to produce the quality pictures you desire.
A photographer should be professional and respectful. Anytime you are working with someone on a business
related project, you should expect to have a professional relationship. This kind of trusting relationship may
make your project more successful and can help you feel that much more comfortable working with the
photographer. This professionalism should also encompass respect. The photographer should be respectful of
your property and time. You should feel completely comfortable working with him to create the one-of-a-kind
images you need for your spread.
A photographer should have quality equipment. For a quality image to be produced, only the best equipment
can be used. This means every single piece of equipment should be well maintained and in prime condition. If
you expect quality workmanship, you should also expect to see the best cameras and tools.
A photographer should be experienced and educated. Education and training are a critical part of a
photographer?s ability to produce quality pictures. However, this is only a subtle part of becoming a
successful photographer. He must also have a strong resume that showcases the experiences he has had
that have helped him develop his talent. His expertise should be evident in the portfolio he shows you. When
he is both experienced and properly educated, a photographer can create truly unique images that are sure
to do justice to the material you are presenting to your audience.
A photographer must be creative. Creativity is a must for an artist of any kind. A photographer is no
different. He should understand how to place products, props, people, etc. to produce the most effective
images. It is always a wise idea to have your own ideas of how you want things photographed, but your
photographer should also be able to contribute relevant ideas to help enhance the image. You can get a good
idea of his creativity when you browse through the various galleries he has available for your viewing.
Looking for evidence of creativity is a critical part of choosing a reliable photographer.
As you begin looking for an , make sure he encompasses all of the qualities of a true photographer. He must
be dedicated, professional, and respectful. He should also own high quality equipment and have adequate
experience and education. Finally, a photographer must be creative so he can help you identify the most
effective layout of images for the material you are presenting.
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