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Superior Markers are Delightfully Useful!

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Superior Markers are Beautifully Practical!

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Ajouté le : 11 janvier 2014
Lecture(s) : 11
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Superior Markers are Beautifully Practical!
Striving to innovate a bold and bright design tool theSuperior Markersteam has delivered their beautifully practicalLiquid Chalk Markers. Created as the perfect chalk product for not only children, but also do-it-yourselfers and professionals to! Inspired by nature, particularly Australian’s Great Barrier Reef, the creators of Superior Markers ensured only the most stunning colours were used. Brilliant hues guarantee that your art designs and typography are the brightest and boldest shades of yellow, orange, pink, purple, green, blue, red, and of course that your white is the absolute whitest of whites. Not only are the colours bold they are also long lasting, so there is no need for constant touch-ups.
Superior Markers are a no fu ple to use because they contain water-based ink, which doesn’t leave a messy chalk design behind. They are easily used on a variety of smooth surfaces such as signs, menu boards, windows, glass, mirrors, ceramic tile, and of course chalkboards. The markers are practical inside the classroom, for your home décor and for your business because they are extremely easy to clean up. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe away your old design and start again with something fresh. Superior Markers are non-toxic and low odor, safe for children over three years old, and for all of us concerned with the amount of chemicals in our environment today. Whether for fun classroom projects, art design and décor inside and outside your home, or for business promotions the Superior Markers team has created the perfect product! Available online atAmazonSuperior Markers are delivered in the most convenient way, directly to your door!