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Top Advantages of Using a Silicone Cooking Liner in the Kitchen area

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Top Advantages of using a Silicone Baking Mat There is no doubt that a lot of us love baking breads, cakes, desserts and pastries.

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Ajouté le : 05 décembre 2014
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Top Advantages of using a Silicone Baking Mat
There is no doubt that a lot of us love baking breads, cakes, desserts and pastries. However, the one thing that everyone fights with is that the baked goods stick to the pan during baking and the perfect baked cookies, pastry or dessert is ruined as you try to scrape it off your baking pan or cookie pan. It does not matter if you are a weekend baker or a food blogger that bakes everyday and creates their own recipes, this has affected you at some point and most likely still does. Many people try to fix this by using oil or baking sprays as well as parchement paper but the real solution is aSilicone Baking Matalso called aSilicone Baking Liner. Oils and sprays can alter the flavor of your baked goods while parchment paper is a single use item and has to be replaced every time. Parchment paper gets expensive to use and is not the most “green” solution to this problem.Silicone Baking Linerson the other hand, can be used in a temperature range from -40F to 480F and used over 3,000 times. Silicone Baking Liners are made of a combination of fiberglass weave covered in Silicone. The fiberglass weave helps to distribute heat evenly and the silicone is what provides a non -stick surface to bake on. Non-Stick:Silicon baking matsare made by coating a fiberglass weave with silicone. One of the properties of silicone is that it is naturally non-stick. This non-stick property is what helps when you use them to bake. Whatever you bake, once done, will slide right off. Versatility:You can use thesesilicone matsfor baking cookies, pastries, pizza making, for making candy, or anywhere else a nonstick surface would facilitate your work. They are extremely versatile. Cleaning:Cleaning is extremely easy with a silicone liner; just wipe it down. That's it. If you want you can also use some mild dish soap and warm water. Say good bye to stuck on baked food! No more clean up mess and no need to scratch the pan. Anti Bacterial:Not allbaking linersare the same, however, oursilicone lineris totally odor resistant, which means there are no micro organisms that can attach themselves. Just follow the simple cleaning procedure and your mat will remain bacteria free. Heat Resistant:Yes, you heard it right.Kitchen Executive Chef Silicone baking matsare resistant to heat up to (480 degrees Fahrenheit). So bake anything with high temperature and don't worry about your food and the flames; Everything will be safe. What to Look for in a Quality Silicone Baking Mat:The advantages of a silicone baking mat are infinite. However, like anything you need to know what you are buying. Don't be distracted by colors and pictures, you need to focus on the quality of the mat. The main items to look for are; Thickness of the silicone, thicker is better.
Useable area, all silicone mats except for Kitchen Executive Chef brand come with a 1-inch wide colored edge, while you can bake on this edge, many people find that there is a darkening of the bottom of their baked food. All Kitchen Executive Chef Silicone Baking Mats are designed with a focus on quality and attention to detail that ensures you will be able to enjoy them for years to come. For more great information about Silicone Baking Mats you can follow ourProduct Care blogandFollow us on Facebook