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Tuition does not include airfare, personal scuba training books, extraordinary transfersor personal spending money.All nonpersonal equipment necessary is provided.
Tuition stated represents a 3% cach/check discount, payments made by credit card will be 3% higher.You may sign up to have your credit card charged on 04/01 for the remaining balance due after deposit.
Certification agency
S.E.A. Voyages ‘Service, Education, & Adventure’ in St Lucia, St Vincent and Martinique Voyages feature sailing, scuba diving, PADI scuba training, marine biology, island exploration, water sports, and up to 20 hours environmental service component. Voyagessail roundtrip out of St Lucia on separate but combinable northbound and southbound itineraries.Open water certification(from any scuba certification agency)or arrive with a PADI referral required,(PADI only, no other scuba agency referrals accepted )and complete the open water certification dives upon arrival.Earn PADI Advanced, Marine Biology, Night, and Wreck Diver scuba certifications.Minimum age 14. South S.E.A.S.E.A. Combinations (North and South) North S.E.A. Explores St. Lucia, St. Vincent, & the Grenadines.Explores Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, & the Explores St. Lucia and Martinique. Tuition $3990Grenadines. Tuition$6990 Tuition $3990 June 20  July 3June 20  July 18 July 5  July 18 July 20  August 2July 5  August 2
Payment Information You may pay deposits and balance by check made payable to Odyssey Expeditions or by credit card.
Participant general information
TShirt Size (S, M, L, XL)
Certification level
Weight Height Scuba Experience(if Any) None ReferralCertified Number of dives
Name Addressy StateZip Phone Signature Adventure Voyages in the British Virgin Islands Voyages feature sailing, scuba diving, PADI scuba training, marine biology, island exploration, water sports and 57 hours environmental service. Voyages sail round trip out of Roadtown Tortola, BVI.Voyages include two major scuba certifications (Open Water and Advanced or Advanced and Rescue) plus take your choices from a broad range of PADI specialties including Night, Wreck, Digital Underwater Photography, Marine Biology, FishID, Deep, Computer, Navigation, Coral Reef Conservation and Naturalist. Discovery AdvancedAdventureJune 14  July 4Adventure ProJuly 28  Aug 17 No experience required, minPrerequisite Open Water certified,Prerequisite Rescue certified, min age 18. age 13.Earn PADI Open Watermin age 13. Earn PADI AdvancedJuly 6  July 26Earn PADI Pro Divemasterplus specialties & Advanced plus specialties& Rescue plus specialtiesTuition $5290 Tuition $4990Tuition $5290July 28  Aug 17
History of asthma or respiratory problems?
Odyssey Expeditions 2010 Voyage Application
Last Name
Other Home Phone
Expiration Date
Card Number
First Name
r ae onay earSex
Current grade
Mother or Guardian’s Name
Father’s Work Phone Occupation
Mother’s Email Address
Special dietary needs or allergies?
Cardholder Name(please print)
History of sinus or ear problems?
Please bill thisVisa Mastercard for: $1000deposit +balance 04/01
Tuition balance due April 1st,if enrolling after April 1st, full tuition is due at time of enrollment.Failure to provide payment by April 8th will subject the berth to cancellation without refund.A late payment/ paperwork feeof $50 will be assessed.
Father’s Email Address
Do you know of others who may like to go on an odyssey expeditions voyage? Receive a $100 tuition credit for any listed referrals who sign up for a voyage.
Any participant signing up for two BVI Adventure voyages receives a 5% discount on the second voyage tuition. Families enrolling more than one participant receive a 5%tuition discount for subsequent enrollments.
a orapp cae
Mother’s Work PhoneOccupation
Cell Phone
Father or Guardian’s Name
Home Address Participant lives with: Both Mother Fathe Parents
State Zip
1st Voyage Choice
Shoe Size
Participants Email Address
2nd Voyage Choice
How did you find out about Odyssey Expeditions(please be as specific as possible)
Berths are limited and voyages often fill quickly, please reserve as early as possible after planning your trip. Call us at 8009297749 or (352)4004076 to check on voyage availability. Reserve your berth by paying the $1000 depositwith Visa or Mastercard by phone or online, or by enclosing a check with this completed application. Berths are only secured upon receipt of deposit. Complete this application and attach a recent photoor apply online at Carefully read and sign our Terms and Agreements on the back of this application. Send your application to: Odyssey Expeditions 418 Shaddock St, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 Upon receipt of your application, we will confirm your reservation, answer any remaining questions and send you a packet of forms for your voyage. Once confirmed, make travel arrangements with the Moorings Travel desk at 8005357289.Consult fordetails. Plan to arrive in the afternoon on the start date and depart early the morning on the end date. IMPORTANT:Please be sure both applicant and parent/guardian complete and sign the back of this application.PLEASE TURN OVER
Enrollment MedicalTreatment Releaseto any injury, illness, loss, damage, accident, delay, A $1000 deposit is required to reserve a berth on anVoyage participant and his or her parent/s authorizedeath, or other unforseen event regardless of the Odyssey Expeditions Corp. (hereafter referred to inOdyssey staff, directors, representatives, contractorscause. Odysseyshall provide a full refund of deposit these terms as ‘Odyssey’) voyage. The full tuitionor other medical personnel to arrange for anyand tuition paid in the event of a voyage cancellation balance is due April1st.If enrolling after April 1st, fullnecessary medical treatment for participant, includingbut shall have no other responsibility or obligation in tuition is due at time of enrolment.Upon our receipthospitalization, injections, anesthesia, Xray, bloodsuch event.The particular itinerary, equipment, staff, of your application and deposit we will contact you totransfusions or laboratory work, medications, oractivities, and destinations may be changed at any confirm your reservation and will send a registrationsurgery. Participantand parent/s agree that Odysseytime by an Odyssey program director in the best packet that contains a welcome letter and informationhas no responsibility for medical care provided to theinterest of the program, and no notice of any changes as well as forms that must be completed and signed byparticipant, and participant and parent/s shall be fullynor obligation to any party shall be made in the event participant and participants parent/s or legalresponsible for the costs associated with all medicalof any such changes. guardian/s (hereafter referred to collectively astreatments or emergency services performed. ‘parent/s’) and returned to Odyssey.These formsParticipant and parent/s understand that the medicalLiability Release include a medical questionnaire, and anfacilities and physicians may be located in countriesIn consideration of Odyssey permitting participant on Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risk and Releasewith varying standards of care which may be primitive,a voyage, participant and parent/s hereby release, for voyage participation in sailing, scuba training, andinadequate, or insufficient.discharge and hold Odyssey, its directors, officers, diving. They outline the risks associated with voyageagents, employees, contractors, members and activities and your responsibilities.Upon review ofParticipant Understandinginvitees harmless from any and all liability for loss, accepted and returned forms, Odyssey shall offer finaldamage, and expenses resulting from illness, injury to,Odyssey’s voyages are a multifaceted educational acceptance into a voyage.Participant and parent/sand/or loss oror death sustained by participant,experience with emphasis on sailing, scuba diving, acknowledge that it is their responsibility to work withand marine science as well as teamwork anddamage to participants property, arising directly or their physician to decide whether Odyssey voyagesleadership development. Participants must expect toindirectly out of voyage activity participation and activities are appropriate for the part of the crew upon arrival, and fully participate in(including, but not limited to SCUBA diving, sailing, Exercise induced asthma and other physicalall aspects of running the yacht, ready to share in thesea kayaking, waterskiing, hiking, and transport by limitations are a contraindication to scuba diving.plane, auto, boat, and foot).work of dive preparation, science activities, sailing,Participant and parent/s cleaning, and meal preparation.Crew rotatehereby fully acknowledge understanding that all of the Tuitiononboard job positions daily, contributing positively toforegoing activities contain true potential risks that Odyssey voyage tuition covers all program expensescould result in illness, injury, or death due to a varietyEvenings are largely devoted tothe group experience. including educational programs in biology, PADIof causes including the forces of nature, fire,Participants are expectedprogram activities aboard. scuba training and certifications, use of scuba andto be positive, motivated, and physically and mentallynegligence and any other unforseen events at any time program equipment, watersports, food and berthwilling to fully participate in voyage activities anden route to, from, and during a voyage.Participant aboard the yacht, diving, and scheduled shoreand parent/s assume full personal responsibility for allprogram tone is that of nonresponsibilities. The excursions. Airfare,optional meals/personalPrograms are geared forcompetitive group support.risks of illness, injury, or death. purchases/tours ashore, exceptional or unusualboth teens and college students. Yacht and berth transfers, personal scuba training books, academicassignments are based on age.Odyssey operatesPhoto Release credit, phone calls, and medical expenses are notmultiple yachts on each voyage and groups studentsPermission is hereby given for Odyssey Expeditions included. Anyacademic credit must be arrangedsuch that each yacht has a similar age range.Three toCorp. andits designees to use for any reason any separately with the accrediting institution.Failure tophotographs/ statements/ articles/ music/ art/ videofour students of the samesex are assigned to each ensure Odyssey’s receipt of full tuition payment bycabin, and sleeping accommodations includetaken of or produced by participant during a voyage. April 8th may subject theberth to forfeiture.Afterweatherproof hammocks and sleeping bags for February 1st, deposit and tuition is nonrefundableParticipants must understand thatsleeping on deck.This Agreement and nontransferable, no tuition refunds shall beThis terms of agreement is a contract that shall bethe cleanliness of their cabins is their responsibility and made in the event of your cancellation, nonarrival, orconsidered entered into in Florida and Florida lawthat they will have specific duties to perform aboard dismissal for any reason.Due to the group dynamicthe vessel including sailing, cooking , and cleaning.shall govern any action or proceedings brought nature of the programs, any participant unable toVoyages do not include maid or chef service.about, which shall only be brought in a Florida state arrive within 48 hours of noon on the first day of acourt of competent jurisdiction in Citrus County,Participants and staff share the responsibilities aboard voyage shall be considered a cancellation and will notFlorida. Alland work together with mutual respect and courtesy.parties fully waive any rights to bring be permitted on the voyage.about any action or proceeding in federal court andThe program is ‘unplugged’, cell phones and personal entertainment devices(ie.ipods) areany right to a jury trial in any action under this contract Early Returnprovision isIf the federal courtor resulting from it.collected at the voyage start and returned at the end. Participant and parent/s acknowledge that if theheld invalid, any action or proceeding that is broughtThe yachts are 'Dry' and 'ZeroTolerance' is strictly participant must return home for any reason includingabout in federal court shall only be brought in theis required to maintain anenforced. Participant medical or family reasons, personal emergency,ShouldDistrict Court of the Middle District of Florida.atmosphere of respect with the other participants and dismissal or other reasons not stated,participant andstaff and to keep their living environment healthy andOdyssey or anyone acting on its behalf, be required to parent/s shall be solely responsible for all costsParticipant hereby agrees to abideincur attorney's fees and costs to enforce thisenjoyable for all. associated with early departure including evacuation,by all the rules and regulations of Odyssey.participant and parent/s agree toOdyssey agreement, plane, taxi, or boat fares, accommodations andindemnify and hold them harmless for all fees andreserves the right to dismiss any participant from the meals, and compensation for any staff that mayand parent/s represent thatcosts. Participantprogram that the staff believe to be a safety concern, accompany participant.Participant and parent’she/she/they has/have full authority to enroll themedical risk, is disruptive, or behaves in a manner they understand that staff accompaniment for early returnconsider to be detrimental to the program.Examples participantand to authorize participation in activities may not be possible for any part of their return itineraryIfand medical care and to contract as aforesaid.of behaviors that may be considered disruptive include and the return airports may differ.Odyssey is at any time challenged or sued in anythe use or possession of illegal drugs, tobacco or alcohol, sexual activity, excessive homesickness, andmanner by the other parent/ custodian/ guardian of a Insurancetheft. Participantand parent/s understand that noparticipant, the contracting parent/s agree to All participants are required to carry dive accidentindemnify Odyssey from any and all liability inrefund of deposit or tuition will be made upon insurance, such as that offered by Divers Alert network.connection with Odyssey’s performance under thiswithdrawal from the program for any reason. We recommend the purchase of Travel Insurance toany element of this agreement shall becontract. If Responsibility Notice protect your tuition investment and will providedeemed unenforceable, the remainder shall remain in The directors and staff of Odyssey endeavor to make registration forms for recommended insurance.effect. Iunderstand that this contract is a release from each voyage not only educational, but personally Parent/s understand that they are responsible for theliability for Odyssey and I hereby agree that this is a rewarding for its participants.Participant and full costs of any medical care or evacuations, even anycontract that shall be binding upon myself as well as parent/s recognize that many factors are not within the costs not covered by insurance.Also participant andmy family, heirs and administrators.I fully control of Odyssey such as weather, government parent/s are responsible for Odyssey equipment andcomprehend and understand the contents of this actions, mechanical failures, or force of nature. property participant uses while on the voyage and willcontract and liability release and I sign it on my own Odyssey acts as participants agent only and does not be required to reimburse Odyssey for any willful orThis contract will be valid when received andfree will. assume any responsibility for participant with respect accidental destruction or loss of said equipment.accepted by Odyssey with the deposit.
Parent or Legal guardian Signature(required)
Participant Signature(required)