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UNIVERSITYHARVARD LIBRARY THEOF MOLLUSKSOFDEPARTMENT IN THE Comparative ZoologyMuseum of Gift of: MALACOLOGIA International Journal of Malacology 2000Vol. 42(1-2) Publication dates Vol. No. 132, 30 Nov. 1990 Vol.32, No. 2 7 Jun. 1991 Vol. 1-233, No. 6 Sep. 1991 Vol.34, No. 1-2 9 Sep. 1992 Vol. 35, No. 1 14 Jul. 1993 Vol. 35, No. 2 2 Dec. 1993 Vol.36, No. 1-2 8 Jan. 1995 Vol.37, No. 1 13 Nov. 1995 Vol. 37, No. 2 8 Mar. 1996 1-2Vol. 38, No. 17 Dec. 1996 1-2Vol.39, No. 13 May 1998 Vol.40, No. 1-2 17 Dec. 1998 Vol.41, No. 1 22 Sep. 1999 No. 2 31 Dec. 1999 VOL. 42, NO. 1-2 MALACOLOGIA 2000 CONTENTS J.A.ALLEN A New Deep-Sea Species of the Genus Neolepton (Bivalvia; Cyamioidea; Neoleptonidae) from the Argentine Basin 123 MARÍA R. ALONSO, MANUEL J. VALIDO, KLAUS GROH & MIGUEL IBÁÑEZ Plutonia (Canarivitrina), New Subgenus, from the Canary Islands, and the Phylogenetic Relationships of the Subfamily Plutoniinae (Gastropoda: Limacoidea: Vitrinidae) 39 ROBERT E. BENNETTS, STEVEN A. SPARKS & DEBORAH JANSEN Factors Influencing Movement Probabilities of Florida Tree Snails Liguus fasciatus (Müller) in Big Cypress National Preserve Following Hurricane Andrew 31 EE-YUNG CHUNG & DONG-KI RYOU Gametogenesis and Sexual Maturation of the Surf Clam Mactra veneriformis on the West Coast of Korea 149 EUGENE V COAN The Eastern Pacific Recent Species of the Bivalve Genus Gari (Tellinoidea: Psammobiidae), with Notes on Western Atlantic and Fossil Taxa 1 EUGENE V COAN A New Species of Panacea from Chile (Bivalvia: Pholadomyoidea: Paralimyidae) 165 MARTIN HAASE A Revision of the Genus Belgrandia, with the Description of a New Species from France (Caenogastropoda: Hydrobiidae) 171 VASILIS K. DIMITRIADIS & ELIZABETH B. ANDREWS Ultrastructural and Cytochemical Study of the Digestive Gland Cells of the Marine Prosobranch Mollusc Nucella lapillus (L.) in Relation to Function ... 103 KRISTEN M. LEWIS, JEFFREY L. FEDER, THOMAS G. HORVATH & GARY A. LAMBERTI LakesHeterozygosity and Fitness: No Strong Association in Great Populations of Zebra Mussel, Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas) 113 MARGHERITARAINERI (Patellogastropoda) and itsEarly Neurogenesis Pattern in Patella coerulea 131Possible Phylogenetic Implications M. A. RAMOS, B. ARCONADA, E. ROLAN & D. MORENO Snail (Mollusca: Gastropoda:A New Genus and a New Species of Hydrobiid 75Hydrobiidae) from Eastern Spain HENDRIK-JAN MEGENSCOLINE H. M. VAN MOORSEL, W. JOHAN VAN NES & 203Letters to the Editor JANET R. VOIGHT (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae)The Distribution of Octopuses of Graneledone 63in Reference to Deep-Sea Features WHY NOT SUBSCRIBE TO MALACOLOGIA ORDER FORM Your name and address Send U.S. for personal subscription$36.00 a (one volume) or U.S. $55.00 for an institutional subscription. Make checks payable to "MALACOLOGIA." Address: Malacologia RO. Box 385 Haddonfield, NJ 08033-0309 U.S.A. /" MALACOLOGIA International Journal of Malacology A ^ Vol. 42(1-2) 2000 MALACOLOGIA EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: GEORGE M. DAVIS Editorial Office Business & Subscription Office Malacologia Malacologia P.O. Box 1222 P.O. Box 385 02574-1222 Haddonfield, 08033-0309West Falmouth, MA NJ Co-Editors: EUGENE COAN CAROLJONES California Academy of Sciences Denver, CO San Francisco, CA Associate Managing Editor GraphicsManaging Editor: Editor CARYL HESTERMAN TIMOTHY A. PEARCE THOMAS WILKE Haddonfield, NJ Delaware Museum of The Academy of Natural History Natural Sciences Wilmington, DE Philadelphia, PA Associate Editor: JOHN B. BURCH University of Michigan Ann Arbor MALACOLOGIA is published by the INSTITUTE OF MALACOLOGY, the Sponsor Members of which (also serving as editors) are: RUDIGER BIELER ALAN KOHN University of Washington, SeattlePresident Field Museum, Chicago JAMES NYBAKKEN Vice PresidentJOHN BURCH Marine Laboratory, CaliforniaMoss Landing MELBOURNE R. CARRIKER CLYDE F. E. ROPER University of Delaware, Lewes Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. GEORGE M. DAVIS SHI-KUEIWU Secretaryand Treasurer Museum, BoulderUniversity of Colorado CAROLE S. HICKMAN President Elect University of California, Berkeley Participating Members EDMUND GITTENBERGER JACKIE L. VAN GOETHEM Secretary, MALACOLOGICA UNITAS MALACOLOGICAUNITAS Treasurer, Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Koninklijk Belgisch Instituut Historie voor Natuurwetenschappen Leiden, Netherlands Brüssel, Belgium Emeritus Members FRANCES ROBERT ROBERTSONJ. ALLEN, Emérita of Natural SciencesEnvironmental Protection Agency The Academy Washington, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaD.C. KENNETH J. BOSS Museum of Comparative Zoology W. D. RUSSELL-HUNTER Cambridge, Massachusetts Easton, Maryland Copyright © 2000 by the Institute of Malacology ISSN: 0076-2997
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