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Male-To-Female Transgendered People

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years individuals that were labeled one gender, but felt they belonged to the opposite gender were
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MaleToFemale Transgendered People Transgender adults are not a new theory or issues in society. The fact of sex change operations and the rights of individuals that identify with the opposite sex, however is a new battle today. In past years individuals that were labeled one gender, but felt they belonged to the opposite gender were shunned and regarded as weird or abnormal. It is only recently that a term has been assigned, Gender Identity Disorder. Many of the people living in the body of the wrong gender feel trapped and alone. Most are ashamed and afraid because of society's harsh criticism and outcast techniques. There are many terms and names that have been assigned to transgender individuals, which can be considered derogatory, and for the use of exploitation in most cases. Transgender adults are considered an umbrella category in which there are many classes of individuals. One of the largest classes of transgender individuals are maletofemale transgendered people, who have breasts and other secondary sex characteristics typical of an adult female, but who have not undergone genital reassignment surgery. They are born males but identify with the female class and most often have characteristics of females. Generally a transwoman is a male with characteristics of a female that eventually begins to live as a woman. Most of them have more feminine characteristics and sometimes will even have female genitalia as well. In some cases maletofemale transgendered people will undergo hormone replacement therapy and a breast implant to help with their life as a woman. This has a drastic affect on their lives and they face many issues in society that can devastate their life. Society does not have a good understanding of these individuals and they are often targets of cruel and harsh punishment. There are many jokes and issues of poking fun and very subservient treatment to transgendered people. Shemales are a hot topic in the pornography industry. Many people are curious and will subscribe to websites and magazines to see what they are. This is a fantasy of many to be with an individual that exhibits characteristics of two different genders. Around the country there are also escort services that pride themselves in the specialty of shemale escorts. There is big money in the industry and many transwomen fall prey to the lures of financial gain. Here are some facts about maletofemale transgendered people: 1. Maletofemale transgendered people do not feel like they are only halffemale or half person. Most are offended by the media portrayal of the incorrect lifestyle. These individuals are normal people that you would not recognize as transgendered if they did not tell you 2. Most transwomen never go reconstructive genitalia surgery because they feel it is not necessary in their true identity. 3. Contrary to popular belief most maletofemale transgendered people are comfortable with the fact that they have male genitalia but live as a female. 4. Transwomen do not work any different or have lessened ability because they live in different clothes. 5. Regardless of the movie industry and pornographic portrayal most of them do not illicit illegal sexual acts or engage in fooling their partner.
6. According to the American Psychological Association there are approximately 1 in 30,000 individuals in America that transition from male to female and 1 per 100,000 that transition from female to male. 7. Maletofemale transgendered people are not gay, they simply feel that they are in the wrong gender body. Shemale Escorts