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I Av ,o -f-CCL^ , , "^^^ ^^H^'- \/¿^'¿Á.L , ^ í^2-».*/-4^yíúí^ ^'A-i I .-V',//) J-/-^' SPANISH AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY. AND ENGLISHSPANISH DICTIONAHY, lEn ^iuo ^arts: AND ENGLISH—II. ENGLISH AND SPANISH.I. SPANISH THE FIRST PART E SPANISH WOEDS, WITH THEIR PKOPEB ACCENTS, EVERY NOUN, WITH ITS GENDER. THE SECOND PART, ' WORDS, CONTAINS 1 CORRESPONDEN! AT THE END OP BOTE PARTS IS AFFIXED, A OF USUALLIST CHRISTIAN AND PROPER NAMES, NAMES OF COUNTRIES, NATIONS, ETC. BY F. C. MEADOWS, M.A. OF THE UNIVERSITY " NEW FRENCH PRONOUNCI; I DICTIONARY, LONDON: PRINTED FOR THOMAS TEGG, CHEAPSIDE.73, MJ)CCC.XLIIL PREFACE. The present intercourse between this country and Spain, and its foreign possessions, being established on a broad basis, the utility of this new- Dictionary will, it is hoped, obtain and share that distinguished patron- age, which an enlightened nation never fails to bestow on labours con- ducive to general improvement, and already conferred eminently on its Author for other national works of a similar nature. Its size, the accurate and distinct definition of words, their great increase—all these combined advantages will prove highly beneficial to those who visit those countries either for pleasure, or civil, or mercantile pursuits. In offering this new work to the public, the chief object of the Au- thor has been to remove the many imperfections encountered in the Dictionaries extant, and facilitate the acquirement of a language both sublime itand useful. In will be found, in the two Parts, a definite correspondent meaning to every word, free from any vague circuitous explication, which every student must naturally know in his own lan- guage, and which circumlocution prevents him from conveying his ideas in a proper and concise manner, for want of an adequate expres- sion. Another most important deficiency is also filled up by affixing to every noun —its gender and number ^^a part which, although most a2 omitted in theessential to complete every Dictionary, is yet English and Spanish side of those in present use. AU references to other words carefully itsof a similar sense are avoided, as every one may contain own meaning without being directed to another or more, where the repetition of the same is generally the result. To prevent every ob- struction to learning, in the Spanish and English words speltPart, according to either the new or old style will be found m their alpha- betical order. Should the present work meet with the approbation of a discerning public, and promote the end in view, the long and arduous labours of will amply compensated, and his most earnest wishthe Author be most fully satisfied.