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Newbie Video Cash Machineis a real method that shows how to make 30 passive income streams with free traffic, no experience, no sales page, no product, no list… Inside this course, he even shows you an actual money magnet he has created along with proof that it’s earning him money… This method isn’t just good for daily $100’s of commissions… inside the step-by-step training Mike also shows you how to scale this into a full-time, six figure online income.
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Newbie Video Cash Machine ReviewNewbie Video Cash Machine OverviewHomepage:Newbie Video Cash Machine Official Site Product Name:Newbie Video Cash Machine Type of Product:Training Course Authors:Mike Park Target niche:Video Marketing, CPA Marketing, Make Money With Video Youtube Marketing, the video course that shows step by step how newbies can rake in $100's in affiliate and CPA commissions in under 30 minutes of work per day! Official Price:$9.95 Special Discount:20%-OFF HERE! (It will expire soon!!!) Bonuses:[EXCLUSIVE]You will get any of the bonus packs in below: oGIANT Bonuses Pack 1 - ($12700) oSPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2 - ($9700) oULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3 - ($9100) oHUGE Bonuses Pack 4 - ($9600) oMEGA Bonuses Pack 5 - ($9400)
Newbie Video Cash Machine ReviewWhat is Newbie Video Cash Machine?
What if I told you there was an easy way to trade 30 minutes of very simple “work” for $100’s into your PayPal account over and over every single day with a proven system?
Sounds pretty good right?
Well, an ex-newbie is sharing his simple method that makes it easy to stuff some daily passive income in your PayPal account… (A newbie who used it is makingmoney in their pocket with this method in less than 3 days and made a video to prove it!).
This method isn’t just good for daily $100’s of commissions… inside the step-by-step training Mike also shows you how to scale this into a full-time, six figure online income.
You don’t want to miss this one…
It’s calledNewbie Video Cash Machine. This is a real method that shows how to make 30 passive income streams with freetraffic, no experience, no sales page, no product, no list… Inside this course, he even shows you an actual money magnet he has created along with proof that it’s earning him money…
If you’re tired of being disappointed and looking for something that willactually put money in your pocket daily… And it goes live tomorrow morning. You’ll want to get there the minute it opens to get in at the lowest price because the price is going up with every sale.
Newbie Video Cash Machine ReviewSpecial Features of Newbie Video Cash Machine?This step-by-step video training and case study is different than anything I’ve seen before…
It’s great if you…
You’re sick and tired of having to pay for traffic…. Need some money to fund a project Or, you’re just looking to truly create some passive income(what the GURU’s always promise but never deliver)…
This method shows you how to quickly get paid $100’s into your PayPal account daily for just 30 minutes of work ….. and have it consistently pull in commissions for months and years to come…. Without you doing any additional work. This is REAL passive income. 100% free traffic… and you don’t have to worry about conversion…. Set it and forget it. In fact, the course teaches how to create at least 30 different “cash machines” with free video traffic.
Newbie Video Cash Machineis all about putting $100 payments into your PayPal account every single day, 7 days a week on autopilot by setting up one cash machine… And you continue to make 29 more “cash machines”….. well my friend, you won’t struggle with paying your bills!
Inside, you’ll discover…
How to start getting multiple $197 - $497 paydays into your PayPal account in 5 days or less… many people start making money on Day #1! How ANYONE can do this… no technical skills or special experience required… it’s “copy and paste” simple… You can use this as often as you wish and even scale this into a “job crushing” income… you’ll see EXACTLY how to scale this into a full-time 6 figure income… Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that video marketing is everything! Chances are everytime you’re on Facebook, you’ll see video after video on your newsfeed….. No, this method doesn’t use Facebook, its a traffic source overlooked by many IM marketers!
How to get started today for FREE… you can do this entire method without spending a single dime out of your pocket…
Newbie Video Cash Machine ReviewWhy should you get Newbie Video Cash Machine Now?Most online marketers are focused on generating affiliate commissions, CPA commissions, or launching info products in the $7-$27 range…
There’s nothing wrong with any of the above…
But, when you’re first starting out, it can be really hard to pay the bills with tiny $7-$27 affiliate or CPA commissions and info product sales…
Sure, they can add up, but getting to the point where you’re making $200-$500 per day in affiliate commissions can take some time…
Unfortunately, your landlord and electric company probably won’t wait until next week or next month when you finally have enough to pay them with your online commissions…
They want their money and they want it now…
What if there was a way to make quick payments of $100 daily into your PayPal account with just 30 minutes of simple “work” and a really cool, no cost traffic method?
Sounds pretty good right?
After all, daily payments of $497 after 30 minutes of work sounds 10X better than working and grinding for weeks, battling information overload only to get $7…
Imagine creating a video that gets super targeted FREE traffic day in and day out and pulling in affiliate commissions. If your video gets 1000 views a week, and you’re promoting an affiliate product that gets an average $197 commission with $80 monthly residual and if only 2 percent of that traffic converts, that will equal $3940… and thousands more compounding monthly in commissions!
Here’s why Newbie Video Cash Machine is the easiest way to make cash popping into your PayPal account DAILY…You don’t need to worry about building websites There’s no list building required in this method It doesn’t require any type of HD cameras. I actually show you how to skip video creation altogether! You can get started right away and have money in your PayPal account by tonight! Itworks in every niche … No prior knowledge or experience is required You can use it here and there for quick cash or scale it up and quit your job
Newbie Video Cash Machine ReviewNewbie Video Cash Machine Special Bonuses
VIDEO RANK ALLIANCEGet targeted SERPS traffic from your video to get long term passive income
GET 10000 VIEWS ON YOUTUBEYoutube Videos getting no views? Report reveals how to get 10000 Real Views in a Week!!
DOMINATE YOUTUBELearn the stories of how people are currently making millions $ on Youtube and how to duplicate them
Newbie Video Cash Machine ReviewConclusion/Bottom Line:This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before… It doesn’t require any special skills, a product, salespage or even a marketing budget because you’re taking advantage of an overlooked, NO COST traffic method that works within minutes…
Hear what Ethan Chong had to say about the course: “Clearly this is not the usual JUNK WSOs on Warrior Forum these days. I was highly privileged to receive a review copy of his WSO and I'm impressed by his method to make money on YouTube. It's a totally brilliant idea because I've never read or heard about this method of making money online. This method is seriously FRESH!
I've always thought about using YouTube to expand my business but I never really knew how to do it. Thanks to him, I am ready to take action and increase my online presence as an affiliate.”
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