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Agency Information Collection Activities; Submission for Office of Management and Budget Review; Docket

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19978 Federal Register/Vol. 76, No. 69/Monday, April 11, 2011/Notices the public for a variety of private For Further Information or to Submit End of Certification business purposes related to Comments Contact: Patricia Briscoe, Patricia Briscoe, establishing and enforcing trademark Telephone: (703) 603–7740, Fax: (703) Deputy Director, Business Operations (Pricing rights. The information is available at 603–0655, or e-mail and Information Management). USPTO facilities and can also be [FR Doc. 2011–8438 Filed 4–8–11; 8:45 am] accessed at the USPTO Web site. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This Affected Public: Business or other for- BILLING CODE 6353–01–P notice is published pursuant to 41 U.S.C profit. 47(a)(2) and 41 CFR 51–2.3. Its purpose Frequency: On occasion. is to provide interested persons an Respondent’s Obligation: Required to CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY opportunity to submit comments on the obtain or retain benefits. COMMISSION proposed actions. OMB Desk Officer: Nicholas A. Fraser, e-mail: [Docket No. CPSC–2010–0088] Additions Agency Information Collection Once submitted, the request will be If the Committee approves the Activities; Submission for Office of publicly available in electronic format proposed addition, the entities of the Management and Budget Review; through the Information Collection Federal Government identified in this Comment Request; Durable Nursery Review page at http:/ ...
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Federal Register 76, No. 69 / Monday,/ Vol. April 11, 2011 / Notices
the public for a variety of private of Certification EndFor Further Information or to Submit business purposes related toComments Contact:Patricia Briscoe, establishing and enforcing trademark Telephone: (703) 603–7740, Fax: (703)Patricia Briscoe, rights. The information is available at 603–0655, or e-mailarepnoitP( sicir ngdornftimaDpetu yiDerctor, Business OnaganoM )t .mene USPTO facilities and can also beilityOneedReg@AbCTMFEvog. .an I accessed at the USPTO Web site.[FR Doc. 2011–8438 Filed 4–8–11; 8:45 am] Affected Public:Business or other for-SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:ThisBILLING CODE 6353–01–P profit. notice is published pursuant to 41 U.S.C Frequency:51R .32It. pus sopri e ot vorpide interested preossna  nacco nO .noisCF1  4nd a2))((a74CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY Respondent’s Obligation: sRequired to obtain or retain benefits. opportunity to submit comments on theCOMMISSION OMB Desk Officer:Nicholas A. Fraser, proposed actions. e-mail: Nicholas A.[Docket No. CPSC–2010–0088] _ _ Once submitted, the request will be ttee publicly available in electronic format prIofp tohsee Cd oamddmitiion,  athpep reonvtietsi etsh eo f the duBgdteR veei;w Mofaganenemant noisrof ffO  eciAcn ioctleol ConsimbuS ;seitivitamitfnroycI gAne through the Information Collection Federal Government identified in this  Review page atht :./tpwww/ger.ofnivog.notice will be required to procure theComment RequestSvrru eye ucodPry osxp EtslbaruD ;resruN e Paper copies can be obtained by: ow from n rofit E-mail:icnegaolpme sepno eilvrcib letsdesea er ying persons whoAGENCY:Consumer Prouduct Safety  Commission.blind or have other severe disabilities. Include‘‘0651–0050 copy request’’in theRegulatory Flexibility Act CertificatiACTION:Notice. subject line of the message.on Mail:Susan K. Fawcett, Records Officer, Office of the Chief Information noIt  cheartvief ya  tshiagtn tifhiec afonltl iomwpiancgt  aocntiaon will SSUafMeMtyA RCYo:C ( noihsTsi mem.U.S‘‘CnousmPSC’’e t ucoordPrr Officer, United States Patent and substantial number of small entities.‘‘Commission’’) is announcing that a Trademark Office, P.O. Box 1450, Alexandria, VA 223131450. cTehret ifmicaajtoiro fna cwtoerrse :c onsidered for this pbreoepn ossuebd mciotltleedc ttioo tnh oef  Oinfffiocre moaft ion has Written comments and Management and Budget (‘‘OMB’’) for recommendations for the proposed 1. If approved, the action will not information collection should be sent on result in any additional reporting, rPeavpieerww aonrkd  Rcleedauractnicoen  uAncdt eor ft 1h9e 95. or before May 11, 2011 to Nicholas A. recordkeeping or other compliance Fraser, OMB Desk Officer, via e-mail to requirements for small entities otherDAlTlEeSc:t ten commFax writht enesto  ninf rmfoi oonyaM ,11 oitayb n Nicholas A.,or by co the small organizations that will than _ _ fax to 202–395–5167, marked to the furnish the service to the Government. 2011. attention of Nicholas A. Fraser. 2. If approved, the action will result tAhDeDiRnEfSSES:ns eToatthe ur coltionemtnc mo  snoediv, tcel noi eraecer Dated: April 6, 2011. ormain authorizing small entities to furnish Susan K. Fawcett,the service to the Government. OMB recommends that written Records Officer, USPTO, Office of the Chief owckonmrmeenn tlasg ubrey tfoaT .3erehera  on noitamrofnI fo eicff Ohe ttod xe ri,sfAafory ulat Reg and Information Officer.alternatives which would accomplish [FR Doc. 2011–8502 Filed 4–8–11; 8:45 am] tofs veitav Jheehtitcejbo  ,tAOBM :X- A202Weacsi-feFr g,nres DOfk : tnSCCPlidet  o, or ema3956974 BILLING CODE 3510–16–PO’Day Act (41 U.S.C. 46–48c) in connection with the product and coiorma_mseunbtmsisshsioounld@ obemibd.eeonpti.fgioevd.   y Abll services proposed for addition to the Docket No. CPSC–2010–0088. In COMMITTEE FOR PURCHASE FROM addition,Procurement List. written comments also should PEOPLE WHO ARE BLIND ORComments on this certification are SEVERELY DISABLED be submitteinvited. Commenters should identify theatdi ointt:p/./ h Procurement List; Proposed Additionats(sntmeterldeun) t ehiygnitifc reon ocatiidch n whC loianddtigna vidi pro aretheywePwilSwvC.errey2g/0uc1l0ou00erin8rsf (8,goorovr ,repapo ,ksid  blih/ yamna duerndcoD  tek .oNDC r AGENCY:Committee for Purchase From ROM information. submissions), preferably in five People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled.End of Certification ion,missC moefyt taSdocuPrr mesuon CS.U. ,yraterceS eht ffice ofs, to: Ocpoei ACTION: Room 820, 4330 East West Highway,Proposed addition to the The following service is proposed for Procurement List. addition to Procurement List for Bethesda, MD 20814; telephone (301) performance by the nonprofit agency r5e0a4d b7a9c2k3g. rFoourn adc cdeoscsu tom ethntes  doorc ket to SUMMARY: listed:The Committee is proposing to add a service to the Procurement List comments received, go tohttp:// that will be furnished by nonprofitServicesoitaluger.www. ov.gnsA copy of the agencies employing persons who are blind or have other severe disabilities.ServiOcpeeTraytpieo/nSSeruvpicpeo rLtoSceartivoicne: Dt ,Beaansreetmp dwPCrwfaSw tC.srue2rg0vu1el0aytiis0o0n8asv.a8gi ,olaSvu tiorpnpder tabule hntDtgpo:ca/nk/N o. det  Comments Must be Received On orof Public Works, Fort George D. Meade,Related Materials Before:5/9/2011.MD.. ADDRESSES:Committee for PurchaseNPA:Melwood Horticultural TrainingFOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: From People Who Are Blind or SeverelyCenter, Upper Marlboro, MD.Linda Glatz, Division of Policy and Disabled, Jefferson Plaza 2, Suite 10800,Contracting Activity:Department of thePlanning, Office of Information 1421 Jefferson Davis Highway,Army, Mission and InstallationTechnology, Consumer Product Safety Arlington, Virginia 22202–3259.Contracting Command, Fort Eustis, VA.Commission, 4330 East West Highway,
VerDate Mar<15>2010 18:59 Apr 08, 2011 Jkt 223001 PO 00000 Frm 00028 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\11APN1.SGM 11APN1
Federal Register / Notices April 11, 2011 / Monday, 76, No. 69/ Vol.
Bethesda, MD 20814, 301–504–7671, compliance and enforcement efforts, as minutes per interview or survey, and well product categories per respondent, as information and education four SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:er pesutviernt it desivenim 53 onumbhat as rer w nItf serumsuisy ettnedi plsnoc yfialsoata l he wiliangacpmehd .sT ee hta t rhrsveety ,a hw itew or su compliance with 44 U.S.C. 3507, the a CPSC has submitted the following nUenedde rasdtadintdioinnga lb reetsteera rhcoh.w  these rpersopdouncste lsi tmoi tt hpee rc roegsnpitoinved etenst,t ibnags eadn do n proposed collection of information to products are used by consumers will usability testing. The total estimated OMB for review and clearance: Durable help the Commission address poten ial burden for all respondents is 2,592.6 Nursery Products Exposure Survey. hazards and assess the sufficiency otf hours, rounded up to 2,593 hours (167 On August 14, 2008, the Consumer current voluntary standards. hours more than the 2,426 hours Product Safety Improvement Act A small group of respondents (37) previously proposed). The total cost to (‘‘CPSIA’’) (Pub. L. 110–314) was from different backgrounds (including the respondents for the total burden is enacted. Section 104 of the CPSIA (referred to as the‘‘ling Ethboe as werers)peakhss apindnS hsa d), poseveoi 1rpp orsuylties eb ,17$etamot d138 more659 ($5, e6$,625t ah nhtked to participaeti  nocngtivi esyra yeKaDnnht e Child Product Safety Notification Act’’) (15 U.S.C. 2056a), requires the tuessatbiinlgi t(yf otre stthien gt e(lfeopr hthoen e Wseubr vveeyr)s ioor n of bwaosrekde rosn i na np rhiovuatrle yi rnadtue sotrf y$ i2n7 .T4a2 b(lael l9  Commission to study and develop safety the survey) to provide extensive of the June 2010 Employer Costs for standards for infant and toddler feedback regarding the clarity of specific Employee Compensation, Bureau of products. Such durable infant and toddler products include, but are not uqsuaebstiiliotnys t. eRsteisnugl tsw eorf et hues ecdo gton irteivvies ae ntdh e rLaatbe odr aStat ahtiasst ibces e(nBLSup dyl  tTehe ahtooudr )). limited to: Full-size cribs and nonfull-size cribs; toddler beds; high chairs, isnucrlvuedye idn istnr tuhme esnutrs,v ebyu tr ewsiulllt sn foot rb teh e acvoarrileasbploe nBdL wS itdha ttah. e most recently booster chairs, and hook-on chairs; bath main data collection. A mail paper The estimated cost to the federal seats; gates and other enclosures for screener will be sent to 16,667 families government is $1,026,763. Since the confining a child; play yards; stationary activity centers; infant carriers; strollers; to determine whether sampled study extends over three years, walkers; swings; and bassinets and rpeasrtpiocinpdaetniotsn .arEel iegliibglieb lree fsopro fnudlle nDtsN PwEhSo  ohfo twhee vienrf, otrhme aetsitoinm catoellde catnionnu alized cost cradles. The Commission is required to evaluate the currently existing voluntary have children ages 0 to 5 years in their requirements to the government is standards for durable infant or toddler choomuspeuhtoelr-da swsiilslt ehda vtee leWpehbo- naen d $$334422,,225544,. 3fo3,r  rtohue nthdreede -dyoewarn  pteor iod. This products and promulgate a mandatory interviewing (‘‘CATI’’ includes contractors to implement) survey options for sum standard substantially the same as, or more stringent than, the applicable completing the full extended DNPES. and conduct the DNPES survey voluntary standard. 2T4h ec aDteNgPorEiSe s wwililt ihn qcluuesdtei oanpsp raobxoiumt ately (a$n7 a2v9e,r0a9g3e) ,l e2v1 eslt aofff  GmSon1t4h ss t(e$p2 95 7,670) at In evaluating the current voluntary standards, CPSC staff requires certain deiafcfehrreenstp ionnfadnetn to r wtiolld dblee lri pmrioteddu cttos ,a  but (m($o1n1t9h,s2),3 8u/s.i7n0g1 a)  7÷r tn.2e01cm rep 1 s)thon×a  oit 1 of2 additional data to assess the potential future impacts of the CPSIA mandatory amnadx iWmeub mp roof gtrharmees  cwaitlel gaolrsioe se. nTshuer eC tAhaTtI  fwroagme sT aanblde  s1a loafr ty hteo  Jtuotnael  2c0o1m0 pEenmspaltoioyenr  efforts on durable infant and toddler each respondent’s questions are limited Costs for Employee Compensation, products. The draft Durable Nursery Products Exposure Survey (‘‘DNPES’’poe tho  onsiortotr ch t whihavehey  eus fhtf rovryeliescbtlepdu.   btebeynd  sheeaeruB ehbaL fo utatior Ss. stic ‘‘survey’’ In) is a national probability theFederal Registerof August 19, sample of households with children five years old and younger, designed to 2a 0610 (75 FR 5124e5), the CPSC published Dated: April 6, 2011. determine the prevalence of durable om0-mdeany t noont itchee r qruesting public Todd A. Stevenson, infant and toddler product ownership in icnformation. No cpoompmoseendt sc owlelreec tion of r.cneS rssatoeiy, Consumer Prodcu taSefytC moim households, as well as the frequency received. However, CPSC staff, on its[FR Doc. 2011–8514 Filed 4–8–11; 8:45 am] and manner of use of such products. In own initiative, modified the burdenBILLING CODE 6355–01–P particular, the survey will seek e information regarding ownership ehsotiurmsa ttoe dr ebfluercdt emn oorfe t ahcec cuorlalteecltyi othn of characteristics; the life cycle of the information based on feedback receivedCORPORATION FOR NATIONAL AND products; and consumer behaviors and of the co nitive and perceptions regarding such products. fursoambi lrietsyp toenstds.e nts gssoibuim r nofolleon Cn; SctioornftimaVIER ICEINUMS YTMOC The survey will gather information on Each cognitive interview or usabilityOMB Review, Comment Request the characteristics and usage patterns of test takes approximately one hour, for 24 categories of durable infant or an estimated total of 37 burden hours.AGENCY: National andCor r toddler products and solicit information The initial mail paper screener for the Community pSoerravtiicoen.  fo on accidents or injuries associated with main data collection will be sent toACTION:Notice. those products. The information approximately 16,667 households and collected from the DNPES will help will take approximately five minutesSUMMARY:The Corporation for National inform the Commission’s evaluation of (.083333 hours) to complete. An and Community Service (hereinafter the consumer products and product use, by estimated 2,000 eligible respondents‘‘Corporation’’), has submitted a public providing insight and information into will be selected for telephone extended information collection request (ICR) consumer perceptions and usage interviews (1,500 respondents) or Web entitled‘‘AmeriCorps Application patterns. In addition to assisting the surveys (500 respondents). Each Instructions: State Commissions, State Commission’s rulemaking efforts, such interview or survey will take and National Competitive, National information will also support ongoing approximately 35 minutes (.583333 Professional Corps, Indian Tribes, States voluntary standards activities in which hours) to complete. Although the staff and Territories without Commissions, the Commission participates, initially contemplated approximately 30 and State and National Planning’’to the
VerDate Mar<15>2010 17:49 Apr 08, 2011 Jkt 223001 PO 00000 Frm 00029 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\11APN1.SGM 11APN1
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