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PRNOGRuESrS NsOiTEnSSugr 20 10
A Publication for a Community of Exceptional Nurses Engaged in Extraordinary Practice
We’re Magnetized  Again!
his ear the American g ealinentirdees sNrusoern M ddnA rgetna recognition status or the third time ongratulations are due to each o our  nurses or their hard wor high standards and unwaering commitment to excellence in patient care We were among the first  organizations to e Magnet designated when we initiall receied the honor in 22 and in 2 when we were eligile to reappl we were redesignated urrentl onl aout  o  hospitals are Magnet recognized according to the American ospital Association
• Award-winning Nurses • Nurse Appreciation • A Message From Our Cief Nursing Officer  • Expanding npatient Capacity • Opening of P and P Nursing nits Adds eds • e Maing of an Exemplary Nurse • Academic Nursing Coorts M Anderson upports Our Nurses’ Educations
And the Award Goes to...
Peg FieldsEthel in Advanced Practice NurseFlem g Gynecologic Oncologyg inndta neaeAcruOstxu  I wanted to be aNurse-Oncologist nurse from the time I was a girl. I love the ide of helping others and pro are to those in need. I was inspired b nurses that I enountered aring for ill famil members when I was a hild and wanted to be ust lie the nurses that helped m famil so muh.ears as a nurse  • ears at M Anderson  Awards - continued on page 2
Excellence in linical ractice-npatient
Jalen Bartek Clinical Nurse Nursing Unit P4
  I wanted to beome a nurse to help people in need and hopefull mae a differene in their lives. In nursing ou get to spend a lot of time with the patient and wal through diffiult situations with them and hopefull mae those situations a little better.ears at M Anderson 
Excellence in linical ractice-Outpatient
Sonya Polk-Davis Clinical Nurse-Outpatient Lymphomayeloma Clinic
I beame a nurse beause it was a lifetime dream for me. I love taing are of people and maing a differene in m patients lives. eing a nurse means not onl taing are of m patients’ phsial needs but inorporating their mental and spiritual needs also.ears as a nurse  ears at M Anderson 
Nursing Progress Notes • ummer 
Excellence in linical Education
Ricci Hans-Stephenson Clinical Nurse Nursing Unit P
ere are so man reasons but mainl I beame a nurse beause I new this was a profession in whih I ould impat the life of another. To be of assistane to an individual when the are transitioning from illness to wellness is amaing. ears as a nurse  ears at M Anderson 
Excellence in linical eadership Mary Lohmann Clinical Nurse Nursing Unit P It seemed lie a good fit for me…I lie siene I lie woring and interat ing with people and I lie problemsolving. I lie that m areer in nursing an be so broad and I an do so man things lie wor as an inpatient nurse or go ba to shool lie I am right now and beome a nurse pratitioner. I lied the variet nursing had to offer. ears as a nurse  ears at M Anderson 
Excellence in linical rials
arner H se esearch Nurse oracicead and Nec edical Oncology
I deided to beome a nurse aſter m deploment as an rm Engineer in  for Operation esert ShieldStorm. I was impressed with the rm field hospital I visited during the war. hen I returned home I ontinued ollege through the rm GI ill and finished m degree at T ealth Siene enter Shool of Nursing in ouston. In  I was ommissioned in the .S. ir ore Reserve Nurse orp. I served during Operation Irai reedom in  in the ir ore eatre ospital in the operating room and trauma wards. ears as a nurse  ears at M Anderson 
  Air Force Association Citation ellogg lue uit A ward for Outstanding Company rade Officer
Excellence in Adanced ractice Nursing
Mary line Advanced Practice Nurse Nursing Unit P In  when I ompleted high shool female graduates were enouraged to beome a teaher or a nurse. eing a nurse has allowed me to grow both personall and eduationall. ears as a nurse  ears at M Anderson 
 Message rom or hie rsing fficer
ear nurse colleagues
n August  Anderson received agnet ecognition status or the third time. n  we were one o the first institutions to receive this prestigious international recognition or nursing ecellence. ith redesignations in  and   Anderson has retained this honor continuously or the past eight years. ’d lie to than the memers o our agnet Core eam agnet pecial Agents our nursing community and all o our interdisciplinary partners or the hard wor you contriuted in developing our agnet application as well as preparing or and participating in the site visit. t’s an honor to wor with such an eceptional team o proessionals. Nurses - you demonstrated to the appraisers that you   can and do provide some o the est nursing care in the world to our patients every day. our nowledge sills processes and innovations in patient care delivery are stunningly clear. e visit could not have gone etter. No less important or impressive are the intangile ualities you ring to your proession. our enthusiasm your energy and your caring are asolutely phenomenal. ey permeate the entire atmosphere here. And it is precisely those ualities that moved so many o you to spea to the appraisers. ou are the reason patients eel sae and hopeul.
’ve told you eore that  couldn’t e more proud to e part o this Community o ceptional Nurses ngaged in traordinary Practice. roughout our agnet ourney  elt that pride and so much more.  was reminded o why  ecame a nurse in the first place.  elt a marvelous inship with a group o proessionals who are all striving toward the same goals. t has een a humling and inspiring eperience and  want to than all o you or a o done etremely well.
 Anderson appreciates you – our nurses – at all levels o the organiation. n this issue o Nursing Progress Notes you can read aout some o the ways nurses are recognied and rewarded at the unit and center level.
arara L. ummers Ph.. N NA-C AAN Proessor and Chair epartment o Nursing ice President and Chie Nursing Officer ead ivision o Nursing
ear Nurses e Appreciate ou
nnal ecellence aards recognition development models leadership programs and team aards are st a e o the many ays MD nderson recognies and reards nrses Nurses are appreciated  patients managers and peers at the unit and entr leel too
Proton erapy Centerosts ce Cream ocial hether it’s a giſt ertifiate for a nurse who’s eeeded epetations or a stressrelieving eans a for all aroln llsen leſt believes in showing Proton erap enter PT emploees that the’re valued and appreiated. ast summer llsen who is the PT nurse manager even hosted a team buildingfamil fun da for staff at her 5-Kathia Mandujano,r  isttionecep home. On awaiianTina Alvarado,patient serices coordinator shirt da in ebruarsylvia Romaguera,patient access specialist the enter providediana Amaya,clinical nurse-outpatient   a atered lunh tropial drins and leis for emploees and patients. e enter was deorated in a tropial theme. an emploees wore awaiian shirts some wore grass sirts over their srubs. In arh llsen donned an apron and a paperMaria Tee,clinical nurse-outpatient ap and dished out ie ream with all the fiings at a PT ie ream soial. Nurses lini and business enter emploees were all invited.
“It’s nie” sas Rainelle anpelt patient servies oordinator. “Sure we’ve got the pa and benefits and everthing. ut something lie this to now ou’re thought of and appreiated b the people ou wor with – that’s ver nie.” 
Nursing Progress Notes • ummer 
vangeline Hubbard,clinical nurse-outpatient left witarolyn Allen, nurse manager
3lizabeth Traje,  patient access coordinator
Pampering the tars on G
uper stars roam the halls on G  Anderson’s stem cell transplantation and cellular therapy unit. ecently paparai caught up with some o these celerities at an aſternoon tea party a real see-and-e-seen event organied y their agents managers.
ell aware o the pressures aced every day y this talented and hardworing group o glitterati agents tae every opportunity to pamper them etween gigs patient care activities.
ey receive uper tar Awards too. ecently or eample a uper tar Award was given to essica cLellan clinical nurse or her “stellar documenta-tion.” According to Patty ohnston director o clinical nursing employees are acnowledged on G or a numer o reasons such as ecellent patient care delivery woring as a team and supporting each other. ey also may e recognied or things lie est Point-o-Use Compliance and est ischarge ime.
hen patients or amily memers compliment their nurses whether through patient satisaction surveys or during leadership rounds ohnston maes sure those nurses are acnowledged or their good wor.
“e care or stem cell patients or months and months sometimes” she eplains. “Patient acuity is high and so is the stress. One o our roles is to help transition patients rom acute curative care to comort care and many patients share the grieving process with their nurses.” acie Ascuna is one clinical nurse who recently was recognied or ecellent end-o-lie care.
o net time you’re on G don’t e intimidated y the nurses – those giants o eemplary patient care with their adge ling and glowing aces. Go ahead as or an autograph. ell them you’re a an o their wor. ey won’t mind ecause patient care is what they do and they’re proud o it.
at’s ust how they roll.
clinical nurse
clinical nurse
atty ohnton, director of clinical nursing says employees on  are acnowledged for a number of reasons suc as excellent patient care deliery woring as a team and supporting  eac oter
sylvia ron,clinical nurse
per diem nurse
eia Remmen, clinical nurse sows off ’s uper tar Award board
panding npatient Capacity
e loor, e Amenitie  y eie harp  Ads son nderniapo r teitnengwiro gd anem d oeht teem ospital. e r eesiitgnA les or ton oopth a sinidden go wr eemov Ninn rom ev htiw thes o hreest to epiwllro s eoe  to e added over the net ew years as needed. e addition o all eight floors will increase hospital sie y 44 s. ſt.
e new patient care units on these floors are eing designed in a manner that promotes patient- and amily-centered care while also maimiing efficiency o wor effort or the care team and promoting interdisciplinary collaoration.
e patient rooms once completed will e larger in sie than on the older floors to allow easier access to the patient and will include ergonomic and design considerations that recognie the needs o nurses as they deliver care.
“e’ve gone rom a centralied to a decentralied nurses’ station” says Patty ohnston director o clinical nursing. “any advantages have een adapted into the new design including view windows rom the staff stations so nurses can see the patient loced areas to store medications at the edside and supplies readily availale to improve efficiency o care delivery.
e units are designed with cut-through corridors so nurses can more directly travel around the unit decreasing the time and steps reuired to get rom one point to another. n addition space or a nurse tranuility room was incorporated on some floors to give nurses a place to rest and recharge which will help decrease atigue associated with errors. “ince the layout o these floors is so different rom what the nurses are used to it will tae a significant amount o time to get ready to practice in this environment” says arara ummers Ph.. vice president and chie nursing officer. “owever we’re looing orward to all the wonderul amenities and space that these new units will provide or our patients and our nursing staff.”
Nursing Progress Notes • ummer 
THR K ATRs I • upplies at te bedside • Caregier wor area inside te patient room • ider doors and more room around beds • atrooms all AA accessible • oilets on te outboard window wall for increased nursing staff isibility • and wasing sins inside patient rooms and in corridors • Alcoes for easy access to PPE euipment outside rooms  istributed supplies and linens • Nigt ligts at patient doors • Electrical outlets positioned iger • tandardied eadwalls wit duplicate oxygen air and two suction outlets on eac side of te bed •  computers per -bed unit • eam rooms for interdisciplinary team member meetings • Enclosed medication rooms to decrease distractions • Family alcoe in room • arge euipment storage rooms and ample alcoes for ousing of carts
I  P and P Nursing Units Adds eds y ria argrove
ith the reent
o the urle  , and urle   nuring unit, M Anderon gained  additional bed and even greater inight into the value o our nuring team
ors learned new sills and wor processes to enter their new roles at the highest level o competence. P is a primary care floor or e oor dary carhtse eoreevo  ns that she nurseeaacicordecic  deN dnatipay ogolnc Oalnoces a dna stne or Leuemia patients. o in many cases nurses who volunteered or were recruited to wor on that floor reuired new training to serve this special population. yacinth Gordon associate director o nursing or P says the nurses remain ecited aout the new unit and the learning opportunities that are ahead.”e unit opened flawlessly with employees welcoming patients with smiles and applause. o ar everything is going according to the plan and we’re all happy to have a new ‘home’ or our patients and staff.” e reopening and reorganiing o P is a result o nursing unit moves in recent years to allow or the Ale ospital pansion Proect. Leuemia patients previously occupied the P location and now have returned to the Ale ospital G location. e opening o PA has helped the hospital to transition patients out o the mergency Center hallways and into eds aſter they are admitted. Patricia annon director o Clinical Nursing and arcela enite-omero nurse manager say that there once was a time when you could wal into the mergency Center and see patients lined up on stretchers in the hallways. “is new unit gives us a transition area or our patients to go to which increases throughput and patient satisaction” annon says. e hope is that PA will have the same success that P has had in helping with throughput. P the transition PACU consists o  eds that opened in  or  hour oservation and surgery patients discharged rom PACU waiting or a ed.
e latest patient satisaction results that were released confirmed that patients were pleased with the results that P rought to their patient care. ey are hoping that the changes to the other units will ring the same results.
oth o the new units are staffed with a comination o eperienced nurses rom within  Anderson and outside hospitals. New nurses also are part o the nursing teams.
Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer .......... Barbara L. Summers, Ph.D. Program Manager, Communications ....................................... Debbie Sharp ditor ........................................................................................ end Lnn Contributing riter............................................................... ria argroe raphic Design  Photograph ................ Medica raphics  Photograph NursingPROGRESS NOTES  is pulished three times a year or  Anderson’s Community o ceptional Nurses ngaged in traordinary Practice.
is and other issues of NPN are available on the Nursing at MD Anderson Intranet site and at under News & Communications.
euests and sumissions should e directed to endy Lynn at wplynn or --
Gisela Sanchez-Williams: The Maing o an emlary ure  B ria argroe or er family er patients and all er oter passions in life isela ance-illiams is nown for giing  percent For tat wor etic and muc more te adanced practice nurse in Neurosurgery’s spine program was named te  Etel Fleming Arceneaux Outstanding Nurse-Oncologist emlary, aard inning nure don’t uddenly aear ully ormed hat goe into the develoment o uh a nure hat deiion are made along the ay
Eery nurse comes to te profession in is or er own way and eery nurse’s career traectory is different ance-illiams’ story illustrates ow someone wit a passion can wor ard and build an immensely satisfying professional nursing career
e too te first step on er ourney wen se was ust a teenager  
The sno storm That hanged verything  natie of Puerto ico, Sancheiiams moed to Ne or at age three ith her fami. She reaied her inner caing to become a nurse at age , ansering a pea for ounteers at a hospita during a “h ndous” sno storm. Soon after, she orre became a cand striper and enroed at a ocationa high schoo to stud nursing.
 to R t , Sancheiiams, a icensed ocationa nurse, ent to or at a oer Manhattan hospita. nspired to compete a Bacheor of Science in Nursing, she enroed at eua Coege in upstate Ne or and competed her degree at Coegio niersitario Metropoitano in io Piedras, Puerto ico, oring her a through coege as a hemodiasis technician. e ure at M Anderon fter graduating in , Sancheiiams spent seen ears at Memoria Soanettering Cancer Center in Ne or. n , Michae ndreeff, M.D., Ph.D., inited her to oin him as a senior research nurse in MD nderson’s Department of Leuemia.
An Advaned ratie ure i orn n , Sancheiiams competed the adanced practice nurse program at he niersit of eas Schoo of Nursing at ouston, and receied a Master of Science in Nursing before oining the Department of horacicead and Nec Medica Oncoog. An Amazing areer he hoistic needs of patients are so important to Sancheiiams, no in Neurosurger, that she formed a spine tumor support group. She has ritten educationa materias for the group and brings in speaers month to share auabe information. he forum proides patients ith the opportunit to share eperiences and as medica and persona uestions about their disease. “Deeoping a support group for spine tumor patients has aoed me to earn about the priorit needs of this popuation. t’s aso aoed me to gain greater insight into their concerns and ongterm issues,” sas Sancheiiams. “heir abiit to embrace each other, epress the detais of their cancer ourne, and offer uniue as to improe their uait of ife has been an amaing eperience for me.”
Academic  Nursing Cohorts Are you uruing an initial or an advaned nuring degree rom an aredited hool o nuring uring orore lanning and eveloment oer a ull range o aademi nuring ohort, inluding • N-to-N • N AN - Associate egree program must graduate from an AN program by ecember   AN new grads ired at -M Anderson are reuired to complete a N degree witin six years  N • N  • N-to-N • MN  • N-to-MN • Post-Masters Certification • Nursing octorate NP or P artiiant in the ohort rogram may reeive the olloing benefit  ncreased amount of uition Assistance Program AP money to be used for tuition fees and boos  maximum per fiscal year • p-front system for payment of tuition fees and boos  ayments made directly to te • P collegesuniersities troug tird-party billing arrangements between M Anderson and participating collegesuniersities • Academic and personal counseling • ocial opportunities wit oter coort participants • Paid release time for attending classes selected programs only ontat uring orore lanning and eveloment at  or more inormation
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