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And the Award Goes to...

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And the Award Goes to...

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Ajouté le : 21 juillet 2011
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his ear the American g ealinentirdees sNrusoern M ddnA rgetna recognition status or the third time ongratulations are due to each o our  nurses or their hard wor high standards and unwaering commitment to excellence in patient care We were among the first  organizations to e Magnet designated when we initiall receied the honor in 22 and in 2 when we were eligile to reappl we were redesignated urrentl onl aout  o  hospitals are Magnet recognized according to the American ospital Association
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And the Award Goes to...
Peg FieldsEthel in Advanced Practice NurseFlem g Gynecologic Oncologyg inndta neaeAcruOstxu  I wanted to be aNurse-Oncologist nurse from the time I was a girl. I love the ide of helping others and pro are to those in need. I was inspired b nurses that I enountered aring for ill famil members when I was a hild and wanted to be ust lie the nurses that helped m famil so muh.ears as a nurse  • ears at M Anderson  Awards - continued on page 2
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