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Protect Your Medical Practice Profits with the Right Medical Software

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MedcomSoft ( ) is a customer-focused service organization that is committed to delivering empowering technological solutions to the healthcare industry. Visit for all your medical software needs.

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Protect Your Medical Practice Profits with the Right Medical Software
Providing high quality care is not enough to guarantee the financial
success of your medical practice. You must keep detailed records you
can recall in seconds. You need to properly code all of these detailed
records or risk receiving reduced payments from Medicaid, Medicare,
Blue Cross, and all of the other insurance companies you deal with.
High quality medical software is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.
MEDCIN Powered Electronic Medical Records Eases the Pain of Coding
Getting the coding right is half the battle to maximizing your profits. Knowing all the right codes is
where the challenge begins. MEDCIN is one of the most advanced numeric coding terminology systems
available today. MedcomSoft is one of the companies who include MEDCIN in their EMR medical
This allows your staff to quickly find the exact code for procedures ensuring you receive the highest pay
possible and avoiding costly delays as insurance companies argue about your codes.
Your Medical Software Must Bring Your Entire Practice into One Location
One of the biggest tragedies in medical software has been programs specialized by departments. You
may be battling this challenge yourself. You have a system for the Radiology department. The
Laboratory has their proprietary system. Your pharmacy uses another system. Suddenly you need to
combine data from your software and the software of all your other departments to get one financial
report. Not a time efficient way to spend those precious hours you get away from seeing patients.
MedcomSoft is one example of a company who understands your pain. They have combined laboratory
results, prescriptions, and all of your patients’ medical records into one
comprehensive medical
software program. This not only makes life easier for you, but for your entire staff. You can have one
person trained who supports the entire office instead of a person from each department learning their
own systems.
It reduces your pain points, too. You may have always felt as the provider, or the office manager, you
needed to know all the systems. Do you really have time to know multiple systems effectively? If you
can focus your efforts on understanding one package you will
become more efficient at entering records and reviewing the
status of your practice.
The Best Medical Software Is Only Half the Story
It is time to face a very painful truth about medical software.
Some of it is great and some of it is very poor. The second
painful truth is even some of the best programs on the market
have terrible support practices. Your staff is not filled with
software experts. You do not wish for them to become experts. You want them to be experts at caring
for your clients and taking care of business. Your choice of medical software vendor should include
evaluating the companies support services. Call their support desk and ask a few questions. Find out
how knowledgeable their team is. See how well they communicate to their clients.
If you need an example of high quality support, give MedcomSoft a call. You will learn how experts in
medical software
can explain the most difficult task in the simplest terms even a new medical
transcriptionist can understand.
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