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The Importance of the Engineer Pad
Engineers are professionals who must utilize their mathematic and scientific knowledge, paired with ingenuity
and problem-solving skills, to decipher complicated, and often confusing, problems. There are different types
of engineers, and often many different kinds of engineers will work together to try to solve these issues and
to try to develop a solution to the problem. When there are that many hands in the cookie jar, so to speak,
it?s imperative that each person takes extremely good notes documenting their research and observations.
There are a lot of complex facets involved in engineering work, so it is vital that the engineer maintains a
professional journal, or engineer pad. In this notebook, the engineer should record discussions with
colleagues, calculations made, ideas, observations, and diagrams, as well as any other pertinent information
related to the project at large. The notebook functions as a record of progress made on the project. If
memory fails the engineer, he or she can go back and refer to the notes and data recorded therein.
Furthermore, engineering journals can be submitted as a legal document for a number of reasons, including
Thus there are several guidelines laid out for engineers when it comes to their note taking. Organizing the
data and observations in a clean and tidy manner is helpful for going back and finding the data you?re
searching for and you should record your records legibly in permanent ink. All the information that you enter
into the journal should be done systematically and in an orderly fashion. You want to remain consistent
throughout the notebook. An engineer pad must be bound and pages should never be removed. If you make
an error, strike through it with a single strikethrough line, but don?t scribble it out. You?ll still want to be
able to read what you wrote. A good rule of thumb when keeping an engineering notepad is to write it as
clearly as possible so that if someone else were to pick it up, they would be able to understand and
comprehend it as easily as the person who wrote it.
Treat your notebook as a legal document. It ought to be written in chronological order and dates should be
recorded clearly. Each engineer should have his or her own notebook. It is not recommended that others be
allowed to write on your pad. You can attach other items into your notebook, but it ought to be
done so that they cannot come out. If you do this, make notations or entries that add insight into why you
added what you did.
Pre-made engineering notepads are available for the professional and are usually designed to make it easy
for the engineer to write observations and record data and draw diagrams. They are bound notebooks and
are often designed with a quadrille layout to make diagrams and note taking easier. Often the pages are
already numbered for you and there are header and footer sections to help you annotate and label drawings.
When it comes to engineering journals, it is vital that the information is recorded in the appropriate manner
so ideas and data can be recorded for future reference and even legal documentation. Engineers are not only
working on their own projects, they are collaborating with colleagues. The notebook helps the engineer keep
conversations and observations recorded and organized.
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