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Pd’ Programming Inc.’s
Intersection Magic
Tutorial Chapter
Extracted from the manual
for MS WindowsIntersection Magic
License Statement
This software is the property of Pd’ Programming, Inc. and is protected by both
United States Copyright Law and international treaty provisions. You are entitled to
a site license to use this software. You are licensed to use one copy of this software
on each machine within the one physical building structure which contains your
office. No copies may be removed from this site. You must treat this software as
you would any published material protected by the Copyright Law with the
following single exception: Pd’ Programming, Inc. authorizes you to make archival
copies of the software for the sole purpose of backing-up our software and protecting
investment from loss. Use of this software implies your acceptance of the terms of
this License Statement.
Limited Warranty
With respect to the physical diskette and physical documentation enclosed herein,
Pd’ Programming, Inc. warrants the same to be free of defects in materials and
workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. During this period
Pd’ Programming, Inc. will replace the defective diskette or documentation at no
charge. The remedy for breach of this warranty shall be limited to replacement and
shall not encompass any other damages, including but not limited to loss of profit,
and special incidental, consequential, or other similar claims.
Pd’ Programming, Inc. specifically disclaims all other warranties expressed or
implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchant ability and
fitness for a particular purpose with respect to defects in the software, diskette, and
documentation. In no event shall Pd’ Programming, Inc. be liable for any loss of
profit or any other commercial damage, including but not limited to special,
incidental, consequential or other damage.
Governing Law
This statement shall be construed, interpreted, and governed by the laws of the State
of Colorado.
Copyright and version information
Copyright statement
This manual, as well as the Intersection MagicÒ software are copyrighted material.
Copyright 1988-1997, Pd’ Programming, Inc. Lafayette CO. All rights reserved.
Manual version
This document was last updated July, 1997.
ÓIII. Tutorial
"High accident locations" on page 7.
"New diagram" on page 10.
"Using the Diagram" on page 12.
"Analysis" on page 20.
"Misc." on page 26.
Starting the Tutorial
Once you have installed Intersection Magic, you should have an IMW Tutorial icon.
Select that icon by double clicking on it. Or from Windows ’95 you will have a
program menu option to start the Tutorial.
Welcome to the Intersection Magic Tutorial. This tutorial was created
to be used as a guide while you are working with Intersection Magic.
The titles begin a new section that relates to the menus of the program
so that you can easily refer to them later if you need help. Intersection
Magic works very well with a mouse, but it does not require one. This
session is written for use with a mouse. If you are not familiar with the
mouse, pull-down menus, or dialogue boxes, please refer to the
Reference Chapter or your Windows manual for specific information
on each of these.Magic town
We have created Magic Town as a demonstration city with an actual
database to help you learn some of the capabilities of Intersection
Magic. You can quit the Tutorial at any time by choosing the FILE,
EXIT option or by double clicking in the system
Accessing the help system
At any time, pressing the F1 key will bring up the help system. Do this now. You
should be at the help menu screen. Notice that you can search on a keyword that you
may need help with. For example, if you select the search button you will be
presented with a list of all the index keywords in the help system.
These buttons allow you
to go to the next page or
previous page of the
Searching on a keyword
Now, search on Pd’ Programming and you will find our phone numbers
and addresses for free technical support if you have any problems or
questions. Close the window to end the help session or leave the help
window visible while using the program. This can be handy while
following a list of instructions.
High accident locations
Since we would like to see a collision diagram for a high accident
intersection, let’s create a High Accident Locations Listing.
Select Reports / Listings / High Accident Locations. You will get a
dialogue box asking you to choose to show the first 20 intersections,
which had at least 5 accidents before it adds it to your list. You alsohave the option to sort the list by rate or by count. If you have volume
information, this list can be sorted by rates, see "Error! Reference
source not found." on page Error! Bookmark not defined. for
information on entering volume data. For now make sure that Count is
Now you need to give the box a date range. Click on that button and
you will get the date box.
Notice that the valid dates are at the top of the date box. You may
choose any date range between these valid dates. But for now choose
all of 1990 by typing a beginning date of 01/01/90 and hit tab to get to
the end date and give it 12/31/90 and then say OK to the date range
box. We also won’t select a filter to use with this report so go ahead
and say OK to the High Accident Locations box. For more information
on using this date range box and study dates see "Error! Reference
source not found." on page Error! Bookmark not defined..
Here you will get a progress box, and when it’s finished you will have a
list of intersections sorted by the number of accidents to create a
diagram from. You can select a single intersection, or several
intersections from this list and click on diagram button to display
diagrams for these intersections.There are several things to note about this High Accident Locations in
the list box.
• Double clicking on an intersection name will create the
• Selecting an intersection name so that it’s highlighted, and
clicking the Diagram button will also create the diagram.
• There is no GIS associated with the Demo database, so
the ArcView button is grayed out.
In order to get a "normal report" and in a format that can be printed,
you will need to re-create the report and select "normal report" from the
High Accident Locations box. So, again go to the Reports / Listings /
High Accident Locations and click on the "normal report" option.The list will be presented to you in an edit window as shown below.
High accident location listing
As with all reports, this list has been put in the text editor to view, print
or edit it. Click right with your mouse inside the editor and you will
get the editor menu. Notice that the edit menu also gives you the
options of finding, replacing, and changing the fonts of this report.
You can minimize this report to refer to it at a later time or close it by
double clicking on the system menu. If you close it, you will have the
option to save it. Give it a name with the .TXT extension. For
example, save it as INTS.TXT.
For more information on High Accident Locations see "Error!
Reference source not found." on page Error! Bookmark not
defined.. For more information on the text editor see "Error!
Reference source not found." on page Error! Bookmark not
New diagram
Now that we have a High Accident Locations List to choose from, we
can create a collision diagram. At the top of the list, the high accident
intersection for 1990 occurred at Middle Street and Broadway. If you
chose “list box” when creating the high accident locations list, you can
simply double click on the Middle Street and Broadway line.
Otherwise, you will need to follow the directions below to query the
database to create a new intersection diagram.
Select File / New Diagram. This will bring up a New diagram dialogue box for you
to select the type of diagram you want, the location, and the date range you wish it to

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