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MINORITY BUSINESS OF THE YEAR [At least 51% owned by minority businessperson(s) who are U.S. Residents. "Minority" is defined in Ch. 288.703, Florida Statutes as African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, Native American or American Woman.]Application Guidelines & FormTheSTARS OVER OCALA Awardsrecognize organizations and individuals who exemplify the mission of the Ocala/Marion County Chamber of Commerce “to improve the business climate, economy and quality of life in Ocala/Marion County.”The awards, sponsored byOcala Magazine, will be presented at the Annual Dinner & Meeting of the Corporation.Rules for Entry:1.Application package must be submitted to the Chamber Office at 310 SE Third Street or electronically toShannon@OcalaCC.com2.Complete separate entry for each category entered (Maximum of 2 categories).3.Support material such as original art or specialty items that are not electronic must be delivered to the chamber for inclusion by deadline date.4.Application requirements MUST all be completed for the application to be considered.Please review your application for completeness before submitting.5.All entrants must be Chamber Members in good standing at the time of application.6.Entries must be received by 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 12, 2011. Minority Business of the Year Award Considerations: STAYING POWER – a substantiated history as an established business (in operation a minimum of one year). GROWTH IN NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES – benchmark to judge the impact of the business on the job market. INCREASE IN SALES AND/OR UNIT VOLUME – an indication of continued growth. INNOVATION OF PRODUCT OR SERVICE OFFERED – illustrations of the creativity and imagination of the originator of the business and/or subsequent manager. RESPONSE TO ADVERSITY – examples of problems faced by the business and the solutions taken in resolving them. EVIDENCE OF CONTRIBUTIONS BY NOMINEE TO AID COMMUNITY-ORIENTED PROJECTS – through the use of his or personal time and other resources.
Please submit the following information below or in a separate document: Background Information Official Business Name: Person Submitting Entry, Title: Business Address: Contact Phone: Email Address: Business Web Site: Number of Employees: Type of Business-Industry: Number of Years in Business: A. NOMINEEDESCRIPTION  Brieflydescribe your background: Industry Experience: Major accomplishments: Please list business, community or civic organizations of which you are a member and the extent of involvement: B. TYPEOF BUSINESS AND CURRENT ACTIVITY  Pleasedescribe the history of your company (or organization): Date company was founded: The sources of the idea for the original strategy: The risk (if any) involved: Other pertinent information: Describe any use of innovative approaches to management and marketing: Also, provide specific information about the company’s current stage of development and future prospects: C. INNOVATIVEBUSINESS APPROACHES Briefly describe how your company is unique or innovative in its relations with (a) its employees and (b) its customers: Also briefly describe the major products and/or services.Include why your company (or organization) is unique and/or has demonstrated excellence in its field: Please attach any necessary promotional material about the company (or organization).
D. PLANSFOR THE FUTURE  Brieflydescribe your plans for the future of the company (or organization) which demonstrates your innovative planning skills.(250 words or less) E. OTHERCONSIDERATIONS Briefly describe any considerations that demonstrate your skills, experience, etc. including the selection of the key management team members detailing their experience, special skills and major accomplishments.Please provide specific examples of management or business successes.(250 words or less) F. SPECIFICTO ENTRY CATEGORY Based upon the category under which you are submitting this application, what specific attributes of your business do you consider to be important in qualifying for this award? (250 words or less)
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