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72M Magazine issue 6

54 pages
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Ajouté le : 10 août 2012
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m agazine
Read by fans in   over 100 countries   from America to Zimbabwe* Over  150,000 readers, Over  700,000 views,  April 2011 – April 2012*
At 72m were addicted to networking and we like to shout about what we do and how awesome we are!
Our eclectic content is read by fashion bloggers, business owners, mums, models, fitness freaks, fans and friends alike. The list goes on and on...
If you have something to shout about get in touch today and see what we can do for you!
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Issue 7 October 2012
*Published on ISSUU, YouKioske, MagCloud, Facebook and
F or every woman, everywhere
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contents regulars editor’s rant what they tweet brit on the boulevard the alex experience YOU-ology
features 6 blog long and prosper 8 Munich Streetstyle – inspiration 7 comes from everywhere 24 seventy2minutes with: 29 Alice Amter 20 52
p8 Autumn 2012
home//away//cook Interior designs and a visit to Istanbul tech & gadgets must have gadgets and where to find them
32 39
fashion & beauty L for Lazarus 36 Learn some Lessons form a Labour of Love stuck in a style rut? 38 Burst through the doldrums and up your styling quotient HeavenSentBeauty 40 Lay back, relax and listen mark Mark has been working in the design industry for 15 years, producing work for major film studios, F1 racing teams, financial institutions, charities and, of course, 72m Magazine Jay Jay is a martial artist, celebrity fitness trainer and an athlete with over 12 years experience in the fitness industry. He has been dubbed as the awesome p42 kicking machine by Chuck Norris. mbeke Mbeke is a Management Coach (currently at Channel 4), Trainer, Educational Consultant, mother of two, author and photographer. She writes about her experiences working abroad and shares e on ment. eelance writer, expert, gger and anager , miainly, neurs. lp a better zy is y to help!
contents health, wealth & wisdom mind your own… 30 world wise woman 49 Take a break from business In Urbana-Champaign, Illinois… behind the lense 31 working without boundaries 50 And focused on Henry Olonga A moment of reflection rest and recovery 42 art life 51 Replenish your body the right way I hate rain… money matters 46 Balance is really powerful nita andy Nita is the owner and Andy is a former cHreeaavtievneS deinrte cBteoaru otfy . broadcaster plotting She has worked in his journey towards, the beauty industry if not writing  stardom, perhaps a for over 13 years writing career. Along aanbdo uist  pwaosrskiionnga te the way he pens a with lie from column for 72m with p40 taonpd- tfoec-etl otneht tes oi rl oboeskt . p31 hoins  tvhaer iwouorsl dm!usings darren alex Darren: an actor, Alex is a courier on director, producer, writer, and business tbhy.e  rCouarrd elnetslsy  tar avelled owner. He is our graphic ar ist, web international t jetsetter. His daensdi gt-nsehri,r fti ltomu teesrs ahyei st business credentials, and his busyness, oofnf etrhs ea  wpoerrlsdp, evcetrivy e led to him gracing p24 t7h2em cso 1vsetr  isosf ue. p29 pmouicnth  oafn v ieexwp.eriential sarupa david Sarupa is the owner Dave is an English and founder of The national living in Soul Agency. It works Belgrade. A CELTA with entrepreneurs qualified English and leaders across language teacher, the globe who writer, proofreader want to put soul and language and spirit back to editor his travel where it matters and experience provides the inspiration for p46 lcorevae tfeo ra  tlheeg apclya nofe t. p32 his articles in 72m. kirsty-ann ryan Kirstie-Ann is an R u y r a r n e  isl a nli vairnt gd iena ler Interior Design c nt y enthusiast and Tokyo. An extensive blogger. She traveller on the takes a lot of her ovewrng et roafv oelpening his inspiration from company vintage design, and he indulges us in also runs a personal the richness of p32 fashion blog. p51 ianntde rTnoaktiyoon lailv ianrtg .
 Autumn 2012
editor’s rant
Another quarter, another issue! Since celebrating our first year weve dived straight into year 2 with the enthusiasm of an adventurous child. This issues theme is all about rest, relaxation and restoration (even adventurous children need the occasional nap time!). We all know that hard work can wear a person down, and its easy to ignore the need to stop and take a break, so weve gathered some great advice to help you understand the importance of rest. From holistic views on appreciating this phase of your existence to fitness tips on recovering from a hardcore workout, weve pulled together a diverse bundle for you to sink your teeth into. Whilst youre kicking back and relaxing why not indulge in the wonderful Alice Amter (p21)? Almost unrecognisable as the humorous Mrs koothrapali (The Big Bang Theory) this multi-talented lady makes our eclecticism seem one dimensional! Weve also grown a little. We had so much to pack into this issue that we wanted to give it all to you without breaking our promise about keeping it short and sweet! We revisit the world of blogging (p8) and introduce a touch of class, with our new section on international art (p51), whilst still entertaining you with our regulars; so read, enjoy, share and find us online to keep up with all our 72m contributors. Good luck and happy reading! Dinah Dinah Sackey, Editor Autumn 2012
Questions, comments, queries or contribution ideas?
@ VMcAV: No joke the horse guards band is playing the darth vader march ahead of the queen arriving #QueensSpeech
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what they tweet With so much tweeting going on this quarter it was difficult to pick a theme! Between coronations, emancipations and footballing nations the World had much to Twitter about! In the end we settled on the Queens speech. We thought that the woman that owns most of this planet would have rousing words to raise our spirits and ignite our hopes #queens speech
@ meagle Speech sh run out of i two years. N fairness. N economic
George Forget Skinners comment, there is a man known as black rod who commands the mps to hear Queens eech dressed in ann summers gear
wensumblogger: It would have been nice to see more emphasis placed on Curly the our unemployed youth Sheep: Who and graduates who are was it that wrote struggling to find a job the Queens s eech in Queenss speech The T us
Damu: http://www. london/queens-speech-unveils-uks-8216patriot-act-web-monitoring-plan/4663 Patriot Act?! so thats where were going is it? kiss your freedom goodbye people. big brother is on its way
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speech osborne and clegg look as sick
 Autumn 2012 7
feature Our blog is still pretty new. We started in November 2011 and so its only 7 months old, but this doesnt stop us from being more passionate about it! At the moment we focus on capturing the best looks of the streets and present this to our readers through outfit posts or detailed pictures. It might be a maxi skirt in a pastel hue that gets our attention, an intricate-printed blazer or an eccentric accessory. Most importantly, no matter how simple or sophisticated a look is, we focus on photographing the people that feel sure and have confidence with what they are wearing. At the moment we have followers via bloglovin, google and twitter. In the near future we are going to also start a facebook page, because we think this is also going to help word spread faster about the blog. We dont have any advertisements on our blog. For a short period we did have some though,but after facing some problems with our Google Ad-Sense account, we decided that we should wait until we make our next move with advertising. Next year is going to be a gap year from studying for us so we are going to invest this time on the blog. We are thinking of covering some fashion weeks, like Berlin, Stockholm or Copenhagen, which is a good way to start going international, but in our plans we also have Milan Fashion Week, which is close to Munich and it is where real fashion happens. Unfortunately, we dont know where this blogging experience might lead us in the far future so only time can tell where we will be in the next 5 years! Autumn 2012
I still believe that some dont yet understand the value of the blog. In issue 1 of 72m I was eager to introduce readers to bloggers and the business of blogging as a means of highlighting how pervasive this, so called, trend is. The year between issues 1 and 6 have confirmed to me that blogging is more than the current in thing. Ive watched big brand name organisations try their hand, and fail, whilst marvelling at the unknown individuals that have built communities around their blogs in a matter of months. Ive managed my own blog and wondered how others keep their content fresh and relevant especially when posting articles multiple times a day. Its certainly a skill and one that shouldnt be underestimated. For this article I wanted to take a closer look at blogs. I wanted to share my understanding of the passion that these writers have for what they do and how this passion becomes the thing that readers flock to. Most importantly I wanted evidence that these bloggers are like you and me; students, parents, employers, employees, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms and more The hope is that if youve ever toyed with the idea of being a blogger, and then floundered at the thought of bearing your soul online, youll find inspiration and encouragement from the words of those who are already there.
Inspiration comes from everywhere
 aseelinvem adimauscsenia velusci essd
blog long and prosper
Inspiration comes from everywhere. We read a lot of streetstyle blogs and they all give us the drive to continue blogging,because we also want to photograph outside the parisian shows or outside Lincoln Center during NYFW. But also the personal blogs and the people we see on the streets are inspiring as equally, because they help us build an aesthetic, which afterwards we want to capture and present on the blog. When were not blogging? Well, this year there has been a lot of studying and so we try to balance it along with the style-hunting. Apart from these two, we are also sport-lovers and so we go jogging, regularly, at the park, but when the weather is good you can also find us sipping coffee at starbucks with friends!:)
 Autumn 2012 seven y minu
blog long and prosper
I might share a picture of a loaf of bread thats just come out of the oven and the immediate response is fantastic.
www.m My Custard Pie focuses on simple food made with good ingredients at the heart of my familys life here in Dubai. Its how I was brought up and I think a lot of the problems with our food chain have come about because weve become distanced from the way things are made.
Twitter  @mycustardpie Autumn 2012
blog long and prosper There are so many beautiful blogs that its almost impossible to whittle down my favourites. Things We Make has inspired me through the beautiful photography with a unique style, the integrity of the writing and a glimpse of everyday life in England, which I miss. Eggs on the Roof is a great read and proves that intelligent writing can still succeed among the legions of chatty bullet style blogs that abound. Food Stories is another favourite  Helen Graves has a down to earth appreciation of street food and small eateries based in Peckham, plus shares recipes that make you want to reach in and grab the food from the screen (great idea for an app!). Meeta from Whats For Lunch, Honey? demonstrates how important it is to develop your own style  and I learned a huge amount from her workshop. When Im not blogging Im a Mum to two teenage girls (i.e. banker and taxi driver) and a freelance marketing consultant specialising in social media strategy and activation. Inspired by Things We Make Eggs on the Roof Food Stories Whats For Lunch, Honey?
Ive been blogging for two and a half years  but it now feels as though it was always part of my life. My readers come from all over the world, the UAE of course, the UK, US, South Africa and Australia primarily. Depending on the topic a post can attract several hundred or many thousand  it varies a lot. I am very active on Twitter and find it has opened doors to new opportunities and is great for keeping my finger on the pulse of new information. I have over 1700 followers. My Custard Pie Facebook page is great for sharing special moments  I might share a picture of loaf of bread thats just come out of the oven and the immediate response is fantastic. The 500 likers seem to be as excited about it as I am! I started using Pinterest soon after launch  its a wonderful place to store inspiring images  and Im getting a growing number of visitors to my blog from the site. My Custard Pie was included in The Independents Top 50 food websites and named as one of the UAE top food blogs which gave a nice boost to my readership as well as being a great honour. My blog has opened a lot of doors for me, I recently picked up a new client on the back of it and hosted a food photography and styling workshop with a leading international blogger. My highlight was to interview Giorgio Locatelli and taste the truffle risotto that he had just made. The blogs that generate significant income from advertising have evolved from blogs to websites run as businesses. I dont blog about a highly marketable niche and would have to dedicate much more time and effort into finding sponsors and worthwhile advertisers to generate a decent income. Right now I prefer to use my blog as showcase for other projects than to go down that route  although its not something I would rule out. I dont want to take over the world in terms of site stats!  but rather keep building a base of regular readers who share the same values in food and cooking (and perhaps life). In 5 years time I aim to have a back catalogue of posts about great ingredients and how to use them.
 Autumn 2012