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Kitopia Nut Milk Bag: Not Your Regular Cheesecloth
Contrary to its name, the Nut Milk Bag is not just for milking nuts. It can also be used to juice grated vegetables and fruits, to sprout seeds, and for storage. It is lightweight, durable, flexible, and travelfriendly.
Bag History
These bags are ideal for numerous straining or sprouting uses (click to know how) and recipesare available in our blog. Each bag is constructed of highquality nylon that is tested before shipment. Tons of care is provided while sewing each fine mesh nylon bag with seams to boost its strength and flexibility. We at Kitopia, are confident that our NUT MILK BAGs are of the highest quality around.
All Kitopia NUT MILK BAGs may be used for unlimited number of times to produce Nut Milk, Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juice, Sprouting Seeds, and to store all kinds of dry foods.
Nylon is the greatest material for Straining
After testing a variety of natural fibers, we found that nylon is the best material for this product. Nylon is nonporous, making it very easy to clean so do not need wash it rigorously. This characteristic helps it to keep strong and intact even after many, many uses. Our product development team observed that natural fiber bags stain quickly and often add smell and taste to their contents even after just one or two uses, but nylon remains basic.
Make Your OwnNut MilkIn your own home
Forget about the fattening dairy products. Forget about those prepared nut milks which are so overpriced. With this Nut Milk Bag, you can create your own fresh plantbased milk in your kitchen! Just mix your choice of nuts, water and a sweetener (agave, dates, honey), in a highspeed blender. Then strain through the nut milk bag for silky, smooth, and creamy milk that could replace dairy milk for drinking or for cooking.
Juice Your Fruits or Veggies Easily
Place the pulp from newly squeezed fruits or finely grated vegetables with this bag and squeeze. You\'ll be amazed at just how much more juice comes out! Also when traveling and you don\'t own a juicer handy, you can blend fruits using a little water in a blender and strain through the bag. Voila! Freshly squeezed juice!
So many uses with such a small bag!
How to Clean
Clear the nut, veggie or fruit pulp in another bag or container and wash the bag completely under running hot water. Hang to air dry. Regarding stubborn stains, soak the bag in GSE (grapefruit seed extract) then wash thoroughly with running water.
Other Uses for theNut Milk Bag
Making Gravies
Sprouting Seeds
Brewing Coffee or Tea
Making Cheese or Tofu
Click for more suggestions on how to use your NUT MILK BAG.
Countless uses!  send us a thought we haven\'t heard of and we\'ll send you a free nut milk bag! Email us at
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