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Second european conference on underwater acoustics

516 pages
Medical and biological research
Environment policy and protection of the environment
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European Commission ISSN 1018-5593
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& Proceedings of the
PARL EUROP. Bíbíioifi.
N.C.^'ßMW-Published by the
Directorate-General XIII
Telecommunications, Information Market and Exploitation of Research
L-2920 Luxembourg
Neither the European Commission nor any person acting on behalf of the Commission is
responsible for the use which might be made of the following information
Cataloguing data can be found at the end of this publication
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 1994
ISBN 92-826-8000-2
© ECSC-EC-EAEC, Brussels · Luxembourg, 1994
Printed in Belgium 2nd EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON
VOLUME II Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Underwater Acoustics, held at the Technical
University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark, 4-8 July 1994, sponsored by the Commission of the
European Communities in collaboration with the Federation of the Acoustical Societies of Europe,
the Deutsche Akustische Gesellschaft, the Sociedad Española de Acústica, the Société Française
d'Acoustique, the Associazione Italiana di Acustica and the Institute of Acoustics.
Scientific Committee
Professor L. Bjørnø Federation of Acoustical Societies of Europe,
(Chairman) Lyngby, Denmark
Dr. G.B. Cannelli Rome, Italy
Dr. R. Carbó Madrid, Spain
Bremen, Germany Dr. K. Kremer
Eastleigh, UK Dr. J.R. Nedwell
Professor J. Papadakis Heraklion, Greece
Dr. M. Weydert CEC-DGXII/D, Brussels, Belgium
Dr. M. Zakharia Lyon, France
Local Organizing Committee
Professor L. Bjørnø (Chairman)
Dr. I. K. Bjørnø
Mr. S. Engelbrecht
Dr. P. Louring Nielsen
Conference Secretariat
2nd European Conference on Underwater Acoustics
Department of Industrial Acoustics
Technical University of Denmark
Building 425
DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark
Phone: +45 42 88 25 22
Fax: +45 45 93 0190 Contents
Seismo­acousticsofthearcticice cover3
H. Schmidt
W H.Munk
INVITEDPAPER:Determination of elastic sea floor parameters fromshallow­
water ambientnoise19
M.J. Buckingham · G.B. Deane · JV.AÍ. Carbone
INVITED PAPER: Recent developments in the passive detection of breaking
surface waves 27
D.M.Farmer·L. Ding
TheInfluenceofswell, icebergs and grease ice on ambient noise33
O.M.Johannessen · H. Sagen · S. Sandven · /. Engelsen
Anunderwateracoustic study: From the concept to experiment of the SNECOW
F.Grassia·L.Minna · S. Pagnan · G. Tacconi · A Tesei · A. Tiano
AcomparativeH.O.S. estimation of class Β non­gaussian underwateracoustic
F. Borghini · G. Tacconi · A. Tiano
Ambient noise database environment tool set: Conceptual method 51
J.L Espérandieu · M. Cezon · S. Bois
Non­linear excitation of collective oscillations of fresh and saltwaterbubble plu­
mes 63
G.J. Orris · M. Nicholas · M. Querijero
Linear pressure waves in bubbly fluids in the non­interacting regime71
J.L. Leander
Shipradiated noise measurements on sea: Separation of ambient trafficnoise
fromthe measured signatures75
B.Gamier · J. Millet · J. Larcher · G. Goullet vi Con ten ts
Deterministicreverberationfrom the Mid­Atlantic ridge 83
N.C.Makris·R.Menis·L. Avelino · J.M.Berkson
Calculationsofreverberationby applying backscatteringfunctions89
Backscatterreductionthrough single mode excitation 95
Far low frequencysoundreverberation intheocean101
D.I. Abrosimov · V.S. Averbakh · E.I.Bolonicheva·L.S. Doiin · V.Yu.
Goldbiut . V.N. Golubev . A.G. Nechaev . K.E.Pigalov· N.I. Sirotkina.
Characteristic properties of bottom backscattering in the south Baltic sea 105
Z. Klusek · A. Sliwinski · J. Tegowski
Sea bed roughness dependence on acoustic pulse length at normal incidence 111
G.J. Heald . N.G. Pace
INVITEDPAPER:Benchmark solutions for backscattering in simplewaveguide
INVITED PAPER: Resonance properties of sub­surface bubble clouds125
I.K. Bjørnø » L. Bjørnø
INVITED PAPER: Attenuation and scattering by bubbles and their influence
on surface backscattering strength 133
H. Herwig · Β.Nützet
INVITED PAPER:Modellingofacousticvolume reverberation to estimateve­
locity, refraction indexandturbulenceprofiles141
S.D. Kamminga ·A.Plaisant·C.Camporeale · D. Nijveldt · H.0.Madsen
Acoustical scatteringbyatubeandobservation of guided waves at largeincidence
angles 147
Experimentaland theoretical study of the sound scattering by the axial ribbed
A.Klauson·D. Décultot · G. Maze · J. Metsaveer
Resonancesofdeformed cylindrical shells­experimental visualization andidenti­
P.A.Chinnery· V.F. Humphrey
Diffraction of the acoustical fields by the elastic bodies in oceanic waveguides:
Solution by the combine integral method 165
V.E. Belov . S.M.Gorsky·A.Yu.Zinov'ev . A.I. Khil'ko
Scattering of plane wavesfromelasticspheres with surface roughnesses 171
S. Sun · L. BjørnøContents vii
Experimental validation of a volume reverberation model 177
S.D. Kamminga · P.S. Griffioen
Backscattered signal from propeller blades 183
M. Tran Van Nhieu
Acoustic scatter from a dynamic rough surface and its influence on short-range,
high-frequency signal propagation9
C. Bjerrum-Niese · L. Bjørnø
Can near-surface bubble clouds and plumes lead to anomalous perturbations in
low-frequency sea-surface scattering? 195
R.A. Roy . J.A. Schindall . W.M. Carey . I.A. Crum
Acoustic bubble sizing using two frequency excitation techniques 201
A.D. Phelps . T.G. Leighton
The low-frequency radiation and scattering of sound from bubbly mixtures near
the sea surface 207
W.M, Carey RA. Roy
Wave scattering in an irregular elastic layer adjoining a fluid half-space 213
M. Spivack · J.D. Sheard
Influence of the sea movement induced by swell on the scattering of an acoustic
plane wave 219
F. Coulouvrat · M. Rousseau
Scattered sound angular-frequency spectra of the ocean wind perturbed surface:
Application and numerical investigation of the small-slope method 225
M. Galaktionov
Sound scattering from gas bubbles in the sea-numerical consideration of coherence
and interaction effects 231
J. Szczucka
Reference measurements and estimator validation for acoustical volume rever­
D. Nijveldt
Wideband waveforms for incoherent Doppler current profiling and related pro­
cessing 243
F. Andreucci · C. Camporeale
Acoustic experiments to test estimators for velocity 249
S.D. Kamminga · R.F. van Unen · J.J. Bosman
Acoustic backscattering by particles in turbulent flows: Space and time cross-
correlation functions of backscattered pressures and powers 255
X. Cristol
Theoretical and experimental analysis of scattering interactions between a cylin­
drical receiving array and neighbouring structures 261
A. Monsallier · F. Lantén · C. Audoly
Limitations of spherical array performance due to scattering interactions with a
neighbouring acoustic barrier 267
F. Lanieri · C. Audoly viii Contents
Seasonal and diurnal changes of biological backscattering patterns in the southern
Baltic sea 273
J. Szczucka · Z. Klusek · A. Sllwinski
Measurement and calculation of the acoustic characteristics of fibre-reinforced
panels-the influence of anisotropy9
V.F. Humphrey · P.A. Chinnery
Moments and angular distribution for wave scattering at low grazing angles from
a rough surface 285
M. Spivack
On the possibility of reconstructing the anisotropic wind wave spectrum by the
method of double-position hydrolocation 291
L.S. Dolin · M.I. Kondratyeva
Combined FEM-BEM approach for determination of the scattered or radiated
field from an elastic shell7
A. Kăes · A. Lahe · J. Metsaveer · U. Ross
Sound scattering by a spherical lens with reflector 303
N.N. Makarchenko * V.N. Sakhno
INVITED PAPER: Shallow-water soundtransmissionmeasurements taken on
the New Jersey continental shelf 311
W.M. Carey · J.Doutt·R.Evans·W.L. Siegmann · β. Cederberg
INVITED PAPER:Characterizingparameter spaces319
L. Fishman · M.D.Collins
INVITED PAPER:Recentprogressinparabolic equation modeling 325
M.D. Collins ·W.A.Kuperman·W.L.Siegmann
Modal attenuation due tofish 331
O. Diachok
Parametric modelling of reflection and transmissionexperimentson viscoelastic
layers 337
L.Peirlinckx· R. Pintelon · L. Van Biesen
PropagationofLamb waves in alternated solid-liquid media345
O.Lenoir*H. Khelil · J.L. Izbicki · M. Rousseau · F. Coulouvrat
Anewsimulation in underwater acoustic 351
Amixedvariational FEM/BEMmodelforsubmerged elastic structureswiththin
J.P. Coyette· O. Bjorndahl
An efficient finite element methodeforthe PE363
V.A. Dougalis · N.A. Kampanis·E.A.Vavalis
ADCP-measured fluxes through channels of the North Frisian sea and modelling
results 369
M.Kolb.E.Rudolph . H. Schiller

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