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Saving Energy with Dimmer Switches

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Saving Energy with Dimmer Switches

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Ajouté le : 07 février 2012
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Saving Energy with Dimmer Switches
When choosing lighting for your house, versatility is a nice feature. Installing a dimmer switch
provides you with the versatility to control the amount of light your light fixtures provide.
Dimmer switches also save money on your electrical bills because you don’t waste unneeded
light. And in many cases, installing a dimmer switch can boost the lifespan of your light bulbs.
Installing a dimmer switch on the overhead light in your living room or family room is a superb
idea. While there are times when you’ll need a lot of light in the room, at other times, like when
you’re watching TV, bright light is not only wasted but can cause glare that can interfere with
your television viewing. And if you have a remote control for your dimmer switch, you'll even
be able to adjust the light level without leaving your couch.
The overhead
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in your dining room is another place where a dimmer switch can be
handy. When you have the full family or company coming to dinner, it’s at times nice to have
abundant light. But if it’s just you and your partner, a subdued light can make for a romantic
dinner with subdued lighting. A dimmer also allows you to have full light while you’re preparing
and serving the food and then turn the lights down somewhat when everyone s settled in to
eat, lending the room a restaurant atmosphere.
Subdued lighting is also nice in a bedroom for a romantic atmosphere. And when you’re
entering a bedroom where someone is already asleep, you can turn the light on at a low level,
so as not to wake them.
Make sure that you acquire the appropriate dimmer switches, as there are several varieties and
if you purchase the wrong one you are out of luck. For one thing
security lights
, they're typically
rated for a certain wattage range, and you must stay within that range. And this is for the actual
wattage the light draws, not the equivalent wattage (if you're replacing incandescent light bulbs
with compact fluorescent bulbs). And there are other elements involved, so read the
instructions on the switch before purchasing it.
Until recently, you couldn’t use a dimmer switch on any fluorescent light. However they’re
making special compact fluorescent bulbs that can be used with a dimmer switch. But you must
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make certain to obtain the special dimmer switches which are designed for these bulbs, plus
you've got to utilize only the bulbs that are labelled to be dimmable. They’re also making
given that may be dimmed; nevertheless, you’ll must make sure that you utilize the right
dimmer switches on their behalf.
You’ll also provide several styles and colors of switches to choose from. You’ll more than likelly
wish to match the design and colours in the switches that you simply presently have inside your
If you feel comfortable doing electrical work and have some rudimentary experience in it, you
might be able to install the dimmer switches yourself. But be sure to know what you’re doing,
or you could seriously injure yourself or others with faulty wiring, or even burn your house
down. Paying an electrician is usually a smarter option.
For more Information on Dimmer switches for saving your energy visit:
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