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ADMINISTRATION & AUDIT COMMITTEE  Thomas H. Hardy – Chairman  Robert D. Coogle Harold G. Mott   
 PURPOSE:  The Administration and Audit Committee of the 2002-2003 Kern County Grand Jury visited Bakersfield College on September 3, 2002, pursuant to Penal Code Sections 925 and 933. The Committee met with the President and the Executive Director who presented the mission and operations of the college. The Committee was given an extensive tour of the college campus and observed the various construction project sites.  BACKGROUND:  The mission of Bakersfield College (BC) is to empower students and community to succeed by providing exceptional instruction and services in a supportive environment. BC’s vision is to be known for its excellence and to collaborate in community development, foster cooperative efforts, and cultivate partnerships. BC desires to ensure student success through innovative programs and high standards of service.  BC is a two-year learning institution founded in 1913 and has resided at its present 153 acre main campus since 1956 and has a current enrollment of 15,000 students. The College has been under the authority of the Kern Community College District since 1968.  BC offers Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees, as well as Certificate of Achievement in more than 40 fields of study. BC maintains three detached college campuses and offers classes in four high schools in Kern County. Also, they offer distant learning programs through television and the Internet. BC is rated among the top 100 largest community colleges in the nation.  FINDINGS:  very efficiently under tight budget constraints and uses variousBC is being operated grants as a means to assist in accomplishing its mission. Grant and bond issues have become the College’s main source of funds in maintaining infrastructure. State spending reductions have severely handicapped BC in accomplishing many projected goals to improve the infrastructure. Local projects are paid for entirely through district funds.  BC was able to educate 706 more students than their funds provided for during the 2001-2002 enrollment period. The projected short fall for the 2002-2003 enrollment period is estimated to be $0.15 on the $1.00 of the projected budget.  for non-compliance of Educational Code 84362 (the 50% law)BC had been cited which requires that 50% of state funding be budgeted for classroom functions, thus limiting operational expenditures. Position classifications were the underlying reason for this non-compliance. An example would be a coach position, coaching a team and teaching English. The coaching duties would not be classified as a classroom
AA - 3  
function. These classifications have now been refined. BC has been in compliance for the last two years.  Proposition 98, the “Classroom Instructional Accountability and Improvement Act of 1988”, was meant to guarantee a minimum level of funding for the states K-12 schools and community colleges. The measure that was supposed to bring needed financial aid to California community colleges has under-funded the community colleges by $2.7 billion over the last 10 years. This has created financial problems for both K-12 schools and community colleges. Each year the Legislature suspends Educational Code 43201.1, which was written to guarantee community colleges 10.93% of all Proposition 98 funds. With the passage of Proposition 13, local tax funding for K-12 schools has dried up, and monies intended for community colleges has been shifted to the K-12 area.  A local bond issue, Measure G, will be voted upon in the November 2002 election. The passage of Measure G would provide $180 million to Kern Community College District for the repair of infrastructure, remodel and repair of classrooms and laboratories, replace obsolete equipment, and upgrade to modern technology.  in many areas of the campus infrastructure.BC is experiencing deterioration  1. The GET bus drop off landing has 15 feet of severely damaged asphalt needing immediate attention. 2. The painting of buildings should be completed every 10 years. BC can only afford to paint every 20 years, in some cases it’s even longer. The Language and Arts building has areas of deterioration on its cement walls and stairway landings. The entire building is in need of painting. 3. An out-of-town expert with experience in the outmoded system is required to assist in repairing the electrical problems on campus. The parts for the electrical system must be custom made because they are no longer manufactured. 4. Water is pumped through 46 year old galvanized pipe which is in a state of deterioration.  of the art pool is near completion. This new 50-meter Olympic size pool,A new state of Italian design, utilizes stainless steel and Styrofoam making the pool low maintenance and cost effective. The pool is equipped with a handicap chair lift to assist the disabled.  The Child Development Center project is now complete and provides needed space to handle the rapid growth requirements.  The pool and library projects received large sums of private donations. These structures are open and used by the community.  BC has enhanced the beauty of the campus with several landscape improvements.  
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body, parking has become a critical problem.With the increased student  RECOMMENDATIONS:  1. Immediate attention to repair the bus stop landing is needed for the safety of the students. 2. The electrical system requires modernization. 3. The water pumps and pipes require immediate repair and/or replacement. 4. Painting of buildings, especially the Language and Arts Building, need to be accomplished. 5. An individual should be assigned at the Community College District level to perform grants research. 6. Establish a committee composed of students and faculty to resolve the parking issue.   RESPONSE REQUIRED:    RESPOND WITHIN 90 DAYS TO PRESIDING JUDGE KERN COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT 1415 TRUXTUN AVENUE BAKERSFIELD, CA 93301      
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Office of the President
Bakersfield COLLEGE ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
January 8, 2003 The Honorable Stephen Gildner Presiding Judge of the  Kern County Superior Court 1415 Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield CA 93301 Dear Judge Gildner: My response to the Grand Jury report dated October 17, 2002, regarding Bakersfield College, was purposefully delayed. I had hoped to provide definitive information based on the outcome of the Kern Community College District Measure G. I am pleased to report the voters within the service area of the Kern Community College District, which includes Bakersfield College, approved Measure G in the November 2002 election. Measure G is a $180 million general obligation bond. From its proceeds, $115 million will be used to renovate, modernize, and expand our aging Bakersfield College facilities. I am also pleased to report that listed among the projects to be funded with Measure G bond proceeds are three of the projects identified among the six recommendations presented by the Grand Jury, specifically #2, 3, and 4. While funding for these three specific projects is contained within Measure G, the timeline with which these will be completed is uncertain at this time. The Kern Community College District (KCCD) is in the process of creating its new Facilities Development, Planning and Management Structure. The Kern Community College District, including Bakersfield College, is in the process of arranging its Measure G project priority list. As required by law, a citizens' oversight committee will review projects to be financed. The Kern Community College District Board of Trustees will appoint this committee at their March meeting. It is anticipated that the first general obligation bonds will be issued as early as March 2003. . K e r n C o m m u n i t y C o l l e g e D i s t r i c t  a n o r a m a P r i v e D1 8 0 1 B a k e r s f i e l d , A C 3 3 0 5 9O n l i n e w w w . b c . c c . c a . u s 6 6 1 . 3 9  F a x5 . 4 6 9 8 P h o n e6 6 1 - 3 9 5 - 4 2 1 1
The Honorable Stephen Gildner January 8, 2003 Page Two Following is my response to each of the individual recommendations enumerated in the Grand Jury report: Recommendation#1:Immediate attention to repair the bus stop landing is needed for the safetyofthe students. It is intended that the bus stop landing will be repaired this year with capital revenues currently budgeted. As you are well aware, public agencies are facing drastic mid-year reductions. It may become necessary for the college to revert scheduled maintenance money to the State in order to cover the State-mandated reductions. Recommendation#2:The electrical system requires modernization. The electrical system will be modernized in phases. The initial phase is scheduled to begin in May. Subsequent phases of modernization are designated among the first priorities to be addressed with Measure G proceeds. Recommendation#3:The water pumps and pipes require immediate repair and/or replacement. Water pumps and pipes in some buildings will be repaired and/or replaced as college project proposals are approved by the State for capital outlay or scheduled maintenance allocations. In the event State approval is not forthcoming, the modernization of Bakersfield College's infrastructure is contained within the list of projects planned for Measure G proceeds. The Measure G project list is enclosed. (Attachment A) Recommendation#4:Painting of buildings, especially the Language Arts Building, needs to be accomplished. Painting of the Language Arts building is a priority. In addition to being listed as a Measure G project, preliminary plans for completely refurbishing the Language Arts buildings have been submitted for possible State capital outlay funding secured under the Proposition 47 revenue bond. This project is currently moving through the Initial Project Proposal (IPP) process. The IPP process is the first step of a five-step, five-year construction plan. The proposed budget year forthis project, if approved, is 2005-06.
The Honorable Stephen Gildner January 8, 2003 Page Three Recommendation#5:An individual should be assigned at the Community College District level to perform grants research. Over the course of the last two years, Bakersfield College has contracted with three consultant/grant writers, and has submitted proposals realizing over $8 million in successful grants, infusing much needed capital into our instructional programs. Bakersfield College will continue to prospect grants as resources permit. Considering the precarious fiscal conditions the California Community College system is currently facing as a result of the State of California budget deficit, it is inadvisable to consider new staff positions at this time. The Kern Community College District mid-year reduction is projected to exceed $3 million. This represents an annualized amount of more than $6 million, which will be on going; this uncertain financial situation makes it difficult to add new positions. Recommendation#6:Establishacommittee composedofstudents and facultyto resolve the parking issue. In my 14-year tenure at Bakersfield College, parking concerns have surfaced periodically from students and faculty. There have been ad hoc meetings with students and faculty leadership represented to resolve parking issues. It has been approximately two years since faculty and students lastmet to discuss parking issues. The issue is not one of lack of adequate number of parking spaces available, but rather the proximity of the parking spaces to the buildings. Several years ago, in order to mediate the complaints about parking being "too far" from the buildings, the Associated Student Body provided shuttle services. Enclosed is a campus map identifying parking areas on campus (Attachment B). lhave highlighted the, areas that at all times have parking available. Students have also expressed concerns about the cost of parking. The California Education Code authorizes the District to require parking fees of up to $40 per semester. The parking service fees assessed at Bakersfield College arecurrently $20/semester. Comparatively, California State University, Bakersfield charges $36 per quarter. The parking fee is annually evaluated and approved by the Kern Community College District Board of Trustees.
The Honorable Stephen Gildner January 8, 2003 Page Four In conclusion, recommendations 2, 3, and 4 will be completed with proceeds from State and local bonds. The local bond, Measure G, will likely be issued in three phases over the course of the next 12 years. From Bakersfield College's perspective, recommendations 1, 2, 3, and 4 are high priority projects. Thank you for the time and consideration you, the Honorable Judge Arthur Wallace, and members of the Grand Jury have shown Bakersfield College as we continue to look for ways to improve our service to the community. Sincerely,
Sandra V. Serrano President SVS:ds cc: Mr. John Rodgers, President, KCCD Board of Trustees  Dr. Walter Packard, Chancellor, KCCD Attachments
 A ATTACHMENT EXHIBIT A-.1 The Governing Board of the Kern Community College District has evaluated safety, technology and instructional needs in developing the scope of college facility projects to be funded as outlined in the District's Educational/Facilities Master Plan, amended from time to time, on file at the District's Chancellors Office. Key projects and estimated costs are identified below. PROJECTS Projects to be completed at Bakersfield College (BC), Cerro Coso College (CC), Porterville College (PC) and District-wide (D) Additional Classrooms and Renovation $99,675,000 ƒAdditional Classrooms-Ridgecrest (CC)ƒExpanding Classrooms in Health Services (PC)Expand Delano Education Center (BC)ƒ ƒClassrooms for Satellite Education Centers (D)Additional ƒImproving Classrooms in the Agricultural Instructional Facility (PC)ƒExpanding the Computer/Applied Technology Facility (PC)ƒExpand Media/Art /Performing Arts Classrooms (CC)ƒAcquire land to expand local education center(s) (D)ƒImprove Student Services Facilities (PC)ƒImprove/Upgrade Health/Fitness Center, Physical Education facilities (PC) ƒRenovate Science Learning Center (CC) ƒRenovate/Construct Science and Engineering Facilities (BC) ƒConstruct Labs (BC. CC, PC) ƒExpand Child Development Facilities Health and Safety Upgrades Upgrade Buildings, including replacing outdated safety and utility systems ƒUpgrade deteriorating classrooms, instructional spaces and facilities for: Language Arts, Levinson Hall (BC) ƒUpgrade electrical infrastructure campus wide (BC) ƒRemove Asbestos and hazardous materials (CC) ƒModernize outdated Applied Science & Technology facilities for health/safety (BC) ƒModernize Business Education and Fine Arts Buildings for health/safety (BC) ƒUpgrade outdated Classrooms/Labs for health/safety (BC, CC, PC) ƒAcquire updated physical education equipment, improve physical education fields/facilities for health/safety (BC, CC, PC) ƒConstruct Water Well (CC) Energy Efficiency Improvements $7,550,000 ƒInstall Solar Energy Systems for energy efficiency (CC) ƒReplace outdated Heating and Air Conditioning units for energy efficiency (PC)
Site Improvements for Accessibility, Safety & Security ƒInstall modern Fire Alarm Systems (PC} ƒRepair and resurface unsafe blacktop in parking lot(s) for safety (CC) ƒInstall Emergency Telephone Systems for safety/security (PC) Information Technology and Equipment
ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ
Install modem computer technology District-wide at college and education centers (D) Replace outdated Instructional Equipment (BC, PC, CC) Modernize College Learning Center (BC) Install Distance Learning technology at colleges and education centers (D) Install modem wiring/technology in college libraries and computer technology centers (D) Upgrade College Telephone Systems (BC, CC, PC) Replace outdated Technology Equipment (BC, CC, PC)
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