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Centre Pompidou Direction de la Communication 75191 Paris cedex 4 directeur Jean-Pierre Biron
attachée de presse Anne-Marie Pereira téléphone 00 33 01 44 78 40 69 télécopie 00 33 01 44 78 13 02 e-mail
From 8 December 2004 – 7 February 2005 and in partnership with the Association for the International Dissemination of French Art (ADIAF), the Centre Pompidou is presenting the fourth Marcel Duchamp Prize. This year's winner is Carole Benzaken. Focused on the creative scene in France, the Prize is awarded by a jury made up of well-known figures from the art world, collectors and curators.
Following the winners of the first three Prizes – Thomas Hirshhorn, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and Mathieu Mercier – Carole Benzaken is the creator of a huge set of works bearing the umbrella title "Search for the New Land" (2004). The work will be on show in the Centre Pompidou's new Espace 315 exhibition area.
The jury for this year's Marcel Duchamp Prize stressed the originality of Carole Benzaken's pictorial œuvre. Born in Grenoble, this contemporary artist has shown widely in galleries and museums in Europe and the United States. While primarily a painter, she works in a similar vein to a new generation of artists – already recipients of the Marcel Duchamp Prize – with an interest in multimedia techniques.
Curator: JeanPierre Bordaz curator at the Centre Pompidou
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Carole Benzaken lived and worked for seven years in the Los Angeles neighbourhood that was the scene of the 1993 race riots. Now living in France, she divides her time between the city and the country, considering the latter a new visual experience. In the "Cher Peintre" exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in 2002, she created a site-specific ceramic floor, affirming her commitment both to painting and to other contemporary art techniques.
As winner of the Marcel Duchamp Prize, Carole Benzaken has been given the opportunity to create an original work especially for Espace 315, following in the footsteps of the young artists who have already used this contemporary art space. For her, painting is the artistic activity par excellence, and one she practises on a variety of scales and with a flamboyance of colour that ensure maximum use of space. The presence among the paintings of two large video projections and thirty small screens is what gives this project its full impact. Set in light boxes arranged in kind of maze, drawings on tracing paper give a broken rhythm to the exhibition as a whole. In addition, small, intimist paintings conducive to remembrance and intuitive creation of narrative stand in contrast to the monumental character of the exhibition space. In search of thematic continuity, Carole Benzaken opts simultaneously for overlays of other images with a personal meaning for her. This receptive, non-hierarchic visual field mingles the furtive glance and the fleeting impression with untrammelled observation of reality. Thus she accompanies her evocation of cities and landscapes with movement and human activity.
Here she has found the ideal medium for her personal language. These powerful images use a range of techniques, the resultant variety leading to further visual exploration. Her perception of a wide range of subject matter – advertising, for example, and leisure activities – provides a distinctive reading of the reality of today's society.
As a true contemporary artist closely attuned to the climate of her time, Carole Benzaken is a skilled portrayer of present-day culture. At a time when the work of film and video artists is in close contact with the real world, Carole Benzaken offers a pictorial system that quite simply confronts that world.
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Born in Grenoble in 1964, Carole Benzaken lives and works between Paris and Los Angeles.
TRAINING 1985-90Studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Graduates in 1990.
PERSONAL EXHIBITIONS 2004Centre Pompidou, Paris Candide Oskyldig Innocent, Skarstedt Gallery, Stockholm Joslyn Center, Los Angeles 2003Faggionato Gallery, London 2002Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris 2000INMO Gallery, Los Angeles 1999Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris CAPC, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bordeaux 1996Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris 1995Chapelle Saint-Jacques, Saint-Gaudens, France Galerie de l'Ecole, Villa Arson, Nice 1994Fondation Cartier, Paris 1993Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris Spazio d'Arte, Serre di Rapolano, Italy
GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2004"Moving Picture Desire", Contemporary Art Exhibition, Busan Biennale, Korea 2002-03"Cher peintre, peins moi" ("Lieber Maler, Maler Mir"), Centre Pompidou, then the Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt and the Vienna Kunsthalle 2000Group Show, Annina Nosei Gallery, New York Christie's Paris, "Des arts plastiques…à la mode": encounters with young French artists "One Night Stand", curator Brian Olson, Los Angeles "Spurgeon", Santa Anna, California 1999"Primitive Passion", Palais des Papes, Avignon, with Jean Hélion, Gérard Gasiorowski, Yves Oppenheim, Jean-Pierre Bertrand. Curators: Didier Ottinger and Dominique Vingtain "Peindre la Peinture", Hanlim Art Museum, Seoul "One Night Stand", curator Brian Olson, Park Plaza Lodge Hotel, Los Angeles Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery, with Ann Page and Ruth Trotter, Santa Monica, California "L'Oeil et l'Esprit": Benzaken, Absalon, Martin Tupper, Thierry Kuntzel, Ming. Curator: Albert Pacquement, travelling exhibition, Japan "Variétés", Villa Saint-Clair, Sète, France. Curator: Bernard Marcadé 1997"Figures et paysages", a choice of paintings by Yves Michaud from the FRAC Ile-de-France collection: Centre Rhénan d'Art Contemporain d'Alsace 1996Whanki Museum, Seoul "Kingdom of Flora", Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles 1995"Bleu pour les filles", Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris 1994"50 ans du Monde", Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris "Fondation Cartier: a collection", National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
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1993 1991
1990 1989
Salon de Montrouge, Paris Jeune Peinture Salon de Montrouge, Paris, Jeune Peinture "Germinations VI", Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany "KX Kunst Auf Kampnagel", Hamburg, Germany Grancia d'Argento, Serre de Rapolano, Italy
PRIZES, GRANTS 20044th Marcel Duchamp Prize 1997-98Studio-Residency, Los Angeles, AAFA grant 1994-95Studio-Residency, Villa Arson, Nice 1991Albert Rocheron Prize, ENSBA
TEACHING Oct. 98 – Sept 01Guest teacher, Pasadena Art Center, California Nov. 95 – Feb. 96Guest teacher, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris
PUBLIC COLLECTIONS AND MUSEUMS Centre Pompidou, Paris Fonds National d'Art Contemporain Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain, Midi-Pyrénées Fondation Cartier, Paris Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain, Ile-de-France Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain, Auvergne
PUBLIC COMMISSIONS Stained glass windows for the church of St Sulpice, Varennes-Jarcy 2002
ARTIST'S BOOK Edition d'Art, Candide Item, Paris
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EXHIBITION CATALOGUES • "Cher Peintre…Lieber Maler…Dear Painter", Figurative Paintings since the Last Picabia, Centre Pompidou, Kunsthalle Vienna, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, 2002 • "Primitive Passion", Palais des Papes, Avignon, 1999 • CAPC – Musée d'Art Contemporain, Bordeaux, 1999 • "Peindre la Peinture", Hanlim Art Museum, Seoul, 1999 • "L'Oeil et l'Esprit", curator Alfred Pacquement, travelling exhibition, Japan, 1998 • Whanki Prize Exhibition, catalogue, May 1996 • Villa Arson, exhibition catalogue, 1995, text by Ann Hindry • "Fondation Cartier, a Collection", exhibition catalogue, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
CRITICAL WORKS • Vitamin P, New Perspectives in Painting, Phaidon, 2002 • Anne-Marie Charbonneaux and Norbert Hilaire (Eds.), Architecture de lumière, vitraux d'artistes, Marval, 2000 • Yves Michaud and Catherine Panchout, Ateliers au féminin, Au même titre, 1999 • Jacqueline Lichtenstein, La Fleur Dénaturée, Grégoire Gardette, 1995
CD-ROM L'art contemporain français, Génération 2000
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Exhibition dates: 8 December 2004 – 7 February 2005 Daily except Tuesdays, 11:00 – 21:00 Ticket office closes at 20:00 Espace 315, Level 1
Entry with the Day at the Pompidou Pass Price: 10 euros, concessions 8 euros Or with a ticket for the Musée National d'Art Moderne Price: 7 euros, concessions 5 euros Admission free for holders of the Centre Pompidou Annual Pass
New service on the Website Instant entry with the Day at the Pompidou Pass, printable at home
Catalogue published by Editions du Centre Pompidou Series Espace 315 Editor in chief: Françoise Bertaux Design: Carole Benzaken 17 x 23 cm, 80 pages, 60 illustrations in colour Bilingual French / English Price: 18 euros
Catalogue ADIAF Un, Deux, Trois… Quatre Editions 22 x 27 cm, 48 pages Bilingual French / English Price: 20 euros
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2004 – ARTISTS NOMINATED VALÉRIE BELIN photography CAROLE BENZAKEN painting PHILIPPE COGNÉE painting RICHARD FAUGUET sculpture, installations PHILIPPE RAMETTE photography, installations
JURY 2004 ALFRED PACQUEMENT, chairman, director of the Centre Pompidou, Musée National d'Art Moderne – Paris FRANCISCO CAPELO, collector – Portugal GILLES FUCHS, collector, president of ADIAF – Paris ANTOINE DE GALBERT, collector – Paris JACQUELINE MATISSE-MONNIER, artist, Paris DIRK SNAUWAERT, director, Institute of Contemporary Art, Villeurbanne – Belgium HARALD SZEEMANN, exhibition curator, former curator Kunsthaus Zurich – Switzerland
FRANCE'S FIRST COLLECTORS' PRIZE A major initiative in terms of support for the French art scene, the Marcel Duchamp Prize was founded in 2000 by the Association for the International Dissemination of French Art (ADIAF), a non-profit body that is now the leading French association for private collectors and lovers of contemporary art. Backed by French businesses and foreign companies established in France, ADIAF exists to help promote French art in the international context. This commitment finds expression in the organisation of exhibitions in France and abroad, publication of catalogues, participation in conferences – and, of course, the Marcel Duchamp Prize, France's first collectors' prize.
PRIVATE INITIATIVE, PUBLIC BACKING The Marcel Duchamp Prize is organised in partnership with the Centre Pompidou. This combination of private initiative and public backing is providing a new generation of artists with a means of achieving recognition and working towards international status. Bearing the name of a French artist regarded as the pioneer of contemporary art, the Marcel Duchamp Prize seeks to foster all the new art forms fuelling the contemporary scene. Its goal is to confirm the reputation of an artist living in France, representative of his or her generation and working in the visual arts.
CONNOISSEURS' CHOICE, INTERNATIONAL ENDORSEMENT The distinctive character of the Marcel Duchamp Prize lies in the selection process: the list of nominees is drawn up by members of the ADIAF selection committee – art lovers, not art professionals. The international jury comprises experts whose opinions carry real weight in the contemporary art field: curators, critics and French and foreign collectors. The result is a high profile for the Marcel Duchamp Prize and its winner.
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CANDIDATES The Marcel Duchamp Prize is awarded to an artist living in France. All forms of artistic expression and all visual art disciplines are covered: painting, sculpture, installations, photography, video, etc.
ENDOWMENT The winner receives a prize of 35,000 euros.
EXHIBITION The winning artist is invited to create an original work for two months' exhibition at the Centre Pompidou's Espace 315.
CATALOGUE Each Marcel Duchamp Prize is accompanied by a catalogue, produced by ADIAF and devoted to the winner and the other nominees. Editions du Centre Pompidou publish a monograph on the winning artist.
LOMBARD ODIER DARIER HENTSCH Founded in 1796, Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch & Co. is Geneva's oldest private banking concern and one of the largest in Switzerland and Europe. Working on the main international money markets, the group offers private and institutional clients wide-ranging advice on asset management, financial products and specialised services. With more than two centuries' experience, Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch has long been committed to development projects in the fields of culture, education and social responsibility. Concerned as we are that future generations should enjoy a rich, ongoing heritage, we are particularly interested in supporting the artists of tomorrow. The Marcel Duchamp Prize is part of this strategy: by encouraging young creative people on the French scene, it offers talented artists an opportunity for increased visibility and international status. This is why we have chosen to associate ourselves with the Prize, jointly organised since 2000 by the Association for the International Dissemination of French Art (ADIAF) and the Centre Pompidou.
TAJAN "TAJAN decided to be part of the Marcel Duchamp Prize first and foremost because the venture was initiated by ADIAF, a body comprising many collectors and art lovers. This provides a vital link between public institutions and the collectors without whom contemporary art would lack a guarantee of ongoing development. The strong point of this initiative is that it confirms a determination to give the work of artists living in France a level of visibility that has been too often lacking since the Second World War. The selection of candidates testifies to a level of exigency that will, I am sure, very soon guarantee equal status with the Turner Prize, its illustrious older brother from over the Channel. Furthermore, the fact that winners are granted an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou gives the event real credibility and offers laureates the best showcase there is." — François Tajan
CREATIVTV.NET The Marcel Duchamp Prize is also presented on broadband video on the Internet, with CreativTV, the online visual arts channel. A Marcel Duchamp Prize partner for several years now, CreativTV invites viewers to meet the prizewinner via a multimedia portrait including a filmed interview, a photo report and critical and documentary texts.