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Some pages from the life of Turkish women

292 pages
UC-NRLF SOME PAG FROM THE LIFEO TURKISH WOMEN SOME PAGES FROM THE LIFE OF TURKISH WOMEN BY DEMETRA VAKA KENNETH(MRS. BROWN) lontion &ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE CO. LTD. BOSTON AND NEW YORK MIFFLIN COMPANYHOUGHTON 1909 BY DEMKTRA KENNETH BROWNCOPYRIGHT, 1909, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED To KENNETH BROWN WHO HAS NOT CROSSED THE THRESHOLD OP A BUT WITHOUT WHOSE HELP THESEHAREM, FRIENDS OF MINE WOULD NEVER HAVE CROSSED THEIRS 310168 NOTE THE contents of this book are not ficti- of tounusual as ittious, parts may appear Western readers. There has been some re- of to make forfacts,arranging compact- have some-ness incidents of several days of one.times been told as Substantially, is true as told.however, everything CONTENTS .... iI. COMING HOME TO TURKEY II. MIHIRMAH 30 THE SELIM PA-III. DjIMLAH, THINKER, SHA'S FOURTH WIFE 59 H THERESIGNED FIRSTIV. VALID ANOUM, WIFE 84 GIFT-WIFE FROM THE SULTAN'SV. THE PALACE 96 HOULMEH THEDISCONTENTEDVI. ANOUM, 129 . .VII. SUFFRAGETTES OF THE HAREM 153 LOVE OF NOR-SEMBAH AND HA-VIII. THE KIF BEY 191 IX. A DAY'S ENTERTAINMENT IN THE HA- . .REM 219 X. A FLIGHT FROM THE HAREM . . . 249 COMING HOME TO TURKEY THE mist was soslowly lifting slowly that one could an invisible hand toimagine be aside veils from thereluctantly drawing face of nature. As the air became clearer, the slender minarets were seen first above the other and little; then, little,buildings by of revealedCities,Constantinople, Queen to ourherself And as if Naturehungry eyes.
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