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Q:WhatistheRoséRevolution? A: The Rosé Revolution is a celebration of pale, dry and delicious Rosé wines that are being produced by wineries all over the world.
These are serious Rosés for grown ups, but not to be taken seriously! They can be made from savoury, earthy varietals like Pinot Noir, Grenache, Mouvédre and Syrah, even Sangiovese and Nebbiolo but what they share in common is that they are interesting and appetising.
These wines are delicious, a great match with food and a great wine to consider over summer. So grab your favourite bottle of Rosé, or a few for that matter and enjoy! Vive la Rosé!
Q:Whenistherevolutiontakingplace?A: The Rosé Revolution is happening all throughout summer - and to kick off the event there will be a tweet up via twitter on Tuesday 30th November 2010.
Q:Howmuchdoesitcost? A: It costs nothing to be involved.
Q:HowdoIgetinvolved? Get involved and share your stories about the great dry Rosés you are drinking on our facebook page, or just let us know what you think about the Rosés you are drinking if you are on twitter. There are a number of sites where you can get more information and see some of the great things happening:
It’s simple to be involved in the tweet up on November 30 too. Register your interest on the eventbrite site mark the day in your diary. You can literally taste and tweet from anywhere you have internet access or you can even tweet from a mobile phone.
Both during the lead up to and on November 30, it’s as simple as sending out a tweet and making sure you include the hashtag #RoseRev at the end of the tweet. You may choose to tweet about what you think of the Rosé releases, what you’re drinking the wines with, any memories you’ve had about other wines, etc.
We are encouraging everyone to get involved on November 30 - the wine media, writers, restaurants, bottle shops and of course lovers of Rosé all around the world. There’s no right or wrong thing to tweet about, the fun part is getting involved.
Somewaysyoucangetinvolvedtomakethemostoftheevent:  l  Invitesome friends over for a dinner party, enjoy sharing your favourite Rosé wines and get other  peopletalking.  l  Postphotos of you and your friends at the Tweet up on our Facebook via twitter. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #RoseRev so we can see what you aretasting. You could even tweet the link from the facebook page with your photos uploaded for  allto see.  l  Getsome Rosés from different regions / countries and compare the different styles.
Alternatively if you want to go to a live tweet up site - check out you can see locations where you can taste and tweet.
Q:HowdoIfollowtheRoséRevolutiononTwitter? A: Once you are logged into twitter, navigate to the top menu bar and go to the third tab called “find people”. Type in “RoseWineRev” into the search bar and it will bring up the name of Rosé Revolution and our logo. You then need to click on “Follow”.
Q:HowdoIseealltheactivityaroundtheRoséRevolutiononline? A: You can set up a search using any social media monitoring tool like and type in #RoseRev. Alternatively why not log onto and type in the #RoseRev to see the stream of tweets throughout the day. Remember you need to add the #RoseRev to tweets to be able to see your tweets in the stream of activity.
If you’re new to twitter, here are a few wine and restaurant tweeters who are fun and interesting to follow:
James Halliday @WineCompanion
De Bortoli Wines @debortoliwines
The Wine Guide @thewineguide
Winsor Dobbin @winsordobbin
Andrew Graham @ozwinereview
A+ wine - @Australiaplus
Gary Vaynerchuk @GaryVee
Nick Stock @stockwine
The Qwoff Boys @theQwoffBoys
Campbell Mattinson @bigredwinebook
Sommeliers Australia @SommsAust
Fix St James (Sydney) @FixStJames
Jason Bryant @Jayson_bryant