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TIBCO AMX Development- 4 days

Day Session Course Topics

Introduction to TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid
ActiveMatrix Service Development
Application Life Cycle
Service Component Architecture
Key features of ActiveMatrix Service Bus
ActiveMatrix Governance Capabilities
AMX Service Grid Installation
Lab Exercise :
1. AMX SG 3.2 Installation
2. Best Practices
1 1

Business Studio Overview
Development using Business Studio
The Mediation Wizard
Mediation Editor & Palette
Data Transformation
Using Fault Tasks

Composite Design - Overview te Developement
Lab Exercise :
Composite Application Development
1 2

Day-1 Revision and Doubt Solving
Business Studio: Testing & Debugging
Testing Composites in Business Studio
Launching the Debugger
Debug Configuration Settings
Examining Component Values
Managing Debug Sessions
Lab Exercise
2 1

Service Bus Mediation and Service Grid
Composites Working with Each Other
Benefits of Reference Composites
Benefits of using Sub-Composites
Debugging a Referenced Composite
Advanced Debug Settings
Service Grid and Service Bus Together
Lab Exercise
2 2

Day-2 Revision and Doubt Solving
Service Bus Mediation: Routing
Mediation Component Developement
1. Design Overview
2. Mediation Palettes
Lab Exercise
Mediation Flow Design and Development
3 1
Service Bus Mediation: Data Enrichment
Data Enrichment Concepts
Querying a Database
Using a JDBC Shared Resource
Adding a Third Party JDBC Driver
Invoking Other Operations
Bypassing a Target Service
Exchanging Data Between Paths
Using an Exchange Schema
XML Tasks

Lab Exercise
Service Agent | Invoke partner | Bindings
3 2

Day-3 Revision and Doubt Solving
BW Component Development
Component Developement Best Practices
Lab Exercise
BW Component Design and Development wrt AMX Service

AMX Administrator Configuration
AMX Administrator Overview
Lab Exercise
1. Composite Application Deployment
2. Logging Configurations
4 1

Composite Application Testing overview
AMX Service Grid Design patterns
Overview of Migrating BW code into AMX
Lab Exercise
Test Composite Application
4 2