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Sell Test Strip
Tips On Controlling Your Blood Sugar Levels With Diabetic Strips
Testing your blood sugar routinely is a must if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic. Not only does it play a critical
role in the maintenance of the disease, but it can help you to maximize your general health as well. In some
cases of Type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent), it may be able to help cure the disorder altogether. For
those with Type 1 (insulin testing your blood sugar can help to prevent the progression
of the disease. In any case, using diabetic strips that are compatible to your home glucose monitor is
As you may know, testing your blood sugar involves a prick of the finger. Simply insert your diabetic strip
into your glucose monitor and dab your blood onto the end of the strip. Within seconds you will get a reading
of your current blood sugar level. This reading will help you determine whether you need an insulin injection
or a sugar pill. Although each diabetic will have their own unique testing schedule, you will find that many of
them test after each meal, upon waking, and after exercising. Depending on the severity of your condition,
you may need to test more or less frequently. Diabetics who are pregnant or sick may be asked to test more
frequently, as this can interfere with your normal blood sugar functioning.
Make sure that you record each blood sugar reading. Some glucose monitors come equipped with a memory
device which will record all of your blood sugar readings. This can come in handy as many physicians will
want to see a schedule of your sugar levels. This information will help your physician to determine if your
treatment plan is doing a good job of managing your condition. If you continue to get significant spikes and
drops in your sugar levels, your physician may choose to add a new medication or change your insulin.
Upon reviewing your blood sugar levels, your physician will calculate a target blood sugar range. When using
your to test your blood sugar, you?ll want to be sure that your readings fall within your targeted blood sugar
range. This will ensure that you are at optimal health and maximizing the benefits from your medication
treatments. Some diabetics are so loyal at testing their blood sugars that they are able to control their
disease without the need of additional medications.
Diabetics should actively participate in activities that will help them manage their diabetes. Exercising
regularly and eating a healthy diet are two major ways that you can have control over your disease. Smoking
or being exposed to second-hand smoke can have an impact on your diabetes and general health. When
drinking alcohol, make sure to drink it in moderation and test your sugars closely following the drink. Most
physicians agree that it is best to refrain from drinking alcohol at all.
You?ll find that managing your blood sugar levels by using your will help you to better maintain or control
your diabetes. This means that your disorder will require less work from you in order to allow you freedom in
living your life. You will also feel better physically because your body is able to handle your blood sugars.
Mentally, you?ll have peace of mind knowing that you?re doing your body a favor by testing your blood
sugars regularly.
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