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screw pump suppliers in india

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Prakash Process Pumps is basically a sole proprietorship based company which is established in 1991 in India. Our company is the prominent manufacturer and supplier of centrifugal pumps & screw pumps. We are client centric company that’s why we mainly focus on client satisfaction. We offer finest quality products to them. These products are durable, economic and advanced.
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Working of theScrew Pump:
Screw pump is having the simplest working on the entire pumps. Let's start with fluid coming at inlet at the bottom most part of this pump. Now since driver screw is rotating and other two drive screws are also rotating but in different directions, they tend to build up the suction
pressure at the bottom part. This suction pressure makes the fluid to move upward. Fluid passes through the small clearance between these screws and also
Material used in makingdifferent parts of thescrewpump:
Followings parts are made with the metals described below:
Casing:Generally made of cast iron.
Screw shafts:Made of high grade carbon steel.
Bearings:High speed steels.
 Slow Speed, Simple and Rugged design Probably the main and overall advantage of a screw pump is its superb reliability. The simple design, open structure and slow rotation speed makes it a heavy duty pump with minimal wear that operates for years without trouble.
 Pumps raw water with heavy solids and floating debris Because of the open structure and large passage between the flights ascrew pump can pump raw sewage without the need for a coarse screen before the pump. Both floating debris and heavy solids are simply lifted up. This saves considerably on equipment costs for a coarse screen or maintenance!
Wide range of applications Self-priming Pumped capacity proportional to speed Compact construction Direct drive without speed-reducer possible Change of pumping direction - simple Pumping elements - simple to replace Easy maintenance
Applications of Screw pump:
Normal thescrewis used for pumping the high viscous fluids. They are also used for draining out the tanks having high vapor pressure liquids. They are used to take the water from the stern tube area, if there leakage there. So these are some of the uses of the screw pump.
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