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The advantages & disadvantages of LASIK eye procedure
Issues with vision might pose to be of a major concern for humans and thus they go to every extent possible to correct their vision issues starting from getting glasses, contact lenses to surgeries which promise them corrected vision.
While vision issues can be innumerous, the vision issues including the likes of far sightedness, near sightedness, and astigmatism woes can be treated pretty well by using a simple and outpatient surgical technique known asLASIKeye surgery.
This surgical technique according to the American Academy of Ophalmology uses a laser beam to reshape the cornea in the front of the eye in humans and in successful cases help in getting the vision almost corrected to optimum.
While as like most of the other medical procedures, this eye surgery also is prone to its advantages and disadvantages that anyone thinking of undergoing it should consider before taking on the final plunge.
The advantages of LASIK eye surgery
Some of the advantages which are associated with theLASIKeye surgical process include the following.
1.Easy and less time consuming:It is a complete out- patient surgical procedure and does not require the patient to get admitted to a hospital. This eye surgery takes less than half an hour to get completed and is extremely easy and effective in removing vision woes in humans.
2.Technologically advanced and best:This eye surgery technique is one of the most technologically advanced one which clinically does away with all the risks associated with visual impairment which are a result of any refractive surgery process like this one.
3.Most number of positive results:Till date, the success ratio of this eye surgery is immense where a whooping amount of 92 % to 98 % people have been relieved by this surgical technique and are satisfied to a high extent.
The disadvantages of LASIK eye surgery
Some of the disadvantages associated with this eye surgical process include the following.
1.It is irreversible:This eye surgery procedure is performed on the cornea of the eye which is also the most sensitive part in the eye and the entire process is irreversible. Thus getting it done from a experienced surgery professional is a must.
2.Cannot do away with mid- age or aging vision woes:Even thoughLASIK eye surgerytechnique is an effective eye procedure to cure vision issues it is of no use when the eye gets affected by ageing in the long run. Thus reading glasses at the later age while reading might be required even after a eye correction surgery has been done already.
3.Costs involved:This eye surgery technique is effective and less time consuming and thus the costs associated with it is also pretty high. The bad news lies in the fact that most of the medical insurance policies do not take this surgery as a part of the claim and thus are not covered by them as well.
4.Enhancement surgeries and follow-ups required:for this surgery to reap the best of the benefits, this one needs enhancement surgeries so that the results are long-lasting and far more effective.
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