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The Babur-nama in English (Memoirs of Babur)

522 pages
THE BABUR-NAMA IN ENGLISHOF(MEMOIRS BABUR).OTHER ORIENTAL WORKSAdvocate-HENRY BEVERIDGE* (primus],andA o! India vol. LondonComprehensive History 31862.Glasgow,HENRY BEVERIDGE* Indian Civil Service,(secundus),retiredAkbar-nama trs.(Persian), Calcutta, 1894-1921.ANNETTE SUSANNAH BEVERIDGEKaiser Akbar trs. Calcutta,(German), 1890.Humayun-nama Pers. text ed. and trs. RAS. 1902.of(Out print.)Bibi Brooke's of the Hearts of trs.Key Beginners ,(Persian)London, 1908.Notes on the MSS. of the Babur-nama (Turki), JRAS.1 .900-2-5-6-7-8-9The Babur-nama Facsimile edited and indexed for theGibb Trust, London, 1905.*See of Dunfermline (ErskineBibliography Beveridge (secundus), LL.D.).inBabur-namaThe Englishof Babur)(Memoirsfrom the Turki TextTranslated originalOFBabur Padshah GhdzlZahiru'd-din MuhammadBYANNETTE SUSANNAH BEVERIDGEIssued in Four Fasciculi: 1912 KabulFarghana1914 Hindustan 1917 etc.Preface, Indices,1921.Vol. ISOLD BYLUZAC & GreatCO., Russell46, Street, London.1 922HERTFORDSTEPHEN AUSTIN AND LIMITEDSONS,TABLE OF CONTENTSPREFACE: I. Babur's in theIntroductory. Cap. exemplarsArts of xxvii. II. Problems ofthe mutilatedpeace, p. Cap.xxxi. III. The Turki andMSS.Babur-nama, Cap.p.work with xxxviii. IV.them,connecting p. Cap."The and Erskine Memoirs of Baber Ivii.",Leyden p.of Ix.Thanks, p.PostscriptSECTION I. FARGHANA899 AH. Oct. 12th 1493 to Oct. 2nd 1494 AD. Babur's atagethe date of his accession of FarghanaDescription1 to ...
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THE BABUR-NAMA IN ENGLISH OF(MEMOIRS BABUR). OTHER ORIENTAL WORKS Advocate-HENRY BEVERIDGE* (primus], andA o! India vol. LondonComprehensive History 3 1862.Glasgow, HENRY BEVERIDGE* Indian Civil Service,(secundus), retired Akbar-nama trs. (Persian), Calcutta, 1894-1921. ANNETTE SUSANNAH BEVERIDGE Kaiser Akbar trs. Calcutta,(German), 1890. Humayun-nama Pers. text ed. and trs. RAS. 1902. of(Out print.) Bibi Brooke's of the Hearts of trs.Key Beginners ,(Persian) London, 1908. Notes on the MSS. of the Babur-nama (Turki), JRAS. 1 .900-2-5-6-7-8-9 The Babur-nama Facsimile edited and indexed for the Gibb Trust, London, 1905. * See of Dunfermline (ErskineBibliography Beveridge (secundus), LL.D.). inBabur-namaThe English of Babur)(Memoirs from the Turki TextTranslated original OF Babur Padshah GhdzlZahiru'd-din Muhammad BY ANNETTE SUSANNAH BEVERIDGE Issued in Four Fasciculi: 1912 KabulFarghana 1914 Hindustan 1917 etc.Preface, Indices, 1921. Vol. I SOLD BY LUZAC & GreatCO., Russell46, Street, London. 1 922